The Porn I Like
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    Katie stopped to pose while her boyfriend whipped out his phone to snap a pic. She loved having her picture taken — a fact Katie would routinely deny with a giggle and a nonsensical “ohmygawd thats so gay shut up” before striking an effortlessly sexy form.

    She loved the attention. That’s why she always showed a little bit more skin, wore a little bit more makeup, dressed a little bit sexier, than other girls. And if you held her down and tickled her, she’d confess that all that attention turned her on.

    Of course it was nowhere as extreme as the other day when she was Candy, a dumb blonde with big tits.

    Or when she was Mary, the stay-at-home MILF who walked around in lululemon 24-7.

    Or when she was Katherine, the responsible and professional woman who was pissed that her fiance spent $10,000 on a so-called universal remote.

    Wait what?

    Katie shook her head and smiled for her boyfriend. Selfie time!


    So honey, I’ve been trying on outfits for our vacation and… well… what do you think?

    And yes, the blonde wig is part of the outfit. 

    It’s been so long since we’ve been on a vacation and I thought, you know, why not have some fun with it. Right? I mean I’d never wear anything like this at home. But while we’re away – why not?

    Ok, be honest. Do I make for a good hot, blonde trophy wife?

    Oh, wait. Hold on. I mean…


    OMG, do I look freggin’ fetch or what?

    C’mon, I’ve been, like, totes working on my dumb blonde voice. 

    Wait, were you just, like, staring at my tits? Unf, staaaahp! Stop staring, you know it turns me on. 

    OMG I can’t believe I just said that. 

    Ok, like, fer reals. Be honest. Do I look… you know… fuckable?

    Unf, I can’t believe I said that!

    I jus’, you know, wanna have a good time on our vacay. An’ I wanna make sure you have a good time, too. 




    Cassie traced her finger along the edge of her morning cup of coffee, leering longingly at her roommate. Somehow, over the past six months of living with Jack, she had been blind the fact that he was such specimen of masculine virility. His unkept hair, his casual wardrobe of tshirts and jeans, his aggressively average five-foot-nine body — everything about him was just so sexy. 

    Luckily, Cassie’s eyes were opened the previous night when she finally walked into Jack’s room and practically begged him to fuck her right there and then. And boy, did he ever. Sure, he was a bit clumsy at a first. But then he’d just take a short break at his computer and then *click* he’d be back at it, with his dick even harder -- and maybe ever bigger -- than before. Cassie was surprised their neighbors hadn’t complained as she moaned and wailed into the night in the throws of ecstasy. And she couldn’t wait for Jack to do it again.  

    She was lost in fantasy when Jack’s words interrupted her lascivious train of thought. 

    “Hey Cassie, do you want to be my girlfriend?”

    It was as if that train had hit a cow. Cassie bit her lip, and struggled to break the news to Jack, but she didn’t want to be anybody’s girlfriend. Relationships only got in the way of ambition. Sure, a sex-god fuck buddy was one thing, but cuddling? Holding hands? Going on dates? Cassie didn’t want any of that. 


    Cassie needed all of that. She bounded across the room and landed next to Jack on the sofa, nearly knocking his laptop on the ground. “Oh Jack, of course I’d love to be your girlfriend!” she squealed. It was like a fantasy come true. 


    Terms and Conditions

    If I choose to fuck you, there’s a couple of rules;

    1. You are not wearing a condom and my tight little body is unprotected.

    2. I want to feel your cock throbbing inside my tight little cunt, feel it twitch after you fill me with rope after rope of potent sperm.

    3. I’m going to beg you to fill me with sperm and you’re going to, whether you like it or not. I intend to use my tight little cunt to milk you of every single drop.

    4. We’re going to fuck several times and you’re going to fill my cunt and coat my cervix every time.

    5. If you get me pregnant, good and you’ll continue to whenever I want you to.

    You’ve been warned. Now bring that big cock over here and feed it into my fertile, tight little cunt 🙋🏼‍♀️❤️💦😈


    This is the sort of dirty little bitch that I need to be fucking right now.


    Where do I sign?

    Nothing stopped between me and him even after my husband basically caught us.

    But I still managed to get out of the house and he was able to get out also.

    We met up at another place. He came out of the car hugged and kissed and after he looked right at me and told me I looked great. His hands went under my dress and found that I wasn't wearing any panties or a bra. We got back in the car and we started kissing. He pulled my dress up and went straight for my wet pussy. His lips kissing my thighs and goes straight for my pussy.  He's going deeper. He fingers me after and he tries to put his dick inside me. Small car = small space. So he bends me over the center console and fingers me. I needed his dick so I get on top of him and guides his dick inside my pussy. And fuck I wanted to ride him all night. He holds me close to him and he puts his weight on me so I could have him deep inside my pussy. He looks at me and tells me that he's going to cum. I tell him to cum inside me. He cums inside me. Fills me up and I get off him to taste him. Fuck he always taste so good. He tells me he's too sensitive and he pulls me up so he can kiss me and we could taste each other. I'm next to him and holds his hand. We looked at each other and kissed again. Before he said anything he kissed me on my shoulder and on my cheek. He said he had to get going.

    Those damn words that cut into me.


    Omg! Why have you got your cock out!! My boyfriend is only back at the party! So this is what you wanted to show me!! I can’t believe you, but you have got a very big dick can I touch it holy fuck!! It is growing bigger in my hand, shit I can’t believe I’m doing this your my boyfriends best mate! What if he finds us? Let’s go back to my car quickly we have to be quick I’m only going to suck you off no sex ok? Well maybe oh I dont know what I’m doing! We shouldn’t do this but you are so big I can’t help it just fuck me but make sure you pull out! Ok?


    My husband had never met my sorority Big Sister Cathryn from college. I told him all about her. I always felt inferior to her. She actually slept with one of my boyfriends in college.

    When my hubby opened the front door, they acted as if they’d known each other forever.

    Later that night while we were watching TV, I decided to excuse myself and go to bed early. And to allow what was to be the inevitable anyway.

    He came to bed at about 3:30am. He didn’t even have to tell me. I went under the sheets and sucked Cathryn off of his cock.