Request for anonymous It was rough growing up country, interested in country culture, but being in a family that didn't share those views. Your family was just the average American one, living in a suburb rather than a wide open rural community. Your father a local banker and your mother a teacher. Both were very forward thinking, somewhat liberal, college educated folks and they by no means wanted to be seen as redneck just because of their geographical location. You on the other hand did what you could like wearing camo and dressing like a cowboy but you still felt you missed out on a lot, like fishing, hunting, using a gun, mudding, and using a makeshift pool in the back of a pickup truck. For gods sake your local school district even closed for the first week of hunting season because so many kids wouldn't have been there if it was open. You were fed up with trying to convince them and looked up some more unconventional means. You eventually stumbled across a cheaply made website that looked like it belonged in the late 90s internet, it claimed to be run by a cult that worshiped an ancient god who had the power to change reality and that in order to continue to use his powers they had to use it on a certain number of other people per year. The website collected random people's requests for them to use and you only hesitated a little due to your Christian upbringing but decided that it's ok since nothing said you had to join the cult so you filled in your request and hit send. The next day while you were outside fixing your car, it happened. You felt a wave of dizziness come over you as you got a sudden headache. You started forgetting your book learning very rapidly, your brain was on fire, destroying old connections and forming new ones while it physically shrunk in size and your intelligence dropped. You gained knowledge of how to handle different types of guns, how to set traps, how to track deer and bears, various hunting techniques. You also suddenly remember how to fish, and the different equipment involved. The burning shifted and started to effect your memories. Instead of growing up in the suburbs with educated parents you suddenly remembered growing up on a farm, miles away from your nearest neighbor. It took half an hour to get into town to go to school each day or shop. Your pa ran the animal part of the farm while your ma handled the crops. The burning sensation moved from your head down to your chest as it pumped up with muscle. Your pecs squaring out while your stomach carved itself into a nice 6 pack. Your arms began to burn as your shoulders broadened and your bicepts began to grow. Your hands got bigger and stronger as clauses formed on the skin. Your upper body gaining the lean muscle that comes from daily labor on the farm, doing the heavy lifting menial tasks that your parents didn't want to do. You haven't spent a day of your life in the gym, this all comes from your lifestyle. Your legs started to firm up with muscle and hair as the knees snapped and stretched causing your to grow taller as your spine also elongated until you were about 6'3. Your feet grew put and stretched to size 14 causing a pressure to build up in your shoes until they ripped to shreds. Once your feet were done growing the tattered remains of your shoes reformed around your feet as nice big clunky country boy boots. Your camp pants adjusted to fit your new height. And finally your skin deepened to a nice southern tan from being outside all the time. Your surroundings had changed too, you were on the farm now and as you looked around, the burning sensation fading away, you saw a large man in boots and a pair of overalls, mixed muscle and fat, walking over to you and you instantly recognized your pa. "Well boy you ready to go huntin'?" He asked in a thick country accent. "Hell yeah I am Pa!" You shouted suddenly having a thick accent too. You got in his truck noticing some guns he had in the back as you drove out to the woods to go hunting with your pa. Your memories altered so you don't even know, but your finally living the life you've always wanted