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26/M/bi switch, aussie tickle fetish enthusiast who will pretty much accept anything thrown at me. Minors DNI

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2022-05-23 11:43:21

    I fucking love little Dommes.

    I’m so much bigger than you, I could throw you around this room if I wanted to. You’d struggle to even attempt to wrestle me into restraints. You know I could physically overpower you with such little effort.

    But you know I won’t. You know that all my size and strength is completely useless against you, because you know how much I want to behave for you, to feel your hands and mouth on me, to be called your good boy.

    I adore the feeling of someone so much smaller than me straddling my waist, digging their nails into my chest, grinding against my cock and leaving deep, red claw streaks down my torso. 

    Remind me that I’m yours, that all my physical power is useless now that I’m in your grasp. Stroke my face and neck, tell me that I’m all yours to play with, force me to gasp and moan and ignore my insecurities. Make me blush and squirm, then kiss my burning cheeks and remind me that you aren’t done with me.

    Remind me of all the times I’ve used my size to my advantage; grabbing things high up, carrying you around, the jokes I’ve made about our height difference. Remind me how little you look compared to me when I fuck you against the wall, and then remind me it won’t do me any good now, while you push all my buttons and drive me wild with lust for you.

    After being Patreon exclusive for two months, I'm excited to finally launch this publicly!

    Create your own character being tickled 🖤

    ~ Lots of different hair, skin tones and clothes.

    ~ Tentacles, medical setting, plants etc.

    Please share your drawings with me, I would love to see them! Shoot me a message with them or tag me.

    Also thank you to @mynachopaper for creating two of the drawings for this little ad!