that’s it bro… time to recruit for the TEAM again… like a GOOD JOCKBOY!


    Michael was confused when he got a video message from Chris, the dumb jock in his history class. He clicked the video watching Chris swing his dick behind a pendulum and was confused at first with his following the pendulum. He looked at Chris' body and muscles. He was...getting....hypnotized by that hot body......

    After watching the video on loop for an hour Mikey was flexing his new muscles forgetting everything abour his boring history major and thinking of switching to exercise science and working as a personal trainer as well as joining the college football team! He was a fucking hot jock but he thought of other scrawny nerds in his class that could use a hot DM. Miley thought of guages and tattoos he should get too


    The opening to pokemon let’s go is so strangely unnerving

    Why does he wake up standing in front of his TV?

    What is he staring at his hands for??

    Why does he look around his room like hes never seen it before???


    Because in pokemon let’s go you literally get sucked into the game and are trapped there until you beat the elite four, in the meantime time outside the console goes on as normal so there are multiple missing person cases being launched all over the world when the missing are really just under their noses shuffling through unmowed virtual grass trying to make their sentient onion stronger


    I’d intentionally never beat them then


    I'm ok with getting trapped in the pokemon world forever tbh, the real world in it's current state is horrible.


    here we gooo…. sorry… but… once again, that’s the process… that inusual amount of load… is  caused by your knowledge concetrated in it… that’s to say….  you’re wanking away all your knowledge as well as your mind is reshaped into the jock you wanted to be so badly… try it all… but the pleasure is stronger than your will… by now, ages of studies are out of you… ages of studies have been slammed against your core… maybe yo could lick something up… but… I bet you doesn’t care of it any more, isn’t it? Oh dude… what a mess! uh! wow… I haven’t noticed how your abs and pecs are beginning to take shape… you’ve been smashing yourself in the gym last two weeks, bruh! uh!