Rhe changing nerd wandered the road leading to the beach scratching his hair as it styled itself a faux hawk. He should have thought it was weird when the surfer dude walked by and said he looked dehydrated and tossed him the smart water bottle. But he didn't and took a few sips from it anyway. He felt his body burning up as fat seemed to melt away, pecs puffing out forming a slight shelf. His stomach flattening before carving out into abs. His grey t shirt faded away...duh brah would would he be wearing a shirt to the beach? His cargo shorts shift and change into the swishy material of white basketball shorts that sag low exposing his boxer breifs temporarily before they turn into calvin klien's. His socks vanish as his shoes turn orange and grow out into loud cluncky sneakers. Size 12 to fit as he grows taller and his feet expand, longer and wider to support himself on a board more. Memories of skating and surfing fill up his head and he starts forgetting those old nerdy interests. No more anime, video games, and documentaries for him. Now its surfing skating and hot dudes or babes brah!