Ryan was walking home from his college class when he saw the skateboard just sitting there in the middle of the sidewalk. No one was around. It seemed abandoned. Out of curiosity to humor himself he got on it. It was tricky to keep his balance but he quickly got it. He felt strange as his feet began to smell amd hurt, getting larger and bursting through his sneakers. He kicked off the remains of his shoes and felt the soles of his feet get rough from being barefoot all the time and felt really good using his toes to grip the board. A tan began to spread across his feet and up his legs while muscle grew and hair on his legs vanished. The tan spread as his jeans turned into shorts and he felt his average torso firm up with muscles. As his abs tightened his balance improves whike his pecs pushed out and his shirt dissolved. The tan reached his face as he got younger and cuter, looking about 18 or 19. His hair turned blonde and itched as it grew out, the back and sides short whike the top grew long and flopped over. Ryan grinned as he started to ride the board with ease, even doing tricks. The stressful life of a college student was behind him now, and his new life as a relaxed carefree skater dude was just getting started.