You were at a gay pride protest trying to advocate for equal gay rights. Suddenly two shirtless rednecks walked past and looked at the gay marriage sign you were holding up.

"Hahaha...That's funny, faggot...queer marriage. What's next, people marrying trees?" One of them asked while he and the other laughed.

You wanted to correct them, yell at them for being homophobic redneck assholes. But instead as you heard what they said you realized....yeah it was pretty funny. You started laughing along with them but it came out as a deep dumb sounding chuckle just like theirs. Suddenly you start to feel hot and uncomfortable in your pride shirt and seeing them shirtless gives you an idea as you pull off the shirt and throw it on the ground. You look down at your chest and see fat melt away and your chest and arms buff up with muscle. Your pecs pushed out into a nice shelf and your stomach flattened. You felt an itch as hair started to spread across your chest. It went down your stomach forming a thin big nice treasure trail. Your arms and legs got hairy as you felt dark dense hair grow in your pits. You felt an itch down below as a nice thick bush of hair grew around your crotch.

Your legs felt itchy a bit and your shorts felt heavy. As you looked down your shorts turned blue and changed to denim and grew out into jeans, held up by a belt with a nice big shiny buckle. You liked looking at the buckle. The top of your boxers were showing. Your sneakers morphed into big dirty work boots and your socks vanished. Letting your musk fill the boots. Your face itches as you grew a chin strap beard and your head hair buzzed down getting short.

You felt a sudden weight on your head as a cowboy hat appeared and you felt all your college and high school learning get pushed out along with being gay and having liberal values. Instead you felt proud of America, gaining conservative Christian values. You loved guns and women, gay people are gonna burn in hell along with all the commies. Why the fuck were you at some gay pride rally? Oh yeah to make fun of the dumb lefty faggots duh. You chuckle and make jokes about the various things people could get married too and walk off with your bros forgetting your old life as a gay college student. Walking off to your new life as a straight stupid redneck.