scp writing project in danger

    So I know this has nothing to do with what I normally post or write about but I LOVE the SCP series and it is a series of creative world by hundreds of people. As a writer I am all for helping other writers with their projects. Long story short a russian man is trying to claim copyright over the scp foundation, universe, website, stories, games, etc. And the people who run the wiki need help to pay for the legal fees to fight him. I dont care that this has nothing to do with my blog, but who knows maybe some of you like scp stuff too. I currently don't have money to spare so I figured I'd blast this out to my fans so at least I am contributing in some way.

    Here is the link to the go fund me:

    More info:


    Well folks, it seems this blogs days might be numbered. Tumblr in its terrible inability to get rid of the bots are just saying fuck it and removing everything. Now not all my “lewd” art is specifically sexual in nature, its kink stuff but it can get by posting hypno and TF stuff that isn’t explicit. But by the sounds of things I will be very limited in what goes on here going forward if this stands as is. 

    That said my primary smut location will now have to be my FA page, at least I can post smut there in peace, sheesh:

    In the coming week I’ll likely do what many have suggested and open a discord serve, til then I’ll post and carry on as I can.


    Well the time has finally come. I have until December 17th to get my alternative up and running I have decided to open a discord channel and will post my own stuff as well as my favorites that I have reblogged and credit their authors. I might also post my stories on FA based on feedback from you guys. I'll post the links once I'm set up.

    So, here’s my basic replacement for the NCMC (done with the owner of EroticGayHypnosis’s blessing).

    I still have to put it in it’s permanent home, but this should tie anyone over that wanted to view the stories online.

    If it doesn’t load, wait a minute and try again. The way the host works, it shuts down the machine if it’s not in use, and it takes about a minute to start up again.

    More to come soon.


    [Inspired by pantherkitti’s note on Fetlife. But tailored toward the puppy’s, not the kittens, since we needs lovin too.]

    1. Run your fingers through their hair. Include nails, gently, along the scalp.

    2. Petting. Remember petting. Take your time. Turn it into a massage.

    3. Collars,…


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