I was so excited to finally get my driver's license. At 24 years old I was excited I finally got over my anxiety and got my license. When I got home I pulled it out of my wallet to admire but noticed it was different. The picture was of a tan guy with short dark hair and a chinstrap who didn't look like me at all! And instead of saying "basic deivers license" it now said "Tractor/farm equipment license" which was shocking. Suddenly my sweat pants turned into a pair of jeans, a belt with a confederate flag belt buckle appeared around my waist! My dragon ball z shirt melted away and dissappeared leaving me shirtless. My stomach suddenly grew out with a mix of muscle and fat as my chest did the same. My arms beefed up with fat and muscles as my skin itched with a spreading tan and hair. My biceps buldged with strength as I couldn't help but flex! Damn I looked good! Wait....that was a weird thought. There was a more intense itch like a burning fire as a tattoo formed on my upper right arm. My pits became bushy and smelly with thicj dark hair. My legs enlarged with fat and muscles, widening my stance and burning with a tingly itch as dark hair and tan took over the skin, feeling itchy in my jeans. My feet cracked and painlessly grew longer and wider at first ripping through my socks as they became big size 13 manly feet. Big and wide to support my larger frame as my spine cracked longer and I became 6'2, a huge difference from my previous height of 5'9. The remains of my socks reformed into a big pair of work boots with no socks under as they filled with a musky scent and felt way better than lame sneakers! My ass grew out filling out my jeans as my balls grew and swelled and filled with manly rebel cum and started to flood my body with more testosterone as I got a headache and my cock grew hard. It started to get longer than it ever had even when hard. My cock grew longer and thicker becoming a sexy 10 inch long piece of meat, a sexy bulge showing in my jeans. I couldn't help but grab my junk and moan as I felt an itch down there with a thick bush of dark hair growing around it. My moaning grew deeper as my adams apple pushed out and my neck thickened. The tan spreading up my nect towards my face. My jaw itched as small dark hair started to sprout out as a thin chinstrap errupted from my face. My face reshaped as my eyes became dull, the light of intelligence in them faded. My brown hair darkened to a dark black color. My hair also got sucked back into my head becoming short as my face bones rearranged themselves into a cock alpha look. Finally a white cowboy hat appeared on my head.

Thats when I felt the pressure of the hat and the flood of testosteron effected my thinking as I began forgetting my college education and most of high school. Memories of studying and playing video games became getting drunk at parties and plsying football. My memories being a straight A student became memories of barely getting C's. My IQ was dropping like a rock as I remember growing up in the country and working on my parente farm. I was damn proud of myself as I look down at my tractor license, not that I needed one as I been helping with the tractor since I was 8 years old! I was now a 19 year old country stud and a proud fucking rebel!