Dan was scrolling through a dating app one day trying to find a hook up. He was gay and meeting people through friends or just in regular life like school or work wasn't going to happen. At one point he found the profile of this one bearish guy named Ted on the site, who seemed his type. Dan was small and twinkish and although he just liked guys without much preference, he did like bear types, if only for a hook up. They worked out when and where to meet and Dan got ready and headed out. Once he got there Ted went straight into foreplay, insisting that Dan wear one of his large and smelly red plaid shirts. They began some role play where Ted was the dom (obviously), calling Dan things such as "big cub" and "fat lumberjack" which was odd considering Dan was a small weakling. Suddenly though Dan began to feel a strong and strange rumbling in his stomach as it suddenly expanded outwards quickly growing into a gut but underneath he felt muscles firming up, just layer after layer of fat blocked them from view, however that didn't make them useless to him. His small skinny chest grew into a pair of strong pecs before quickly sagging into a slight pair of moobs. His chest grew itchy as dark, dense bearish hair grew all over his chest and belly. His expanding chest popping open the buttons of the large plaid shirt. The more open the shirt got the better he felt as he was less and less itchy once there was less and less material rubbing up against his chest. The mixture of fat and muscles spread to his arms. Though they had more muscle then fat as his biceps puffed out and memories of swinging an axe and cutting wood out in nature passed through his mind. Dan was confused and eventually had to roll up the sleeves of the plaid shirt which now fit perfectly, maybe was even a little small, when his arms get intensely itchy as dark thick hair quickly covered them. His hands cracked and expanded into rather big manly hands with some calluses on them from his hard work. A rather colorful tattoo began drawing itself on his one forearm. His jeans grew tight when his ass started to fill up with fat and muscle and the same happened to his legs, strong enough to support his axe swinging but also expanded enough that he'd have to spread them so they didn't rub together all the time. Thick hair also took root on his legs and his feet grew bigger and wider to support his new strength and weight. His sneakers ripping open as his feet grew to a size 12, only briefly exposing his larger feet for only a few seconds until the torn remains of his sneakers reformed into a dirty pair of size 12 boots. Finally his face started to push out with fat and grew itchy as a thick beard grew and spread and he found he actually liked it. The whole time Ted was rubbing the changing mans chest and stomach complimenting him for being "such a good, big cub" while the changes themselves didn't even seem to phase him as if this were normal. Once Dan's hair grew thicker and turned a darker brown he felt the changes take root in his mind. He was still gay, and definitely still a sub, but suddenly he felt more manly. His thoughts changed. Thoughts of being neat and clean were replaced with getting sweaty and dirty on the job, out working on cutting trees. His fashion tastes changed for sort of preppy semi formal preppy clothes to jeans and plaid, or sleeveless shirts. His interests changed from college to sports, drinking, and trucks, man stuff! His mind was also proud of being gay, instead of hiding it on his dating hook up apps he'd be dressed up in gear publicly at clubs. Plus now he had his big strong papa bear, so why would he be afraid of anyone judging? Papa bear would just kick their ass if anyone tried to say or do anything rude to him. Danny knew his place now as a big strong cub for his big bear. He laid down on the couch and spread himself out before getting ready to be fucked "ready for Papa bear, big cub?" The man asked as Danny could do nothing but grin.