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Mary, 62, INFP, Ravenclaw. "In theory, theory and practice are the same thing; in practice, they aren't!" - attributed to Yogi Berra

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    when you set trump as core of all problems in america you are completely ignoring what this country was founded on, pretending as if when trump is elected out of office (if he is to begin with) that racism will be defeated and america will be “fixed” is doing nothing but spitting into the faces of all minorities on this land, and i need liberals to understand that, i am directly talking in your ear

    I want a show where adhd and autistic kids compete in skills they’ve hyperfixated on or had a special interest in against neurotypical adults. This is purely because I want to see neurotypicals realize just how capable nd people are. I want to see abelists look like fools. I want to see nd kids succeed and succeed in ways they love because that’s exactly what every nd kid deserves forever.

    Honestly if there was a show that was just showing how great nd kids are at their hyperfixations and special interests? If there was a show abt how good they are at things they love? If there was a show celebrating some of the positives of neurodivergence? That would be the best show ever


    What can a middle-aged grandma do to support the cause beyond the obvious? I have a huge BLM flag on my house, I speak up every chance I get, I wear a BLM shirt on my walks, I send emails to politicians, use social media to enlighten. I can't go on protests during the pandemic...I have little money. What am I missing?

    Wow, you’re already doing so much!  And given how much the far-right it trying to scare people in your generation, the fact that you’re willing to speak out means that much more.

    We’re assuming you’ve signed up with Black Lives Matter to get action updates.  We’re an antifa social media collective so our expertise re: BLM is more in terms of supporting the movement.  

    But we do have a list of 30 anti-fascist things we think anyone could pull off, maybe with the help of a few friends, no matter where they are.  Pick a couple you like and see what you can get done.  Be sure to let us know what you get up to!

    “He was the only person making his way into the city; he met hundreds and hundreds who were fleeing, and every one of them seemed to be hurt in some way. The eyebrows of some were burned off and skin hung from their faces and hands. Others, because of pain, held their arms up as if carrying something in both hands. Some were vomiting as they walked. Many were naked or in shreds of clothing. On some undressed bodies, the burns had made patterns—of undershirt straps and suspenders and, on the skin of some women (since white repelled the heat from the bomb and dark clothes absorbed it and conducted it to the skin), the shapes of flowers they had had on their kimonos. Many, although injured themselves, supported relatives who were worse off. Almost all had their heads bowed, looked straight ahead, were silent, and showed no expression whatsoever.”

    — John Hersey, Hiroshima    


    Did you hear the scientists have found a way to grow colored cotton? Thoughts?

    It’s not a ‘scientists have found’ and much more ‘people have been already doing that for thousands of years and it’s just gaining more attention recently’


    Scientists didn’t know. It should be “Scientists just found out”


    There’s actually been a load of vitriol leveled against folks who try to raise traditional colored cottons, because a lot of cotton growers don’t want the colored cottons cross-pollinating with their standard white cotton.

    But anyway cotton can be grown in lovely natural shades of greens, reddish-brown ochres, and browns, all of which deepen with a good boil in water with a bit of washing soda thrown in.

    The color obviously doesn’t fade or run, because it’s not dye. It’s the intrinsic color of the fiber itself.


    I….I want clothes made out of those colors. They don’t hurt my brain!


    Aren’t they lovely?

    I’m biased because I love the natural earth tones of many fibers, of course…browns, blacks, creams, copper-reds, ect…but I think they’re just gorgeous.



    If anyone wants to know where you can get yarn or cotton like this!


    Ok natural cotton varieties are cool, but that’s not what the recent buzz is about. A team of Australian scientists published a paper on successfully using gene editing to produce cotton in vibrant colors. This is potentially a big deal because the dyeing process uses pretty toxic chemicals, produces nasty waste products, and overall isn’t great for the environment (or workers). It’ll be a while before the tissue cultures actually grow up and produce cotton, so it isn’t a sure thing yet, but cool progress nonetheless.


    Oh I had no idea that they were doing this! The only colored cotton I knew about was the traditional naturally colored varieties!

    How cool!


    I don’t want to grow up

    I wanna build a fort in the woods and play using sticks as swords

    None of my friends wants to play anymore.


    not to hijack or anything OP but like I think this is one of the most devastating things about our society

    we are taugh that we’re meant to spend our adult lives generating capital and recovering from generating capital and then doing it again

    play is one of the most creative things a human can do and we’re not meant to stop playing when we get big, our storylines are just supposed to get in-depth

    but capitalism is like “no, freedom to play is for CHILDREN, your purpose is to PRODUCE”


    Most adult animals play too. Everyone needs to play to relieve stress and feel better, and society would be much less tiring and depressing if everyone understood this. What is really frustrating is when society will only allow playing (which includes anything creative) as a form of capital-generating work. Do you draw in your free time? Then you gotta master your skills and sell your art, otherwise it’s pointless and childish. Do you play videogames? If you aren’t good enough to be a competitive player and make money out of it then what’s the point? Do you play sports? Better to turn yourself into an actual athlete or you’re just being immature.

    This mindset is so freaking toxic. You don’t need a reason or a goal to play or be creative. You need NO REASON besides the fact that it makes you happy.


    The good words of the day