I didn’t mean to turn us into pets – it was supposed to be an innocent prank.

We were staying in a hotel on a cross-country drive, and I in Denver I had picked up one of those pupping potions. You know, the stuff that’s supposed to make you all dumb and obedient. It only lasts a few hours, so I figured I’d slip a little into his water bottle, make him a pup, and then it would wear off and we’d have a good laugh.

It didn’t seem to work at first. He’d been drinking out of the water bottle all day, with no effect. I was starting to think I’d been conned out of $40, by the time we got to the hotel, I was sure the stuff was useless. I even tried a few sips myself – nothing.

As we were unpacking in the hotel room, I glanced at the bottle I’d bought in Denver. “Takes effect at sundown,” it said in tiny type. Oh no.

I turned around just in time to see his eyes get hazy and weird. “What’s … what’s goin on?” he mumbled. He saw me holding the bottle of serum. “Dude, did you, uhhhhh, am I puppin’ out?”

“I think we’re both gonna,” I said, feeling weak. I sniffed the air – God, he smelled so good, so musky and sweaty and strong. He looked confused and sank to all fours, pulling his clothes off.

I did the same. It just felt right. “Sorry man,” I slurred, “was spozed to be a … ummm … a prank.”

He laughed, stupidly, and crawled over to me. “Looks like you pranked yourself, dude,” he said. “Woof!”

He licked my face, and I was stunned for a second and then couldn’t remember why. What was I thinking about? Oh, right … I need to sniff his butt.

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