When he woke up he looked like this. He had to take a photo because he was shocked and super confused. Then it all came flooding back to him he was walking home from late night studying at the library and was attacked by some huge monster. It bit him and scratched him then left. A few hours later in his dorm he felt fur growing from the wounds then spreading all over his body. His muscles bulged, hands grew into claws. His clothes ripped off his hulkimg form as his face starched out and his mind began to fill with rage and instincts. His memory of the rest of the night was hazy but he knew he became the same monster that attacked him. Then he woke up here looking completely different. His beard was thicker, muscles bigger, his shirt from last night ripped open to show the abs and pecs underneath. His head hurt and he realized it felt a lot emptier like he was dumber somehow. That shouldd have freaked him out but instead he flexed his arms at his reflection and grinned a big dumb grin "fuck yeah bro!" He shouted in a deeper dumber voice and thats when he remembered...last night he became a pledge a the Alpha pack frat!