Only boots allowed

Sorry its been a while guys, had a lot of things happen that have kept me from writing. I’m not sure I can keep up a regular weekly story atm, but I will keep writing. 

So hope you enjoy




Colton breathed in deeply, repressing his anxiety as he made his way into school. It was the last month of school before summer, and he was very agitated. Colton lived in a large military town called Fort. Sage. Everyone who lived here had something to do with the military at some point. What made it worse was that every kid from high school was expected to enlist as well, as if it were some requirement of life. Right now, Colton and the rest of his year were finishing studies, after that they were to go and enlist, and Colton didn’t want to.

Colton was an overachieving nerd, always doing his best in studies. He felt the military was beneath him, that it was a waste of time for someone of his intellectual capabilities. The only people who enlisted were dumb boots, who had no other option or were overly patriotic. Regardless of how he felt, though, Colton was being pressured to enlist.

Colton reached the main corridor and went to his locker. It hadn’t been a minute, and he could hear Daniel and his idiot friends marching down, interrogating everyone he came into contact to. Daniel was a JROTC cadet and right now, was making sure that everyone was getting signed up for enlistment. To Daniel, this was town culture and life, and he would make sure no one got out.

Colton turned to look at them; they were all in their JROTC uniforms, camo pants, white shirts and camo caps. Daniel obviously distinguished himself as the alpha of the group; he wore green trousers and had a red top on without a cap. They stood and moved as if they were personnel on base, trying to look as army-like as possible. Their faces had little expression as if they were on a mission to get as many people enlisted as possible.

As Colton tried to go, Daniel appeared behind him and gave him a disapproving look.

“Heya Colton, ya know what month it is?” Daniel asked in his deep, dumb voice.

“Yep, its enlistment month,” Colton replied, slightly frightened.

“Yeah, and I haven’t seen your name on any papers yet. Don’t think you bein’ smart makes you any better,” Daniel threatened, smirking.

“Bu…. but I’m going to do it… I promise, Dan,” Colton whimpered as he became tense. Slowly Dan’s buddies surrounded Colton, crossing their arms as they stared in disapproval.

“I don’t know. I think you want to go to college… Yeah you want to go to college do smart stuff, don’t you? But that means not enlisting, and in this town, that’s unacceptable. What’s your dad gonna think if you do that to him? Daniel threatened.

“No, Daniel that’s not at all what I want to do,” Colton said as fear gripped him.

Colton’s eyes couldn’t hide his lies and Daniel saw right through him. Colton decided to try and walk away and escape. He stepped back and tried to escape, but two of Dan’s buds grabbed him and dragged him along.

“Haha, you ain’t escaping dweeb. Now you’re coming with us,”

“Wait, I didn’t mean to try and escape Dan I was just going to class,” Colton pleaded

“Likely story dumbass, I saw you lie, and now your gonna get it,”

Colton was dragged kicking to the bathroom. No one paid attention, either out of fear or out of loyalty to Dan.

They threw Colton to the floor and stripped him naked. Colton lay frozen on the cold, wet floor. The boot cadets started getting out clothing from a duffle bag. First, they forced on a wet jockstrap that squeezed his small cock. His crotch felt itchy as the small light brown hairs grew in length and spread out thickening into a big bush, then his cock felt pleasurable as if he was being jerked off. His cock slowly grew out, from 4 inches out to a monster 10-inch size, thickening as well. The feeling didn’t stop their either.

Colton writhed around on the floor as the uncomfortable pleasure spread throughout him. The guys then got out some camo pants just like theirs and a pair of boots. They pulled up the pants to his waist and then tightened it down so that it clung to the skin with a belt. His weak and small leg muscles ballooned in size, his thighs expanded out, becoming strong and hard. The guys finished off by sticking some boots on his feet and doing up the laces tight like theirs. His feet then grew out to size 13, filling his new boots.

As his lower body grew uncontrollably, his dick was getting harder and harder, eventually leaking out large amounts of pre-cum. He was then pulled up and held by two guys. Daniel and the others grinned as Colton’s eyes got dumber and dumber, his head went fuzzy, and he couldn’t think.

They then got out a razor and started shaving Colton’s head, lumps of dark brown hair fell out until his head was no more than the style of boot camp recruits cut. Colton looked in the mirror, he felt distraught at what was happening to him, but he couldn’t do anything but let it happen.

His balls were now pumping out more cum that then shot out his dick. Unknown to Colton, his brains were being drained out and down into his balls. All his knowledge and memories were leaking out of his cock and evaporating into thin air.

Dan got out a white t-shirt, with the same military logo of the local base and the same that the others were wearing. Colton tried to resist by moving away as they forced the shirt down on him, but it was no use. The shirt was tight, squeezing his flabby arms and chest. The guys then tucked the shirt into the pants smartly. His body then began twitching as his chest bulked up massively, abs popping out of his stomach one by one, pecs widening and hardening out. His shoulder pushed out to the sides, broadening his body. His biceps and triceps then popped out with muscle and size. His physique now looked as if he had been working out for years, in fact, he looked just like one of Daniels goons.

“Hey Colton, looking good now, looking army fit, looking like one of us. Just wondering hows your head feeling?” asked daniel dumbly, pointing to his head. Colton then began trying to remember things, but he couldn’t remember anything. He knew he had lost something but what?

“What’s happening to me? Why can’t I remember anything?” cried Colton.

“You had too much smart stuff Colton, so we had to bring you down to our level. It also ensures you ain’t going to college, oh no you gonna be stuck here with us in the US army bro,” Daniel explained

“ONE OF US” chanted the others  

“If you want to try and save something I’ll tell you how you’re losing your brains. It’s your cock Colton, leaking out all your brains. You can try and stop it, but you won’t, you can’t,”

Colton’s cock continued to flood his jock with cum, before evaporating into thin air.  Colton began grabbing at his crotch, trying to grasp it and stop the cum falling out. He had it for a while, but the cum still flowed like a rapid river. He felt as more of his brains faded from his mind.  He then tried to get into his trousers to grabs his cock and stop it, but the pants were too tight, coupled with the shirt being tucked into too, it was almost impossible to get in them. Colton fell back onto the floor, the others laughed and grinned, but Colton was defeated. The last of his brains, including his own name, was lost.

Daniel stood there; he took out a cap and went to speak.

“Col…” He paused for a moment before his grin became gained a hint of evil.

“Cody, what you doing on the floor you big idiot?” He joked as he walked up to him. Cody knew he should be scared of him, but not why. He backed into a corner, but two guys behind him picked him up, though instead of restraining him they put their muscular arms around him.

“Cody, you dropped your hat as well, hold on let me get it right,” said Daniel as he fixed a camo cap on Cody’s head. As he did, Cody was flooded with new memories and reassurances. He was Cody, a dumb patriotic musclehead who was going to enlist at the end of the month like everyone else. His bro Dan, who he looked up to immensely as the alpha of the group, was making sure everyone at school was enlisting like him. Cody smiled as his new life formed in his head. He put his arms around his new bro’s.

“Sorry bro, I don’t know what’s been up with me today,” he replied

“No worries bro, we should get back out there, I think there are two or three nerds who need reassurance for enlisting. What’s say we go and pay ‘em a visit,” Dan asked

Cody nodded like a dumb obedient soldier to Daniel, which is all he would be doing for the near future.