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    🌿fruit & medicinal properties🌿

    🍒 cherries: -help calm nervous system -cancer preventing compounds -reduces inflammation -reduces risk for gout -supports healthy sleep -arthritis pain relief -reduces belly fat -reduces muscle pain -lowers risk of stroke

    🍑 peaches: -helps maintain healthy skin & vision -helps maintain healthy bones & teeth -anti aging properties -improves digestion -calcium -potassium -packed with vital nutrients -good source of fiber

    🍉 watermelon: -cardiovascular health -maintains bones -significant source of vitamins -combats free radicals -reduces body fat -anti inflammitory -diuretic & kidney support -alkaline forming -improves sight

    🍓 strawberries: -potentially fight against cancer -anti aging properties -prevent heart disease, reduces risk of stroke -helps relieve constipation -can help with allergies & asthma -anti depression properties -reduces blood pressure -regulates blood sugar -folic acid

    🍍 pineapple: -helps fight arthritis -immune system support -bone health -vision health -can reduce risk of macular degeneration (eye disease) -anti inflammitory -aids in digestion -packed with vital nutrients

    🍃 kiwi: -increases bone mass -more vitamin c than an orange -packed with vital nutrients -aids in digestion -helps manage blood pressure -protects DNA from damage -supports weight loss -detox -prevents heart disease -protects against macular degeneration

    🍇 grapes: -relax blood vessels -prevents/slows many types of cancer -maintains heart health -packed with nutrients -aids in digestion -weight loss -can prevent alzheimers -improves brain function -protects body from radiation

    🍎 apples: -build immune system -fiber -reduces risk of cancer -prevents heart disease -healthy teeth -prevent alzheimers -prevents larkinsons -decreases risk of diabetes -reduces cholesterol -prevents gallstones -reduces risk of hypertension

    🍊 oranges: -help maintain skin & vision -excellent source of vitamin B & C -fiber -prevents stroke -lowers blood pressure

    🍌 banana: -potassium -energy booster -aids in digestion -fiber -weight loss -lowers blood pressure -prevents asthma -fights cancer -treats diarrhea -preserving memory

    🌳 blueberries: -protect heart -lowers cholesterol -packed with antioxidants -reduce DNA damage -maintains healthy cholesterol -lower blood pressure -improve brain function & memory

    🍃 mango: -protects against several forms of cancer -lowers cholesterol -clears skin -improves eye health -alkalizes entire body -promotes healthy sex -improves digestion -helps fight heat stroke

    🍋 lemon: -contain high amounts of potassium -lowers risk of stroke -fights cancer -maintains healthy complexion -prevents asthma -increases iron absorption -boosts immune system

    🍐 pear: -packed with nutrients -great source of fiber -treats diverticulosis (inflammation of the lining in large intestine) -weight loss -lowers blood pressure -lowers cholesterol -prevents diabetes -promotes digestion -detox

    🍅 tomato: -prevents cancer -manages blood pressure -protects heart -maintains healthy complexion -reduces depression -improves vision -improves digestive system

    🍃 grapefruit: -weight loss -prevents stroke -maintains blood pressure & heart health -prevents cancer -promotes digestion -hydration -maintaining healthy skin -prevents asthma

    🌿if youre taking medication, please speak with your pharmacist or doctor before trying ANY natural remedies. grapefruit, for example, can really hurt you if youre taking anti depression medication. please be cautious.🌿 **this post is speaking specifically of the fruit, not of the plant itself


    finally found this again 😭💚

    guide to becoming relatively productive when you’re not doing anything

  • draw something using the paint tool on your laptop
  • reread a book that you like and reevaluate if you still like it
  • write a poem that does not rhyme if you always write a rhyming poem and a poem that rhymes if you’re more of a free-verse poet.
  • go for a walk. alone. and try to pick some wild flowers on your way home for pressing.
  • exercise. stretch a little bit. work out a little.
  • calculate your monthly dues and see if you’re still financially stable
  • try to exercise your breathing (buteyko exercises), find your inner peace, and/or do yoga
  • make cute little playlists for future purposes
  • play with your cats, dogs, and pets and give them a little bubble bath
  • go to a coffee shop from another neighborhood
  • and sit beside a stranger, also a little challenge: befriend them
  • explore a new place; may it be a cute little city or a strange little town
  • visit an airport and sketch a couple of strangers- their figures and stuff.
  • visit the neighbor that you never had the chance to talk to.
  • talk to your old friend, that one friend that you “never talked again”
  • clean your room, change your sheets, or rearrange some of the furnitures/stuff in there
  • ask someone out- may or may not be the person that you like
  • try to learn something- a new language (the basics and alphabet)
  • plant a tree or a plant
  • sign up for an environmental organization (that may or may not be focusing in saving the bees)
  • try to immerse yourself with a new lifestyle and try to appreciate it
  • sew some of your clothes incision close
  • do a little embroidery of your fave thing on your fave shirt (even if you don’t know how, yes, google it up)
  • write a letter to 30-year-old self
  • make a cute video using your phone
  • reevaluate your life choices- do you like the current you
  • make a little something for your best friend
  • do some little diys/craft from pinterest
  • Things we need to tell each other (and ourselves) more often

    🌹 “You’re doing such a great job.”

    🌹 “You are stronger than you think.”

    🌹 “I can see you are doing the best you can.”

    🌹 “You are allowed to take a break.”

    🌹 “Someday you will see the beauty that I see in you.”

    🌹 “It’s okay.”

    🌹 “You are capable of anything.”

    🌹 “I’m sorry.”

    🌹 “Your kindness is a treasure and it’s much appreciated.”

    🌹 “You are full of light.”

    🌹 “I am here for you whenever you need someone.”

    🌹 “I am proud of you.”

    🌹 “You are such a wise person.”

    🌹 “I believe in you.”

    🌹 “Take time to bloom.”

    🌹 “You deserve respect. Please walk away from people who treat you wrongly.”

    🌹 “I care about you.”

    🌹 “You have grown so much as a person.”

    🌹 “You deserve the best.”

    🌹 “You are valid.”

    🌹 “You can make a difference.”

    🌹 “It’s okay to take time for yourself. Please tell me when you want to be alone.”

    🌹 “It’s not weird, please tell me more about it.”

    🌹 “You are never alone.”

    🌹 “You are worthy.”

    🌹 “You are enough.”

    🌹 “You matter.”

    🌹 “Thank you.”

    🌹 “I’d like to know more about you.”

    🌹 “You make me feel happy.”

    🌹 “I appreciate you.”

    🌹 “You have a beautiful soul.”

    🌹 “I know things can be hard but I am sure you will make it through. You’ve already come so far.”

    🌹 “I’m here for you.”

    🌹 “You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.”

    🌹 “It’s okay to ask for help. You don’t have to do things on your own all the time.”

    🌹 “I trust you.”

    🌹 “You should give yourself more credit.”

    🌹 “You aren’t defined by conceptual things like grades.”

    🌹 “You deserve all the love in the world.”

    🌹 “You inspire me.”

    🌹 “May your day be as lovely as you.”

    🌹 “It may take some time, but you’ll be fine.”

    I’ll be adding more when I can think of more

    Moon Signs’ Positive and Negative Qualities

    Positive Aries Moon: Standing up for others, independent, quickly overcoming negative emotions, honest and straightforward, great leaders, optimistic, courageous and not afraid of anything or anybody

    Negative Aries Moon: Impatient, exploding when angry, argumentative, throwing tantrums, easily bored, causing confrontations, immature at times, initiating projects but never finishing them

    Positive Taurus Moon: Dependable and trustworthy, affectionate, down to earth souls, always reaching towards their goals, never rushing into emotional situations without a thought-out plan

    Negative Taurus Moon: Overindulging in food, too concerned with their material possessions, stubborn, lazy and sometimes unmotivated to get up,

    Positive Gemini Moon: Keeping things fun, saying the right things at the right moment, intellectual and curious, sharing their knowledge with others, extremely constructive, boundless active imagination, good sense of humor

    Negative Gemini Moon: Talking too much, overanalyzing their emotions, having an urge to create arguments, constantly changing what they want, not listening to what others have to say

    Positive Cancer Moon: Psychically gifted, offering tender love and support, close bonds to their mothers, selfless and nurturing, knowing when someone is unreliable, sweet souls

    Negative Cancer Moon: Clingy, holding grudges, using emotional blackmail to get their own way, shy and nervous, sensitive to people’s opinions, moods change often

    Positive Leo Moon: Loyal friends, easy to reason with, magnificent entertainers, assertive, natural leaders that are able to inspire others, educated about a variety of topics, outgoing and enthusiastic  

    Negative Leo Moon: Unwilling to share control, overly dramatic and egoistical, not handling rejection very well, hard time holding onto money, seeing it as a necessity to have the last word

    Positive Virgo Moon: Helping out their friends, good memory, very honest and with strong morals, keeping things neat and orderly, grounded and stable, taking care of their health, analytical and practical

    Negative Virgo Moon: Critical of others and pointing out their flaws too often, perfectionists, obsessed with details, feeling like they’re not good enough  

    Positive Libra Moon: Good at socializing, peaceful and harmonious souls, graceful, never wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, good manners, excellent planners, getting along well with most people

    Negative Libra Moon: Indecisive, seeing flaws in everything around them, obsessed with creating balance, easily influenced, tendency for people-pleasing

    Positive Scorpio Moon: Not letting themselves be manipulated, natural psychologists, magnetic personality, passionate and attractive, able to walk away from negative situations

    Negative Scorpio Moon: Tendency to become evil, jealous and possessive, deep fear of betrayal, sensitive to criticism, having a hard time opening up to others

    Positive Sagittarius Moon: Positive and open-minded, fond of learning, adaptable, happy-go-lucky demeanor, great teachers and mentors, interested in travel to foreign lands, making friends easily

    Negative Sagittarius Moon: Pushing people’s buttons for fun, thinking they’re always right, running away from darker emotions, switching plans at the last minute, irresponsible

    Positive Capricorn Moon: Responsible and mature from a young age, loyal and generous, taking any kind relationship very seriously, humorous, always working towards a goal, never depending on anyone else

    Negative Capricorn Moon: Obsessed with proving themselves, melancholic thoughts, afraid to show emotions, too hard on themselves, having trouble letting people in

    Positive Aquarius Moon: Doing well with groups and communities, original turn of mind, friendly towards others, valuing equality, not afraid to be different, well-respected amongst their friends, freedom-loving

    Negative Aquarius Moon: Emotions are rarely visible, feeling like no one understands them, overthinking everything, very unpredictable, getting too caught up in their own vision

    Positive Pisces Moon: Artistically talented, romantic and highly compassionate, having a sixth sense, knowing what others think and feel, vivid imagination, avoiding conflicts

    Negative Pisces Moon: Pushing people away when stressed, forgiving too easily, hard to see a situation for what it really is, tendency to become a martyr, stuck in their own reality


    For only $20 you too can fuck Satan




    This post is about vaginas. My vagina in particular. I get yeast infections pretty regularly, and until recently I was able to afford to see a doctor who could prescribe me fluconazole.

    Fluconazole, a drug also known by the brand name Diflucan, is a small pink pill. You take two pills a few days apart from each other to restore balance and harmony to your bountiful folds. I’ve never ever had a bad side effect from taking this pill.

    Cut to November 2016. I’m a recent college grad without reliable health care coverage in the process of finding a job. And I’m dealing with a yeast infection. Before I moved out of state, my previous doctor told me about Miconazole. She said it was as effective as the pill and hallelujah, it’s over the counter! I decided to purchase the cream pictured above. This treatment only lasted 3 days, a convenient time frame for my schedule.

    The application process was a little messy, and some of the cream came in contact with my vulva and labia. Within 5 minutes every piece of skin that had come in contact with the cream, excluding my hands, was on fire. I wanted to scream it was so painful. I began frantically searching for what I should do online. 

    I found a whole forum of people on drugs.com who had experienced something similar. These comments saved me, and these were just on the first page. There were 33 pages total, the earliest dated July 2009.


    I was writhing in pain at 2AM when I found this forum (which I found by searching “my vagina burn itch hurts after miconazole” on Google). As soon as I read these comments I threw the devil cream directly into the trash and jumped in the shower. I didn’t feel any actual relief until I reached in and scraped the cream out of me. I paid $17 plus tax on this bullshit, but I could have just as easily ripped up my money or paid someone to not hurt me. 

    The moral of the story is that vaginal health care is is completely fucked up because we don’t have access to an over the counter cure for yeast infections that is safe for our bodies and also YOU SHOULD NEVER BUY THIS CREAM EVER.

    Reblog to save a vagina.


    Okay so I used to get yeast infections every month after my period ‘cause my pH levels were fucked up or something (idk that’s what my doctor said) and I actually used to take this stuff and it was fine. Then a couple years down the road I had a yeast infection for the first time in ages and I used this again and it burned so bad I had to sit in the bath and like physically dig it out of my vagina

    AND THEN I LEARNED THAT IT’S BECAUSE I DIDN’T HAVE A YEAST INFECTION. I had a bacterial infection, which is honestly pretty much identical to a yeast infection depending on the severity. The only difference is that IF YOU HAVE A BACTERIAL INFECTION AND TRY TO USE YEAST INFECTION MEDICATION IT WILL HURT

    But it’s not actually the medication’s fault. The medication DOES do what it’s supposed to do, provided you’re actually suffering from a yeast infection. Chances are though that you and every one who commented on this did, in fact, have bacterial infections instead.

    FORTUNATELY they also make over the counter tests so you can know if you need to call your doctor or just grab some yeast medicine off the shelf. Next time if you aren’t sure, pee on a stick and save yourself a world of fucking pain


    It’s unfortunate that I’m 27 and never knew that last bit of information. The world of vaginal health is so obscure and inaccessible.


    Reblogging because I too once found out the hard way that I had a bacterial & not yeast infection. 😑


    I, too, once set my vagina aflame with miconazole. I didn’t know it was because of a bacterial infection. Reblogging to save a vag.


    Reblogging to save a vag.


    It’s almost like the shame and stigma thar surrounds vaginas is a danger to the health and well being of people who have vaginas.


    Damn y'all #saveavag


    Fuck save a vag one reblog at a time


    I do not have a vagina, but this is important to reblog for all of my vagina-having friends.