You shouldn’t have followed me into the locker rooms after school, but you did. You shouldnt’t have put on that sweaty jock strap you found in my locker, but you did. You shouldn’t have inhaled that sweet, musky odor but you did. You were a nerd, a nobody, always following around the quarterback ever since that day I told my boys to leave you alone. You did whatever I told you and when I offered you my jockstrap to make you stronger you didn’t even ask questions, you stripped down, showing off your pale nerdy body. Blushing to have your boney little frame exposed to me. Then you slid my moist jock up your skinny legs. You started to breath in the scent and with each breath your chest swelled out and out. Tanner, stronger, big pecs pushing away from those scrawny shoulders. Your body filling with heat and power. Your height going up and up until you were as tall as the lockers. Your little size 8 feet stretching across the floor. Getting big, meaty and calloused. Swelling into some nice size 14 boats. Reeking to Hell with jocksweat as your big new toes grew coarse black hair that echoed across the backs of your feet and up your legs. The sight of those manly feet and pecs must have scared you a little bit. You tried to fight it but it was too late. I put my arms around your shoulders, forcing you to breath my musk in deeper and your body slackened. Your mind went blank as a dumb grin spread across your face. I could see the jockstrap stretching as your dick grew and hardened. The jock hormones reprogramming you to be horny all the time and secrete more jock sweat to convert more team mates. No matter how much you showered you would always stink. Not that youd ever try to clean, you filthy jock. As your muscles continued to grow in your arms and legs, you easily pushed me off and against the lockers. You kissed me, letting my jock DNA right in your mouth. Your hair shortened and styled itself up and your face rapidly aged and hardened. Gaining stubble and a hard jawline. You stood there, horny and dazed as the last of your nerdy brain cells died and all that was left was a sweaty, stinky beast that liked to play and fuck. Whose a good dumb jock? Yeah, that’s right, you.