Well folks, it seems this blogs days might be numbered. Tumblr in its terrible inability to get rid of the bots are just saying fuck it and removing everything. Now not all my “lewd” art is specifically sexual in nature, its kink stuff but it can get by posting hypno and TF stuff that isn’t explicit. But by the sounds of things I will be very limited in what goes on here going forward if this stands as is. 

That said my primary smut location will now have to be my FA page, at least I can post smut there in peace, sheesh:

In the coming week I’ll likely do what many have suggested and open a discord serve, til then I’ll post and carry on as I can.


Well the time has finally come. I have until December 17th to get my alternative up and running I have decided to open a discord channel and will post my own stuff as well as my favorites that I have reblogged and credit their authors. I might also post my stories on FA based on feedback from you guys. I'll post the links once I'm set up.