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    the ‘you don’t understand how hard it is for us in the united states, our education system is totally geared towards making us good capitalists’ line doesn’t work. every single state system does this. every single public education system comes from the same tradition of preparing children for factory work or its office-setting equivalent. very nearly every single country has a capitalist economic model. we all have imperfect secondary school educations — in europe especially. the point is you have a responsibility to read outside of what you’re handed on a plate by your country, as we all do.

    if someone asks you to use your mind occasionally and you feel the need to cry about why you can’t do that, then you should start wondering if maybe you’re simply uncomfortable with having your beliefs challenged, or even added to.


    hey ask me about purity culture


    online purity culture doesn't actually encourage people to be kinder, do less harm, be less bigoted etc. it encourages people to perform these things, without actually making life any easier for minority members (and very often making things worse for us). additionally, "cancel culture" actively encourages frustrated & vulnerable young people to bully/harass members of their in-group just to feel like they can affect some sort of change in a world run mad. always be suspicious of any mindset that claims to promote "goodness" while breeding a culture of anger and punishment.


    A conversation w/ a snared fox at the edge of the field


    [text desc:

    I: how did this happen? You must have seen that the wire was barbed

    F: i was hungry. And there are berries beyond the fence

    I: but now you’re snared. Your leg is cut down to the bone. You’ve cut your mouth open too, trying to bite through the wire

    F: what’s a little blood and bone? We all come down to it, in the end

    I: was it worth it?

    F: you must be young, yet. What’s worth got to do with living? If you’re hungry, you hunt. If something goes wrong, bite through it. You’ve got teeth for a reason, don’t you? Those aren’t pearls set in your gums

    I: you’ll die of infection, now

    F: dying’s just another way to pass the time. Flies come for all of us, but there will be more. There is always more

    I: more what?

    F: more everything. More life, more barbed wire, more berries beyond the fence, more blood spotting the grass here. I will come back to these woods and i will be hungry and i will risk being cut open just to taste something sweet

    I: but won’t you remember what happened the last time? 

    F: yes, but mostly I will remember my mouth, filling with want. A wire, or berries; a new life, or a memory - it makes no difference. I will want a taste of it

    F: what are you remembering, that makes you hesitate at the edge of this field? Which of your lives is this?

    /end i.d.]


    There are a lot of really dog shit things in the world of tech that can be solved with a bit of time, some stubborn googling and maybe some special hardware and piracy is only the tip of the iceberg. 

    Printers are notorious for claiming they’re out of ink when they haven’t come close to the suggested number of prints, and their cartridges literally still have ink in them. So after a bit of googling I found out how to ‘reset’ a cartridges automatic stopping system (its literally 1 physical wheel on the cartridge that you gotta turn back). The only downside is that I don’t get a digital ink monitor, but since it told me it was empty when still half full, I don’t mind. 

    Like, you can just jiggle with some shit and solve one of the biggest money making scams in the post-industrial world and I don’t think people realise its that easy. 

    Or, like, repairing your own technology. A few months ago, I swapped out my sister’s laptop screen. Did it myself, I removed maybe 4 screws, no vital parts were exposed and it cost me $40. I even got a choice of matte or glossy. 

    My point is, any walls that capitalist technology presents you with will be a false one. And one already broken by a dedicated community of interesting people working hard for free to break down that wall.


    i love it when italians argue about italian. like we don’t even know how our language really works we just roll with it


    Italian is 107 different provincial languages stuck together with spit and half a prayer


    My bf lives in another region and we are constantly arguing about regional variations of words and we both live in the fucking north of Italy


    one time i saw a map of italy but instead of cities and roads etc it was just covered w different ways you can say the word vagina. it was covered


    oh I can think of at least seven ways to say the word vagina right off the top of my head rn. I can’t imagine what I could do if I tried harder




    this is the Italian Vagina Map, reblog to… I’m not sure actually. Can’t hurt though. 


    reblog to Italian season your pussy


    fyi the point of fucking up your data patterns isnt to avoid suspicion. it’s to make EVERYONE suspicious. same logic as the bloc, pals.  protect your comrades, be suspicious. ESPECIALLY if you aren’t doing anything likely to get you arrested.


    the state is less omniscient and significantly more incompetent than you’d think. overextend their resources at every possible opportunity.  make them cry wolf repeatedly. run their data analysis agents fucking ragged.  and strike. attack.


    YES i’m a postgrad statistics researcher and i can tell you that the state honestly has NO IDEA what to do with the data it collects, it has an obsession with big data but it’s almost impossible to work with in practice. the traditional statistical approaches that are used can’t be scaled up, the adapted approaches are substantially weakened, and the machine learning approaches have the same problems and often tell them nothing. data scientists are only just coming around to these issues too, most still just push on with it anyway - incompetence is the word. above all this though, like you say, the biggest issue for the state is at the point of data collection. they will NEVER get anything useful if they’re collecting shitty messy data. they will eventually figure out that the real solution is working how to collect accurate and meaningful data, we should make it as difficult as possible for them to do that


    This makes me think that we need WAAAY more apps that generate junk data


    Apps that generate junk data? tell me moooore.


    Ooh I know this one!

    Ad Nauseum is an adblocker that stores the ads it blocks and continuously generates fake clicks, fucking with analytics and costing the ad companies money

    TrackMeNot automatically does randomly generated searches on a variety of search engines to obscure your real searches and fuck with analytics, and you can set it up to work with anything that has a search bar (including facebook, twitter, amazon, youtube, etc)

    WhatCampaign replaces analytics parameters in links with the string “FuckOff”. I thought there was a similar extension that used random strings, but I can’t seem to find it

    Privacy Possum is a fork of Privacy Badger with a focus on costing tracking companies as much money as possible, and idk if my limited tech knowledge is enough to understand what it does but the description does say it falsifies some data so that’s good enough for me



    Boy it SURE would be a SHAME if this were SPREAD AROUND for everyone TO SEE