Snapped Straight

Synopsis: Kenny switches with a straight jock but doesn’t go over all the personality override settings

“Fucking sweet, man!” 

“Woah, my voice, it’s deep!” 

‘Little’ Kenny had just used his body switch device to trade places with the hottest jock he’d ever seen while running errands. In an instant he blew through the settings and pressed [accept]. Kenny breezed through the details about personality and permanency… “Just let me experience that body, that’s all I want!” 

All Kenny wanted was to have a single day in a hot jock body. After he pushed [accept] his vision cleared and he stood shirtless in a bathroom mirror…

“Did it work, did it work?” 

“FUCK YEA!” Kenny placed his hand on this throat and felt the deeper voice he had now.

“This body is going to rock for day! Think of all the pussy I can score!” 

“Wait, pussy?” 

“Yea, I guess this jock is straight. I’m not though!” 

Kenny concentrated and slowed all the horny thoughts that kept popping into his mind. 

“Just focus on shit bro, focus” He told himself, not sure why it was becoming so difficult. 


… … 

“Take a selfie for the babes?”

“I wanna bust so bad!” 

“Fuck why do I keep thinking that?” 

“My dick is hard, fuck!”

Kenny was having a hard time prioritizing his thoughts. 

“Selfie… put it away… no! But… I… I need to…”

In mere moments Kenny had posted a dick pic to his snapchat story… and a huge wave of relief came over him. He grabbed his junk and have it a nice scratch. “That wasn’t bad.” 

“Now, Ke– Bro— Brady?”

“Wait, what was it?”


“It’s Brady?”



After a few moments Brady was able to calm his dick. He tried hard not to look at the many posters of babes and models hanging on the wall. “I have to stop looking at these… hot babes.”

Brady paced his bedroom trying to remember the past twenty minutes…

“This isn’t right… this isn’t my body… but…”

Brady was quickly becoming immersed with his body…

“These bis… tris… pecs…”

“Fuck, my phone!”

Snaps, all from usernames with hearts around them, began flooding his phone…

“Uhh! Why are they sending me… holy shit these tits are all huge and… bouncy… fuck I think that’s hot!” 

“I wonder if my dick feels good…”

Brady started to massage his mostly soft cock through his shorts. Before long he was sporting a chub. 

“Ughh, that feels good.” 

“These tits are fantastic.”

Faster now, Brady pumped his thick dick to the images on his phone. 

“Fuck I love this.”

“It’s just – –”


“I can’t be gay…”

“These tits…”

“Fuck, I’m gunna cum”

“Where do I cum?

“Fuck I’m cumming!”

“I’m cumming on my sheets.”

“Fuck!” “Fuck!” 

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