Jack was studying hard to become a astrophysicist but that all changed one day when he took the wrong turn. He went for drinks one night with his friends and he loved it, a little to much that he got so drunk he couldn't think for himself.

He saw this guy come up to him and drag him outside, he couldn't think for himself and was so confused. "You interested in joining our frat house?" The guy asked "Ehh no I have to study hard cant be distracted". "Come on it'll be fun" When he said the words fun it was hypnotic to Jack so he smiled and said yes barley being able to hold himself up.

When he brought him back to the frat house he immediately crashed onto the couch not caring about anything. "I'm Nate by the way" But Jack was in a deep sleep after saying it.

During the night his body began to change, his feet became bigger and his legs and thighs fatter, he got a huge dick and nice ass. His stomach grow and moobs form, he got a scraggy beard and nice thick arms to accompany it. Finally his face began to morph and so did his hair becoming short, he then woke up covered in cum.

"Ugh rough night last night" Jack said lifting himslef from the couch to see all of the fratboys surrounding him with their cocks out. "WHAT THE FUCK" He shouted as he saw them, he then quickly got up and ran, as he did so he felt his body was heaver then normal, he looked down and saw a completely different person with extra flesh and more beefy. Then one of the frat Bros snook up and injected him in the neck "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING BRO?" "Good it's working, since you've agreed to becoming a frat bro you need to start acting like one this brings down your IQ" He said without worry "Why would you do that" Jack said confusingly but also not caring "Nevermind" Jack said. He felt his body and immediately got hard, he took of his underwear wear and began to jerk of onto the couch, all the guys around him began to cheer him on as he did it.