Bye Tumblr

    I could recover all the content of my tumblr and i will upload it in Twitter. It will tke me a long time as more than 8000 posts. Is a new way of starting fresh after Tumblr´s decision of ban all adult content. I doubt i will post new staff here so if you want to keep cumming, add me @RealSpermator in Twitter


    Please help me with this and reblogg, help me spread the load!


    “ezra miller is going to be the first lgbt+ person to play a superhero!!”

    i mean yes he’s going to be the first to get a solo movie but


    all im getting from this post are that the x-men are really gay


    The X-Men are really gay.


    X-Men: Last Stand is all about gay related issues. Like 100% about lgbt stuff.


    Hey I'm into having my wife fucked but I don't know how to tell her. I think she's hinting me that she is into that cause she had some cards to play a game and one of them said dare and fantasy. How do I tell her I want to see her get fucked by other men?

    We get this question daily. So here’s our experience…

    I took her virginity, she never watched porn, she never had a boyfriend before me. Her entire sexual being was based off what she was learning from me. I had lifestyle experiences before I met my soulmate. It was very hard opening up to such a pure soul and describing my fantasy to her. I was incredibly intoxicated one day (as planned, liquid confidence) and finally got the courage to describe what it was I wanted to try with her. She was taken back by it was slightly confused and I left it at that. The conversation was something like this. “Hey baby I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, nor do I want you to view myself or how I view us any differently than you do. How would you feel about adding another to our bedroom activities?” She looked somewhat shocked and asked “do you mean another woman?” I replied “no” and cringed in my skin it was one of the most nervous moments of my life. She then asked “so another guy?” Her knowing I’m 10,000% straight knew where I was then going with this. She said “we can talk about it more and I’ll consider it” I explained to her this is only a fantasy and not something she needed to stress out about to please me. “All I want to do is spoil the shit out of you, I want to give you the sex life your friends get off thinking about”. She understood what I was looking for and what not. Reassuring her that I’ll never hold anything above her head including not playing with other women. I explained that this wouldn’t turn into a full swap or anything. “All I want to do was spoil you”. So months later we got drunk in Vegas, conveniently the adult video awards were in town as well. We were walking through the hard rock and I said “any straight man in here you can have just point and I’ll handle the rest”. So she pointed and before she could say stop I approached the lucky guy. Just so happens he was a cool well hung pornstar in town for the AVN’s. The rest is history.


    Congratulations sir, you just fucking won the internet for the day.