Hey welcome back could you transform a preppy college kid into a musky dumb redneck

Michael was lucky to come from a wealthy, educated family because he was all but guaranteed to be successful in life. He went to an elite private university and was on his way to become a doctor to follow in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great grandfather all had done. He was so proud of himself nearing the end of med school when he would begin his internship at a hospital, but was upset to find the only available hospital was in the middle of nowhere. The hospital that had an opening was a small one in a small farming town in the middle of Hicksville.

After a few days there he was invited to a bar with one of tge patients and feeling like he needed a break from the endless cycle of long hours followed by sleeping at home he decided to go. They started talking and he found he had nothing in common with the other man whom he considered a dumb redneck. But as they drank he slowly started to agree with him more on topics like gun rights and politics. He began to feel a growing interest in the sports on the bar screen. His hair started to get shorter as his skin itched and tingled and tanned. Years of stress and sleepless nights faded from his face as he youthened. His muscles swelling and he felt uncomfortable in his suit but only for a moment as the clothes faded and changed. His shirt becoming an old sleevless shirt that basically had no sides to them. His pants turned to jeans and his shoes shifted to large steel toed work boots and his socks faded as his hands and feet pulsated bigger to size 12 feet. He felt a headache as his mind emptied of med school, college, even most high school as the only thing he was good for anymore as lifting heavy stuff in his new manual job as a lamdscapper. Now he wasn't a medical intern put to drinks with a patient he was just some dim redneck guy hanging out with his bro.