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    So hubby and I were lounging on the couch this morning kind of cuddling and I slipped my hand into his pants and noticed he'd shaved. I unzipped him and pulled down his boxers and said, "This is new."

    "Do you like it?" he asked. "I did it yesterday morning in the shower."

    "Yeah, I like it," I said, "but I also liked the way you had it before." (which, fyi, was dick and balls shaved and pubes trimmed)

    "[P] suggested on Thursday that I should shave it all off," he said.

    I squeezed his dick hard. "Did she like it?" I asked, my voice cracking a bit.

    "Yes," he said. It aroused me so much to think of him changing something about himself at her request, I sucked him off right then and there.




    He watched his cum drop in a long strand as he pulled away from the pleasure that was her mouth with a loud groan. It landed on her breast just right resulting in running down her flesh to dangle like a jewel off her hard nipple before dropping to the floor.

    “I..uh,” he muttered nervously as the gravity of the situation hit him like a freight train.

    What started out with flirtatious teasing ended with his co worker licking his cum off her lips with a saucy smirk on her lovely face.


    “Should definitely do that again,” she finished his sentence with a soft snort of laughter.

    The same snort he had always found so cute, but this time there was a naughty edge to it that cause his dick to twitch.

    He wanted to hear it again.

    “No, we shouldn’t,” he corrected as he waved his hands as if it was the final answer despite the fact his dick was hardening over the thought.

    “I’m married,” he stated with conviction, even though he wasn’t sure he if was trying to remind her or himself.

    “So am I,” she shrugged off his words as she leaned closer to him. So close her bare breasts touched his thighs once more. The tactical sensation brought his dick to life again.

    “I won’t tell, if you don’t,” she whispered in a sing song voice as she rubbed her tits against him. Her nipples hardened against the hair of his thighs as his now hard cock wept before her.

    “Of course, I’m not telling,” he countered breathlessly as he shifted in his office chair. The movement only added to his skin rubbing against hers.

    “Then what’s wrong?” She asked innocently as he looked her face instead of her hard nipples that were silently begging to be sucked.

    “Did you not like how I sucked your cock?” She asked softly, looking away from me in a weak attempt to appear uncertain.

    There was nothing innocent or uncertain at her.

    “No, that’s..” he began with a soft stutter in attempts to comfort her even though that’s not what she wanted.

    She knew the answer.

    “Did you not want me to swallow? I told I always do, but I would have been ok if you want to see your cum on my tits like how we talked,” she asked in a serious tone, reckoning back to the dirty words he had sent her days earlier.

    He did want that and the image of his cum dripping dripping off her hard nipple would be something he’d stroke to for years to come, but that wasn’t it. She knew it. He knew it.

    He knew if he didn’t stop now he never would. He’d have her bent over his desk while he fucked her. It’s what he needed, but not what he should do.

    He watched as she rose to her feet before him. The disappointed sense of relief washed over him as he breathed out a sigh thinking the moment of temptation was over.

    She didn’t reach for her discarded blouse, instead she rested back on the edge of his desk.

    “Maybe you just want your turn,” she teased softly before pulling her pencil skirt up until it was nothing more than a black scarf around her waist.

    He watched, unable to look away, as she opened her legs before him while he remained uncomfortably hard in his office chair. Her pussy was visible through her black lace panties. He could see the dark pubs barely hiding the pink of her secret flesh.

    He was mesmerized in the worst and best way possible.

    His dick throbbed at the site before him.

    “You want to see how wet just sucking your big cock made me?” She asked in a whisper that was almost too much for him to take as he struggled to remain true to his convictions that nothing more should happen.

    She didn’t wait for his response.

    He watched with his teeth buried in his lower lip as she reached down and tugged her barely there panties to the side to put her pussy on display. Her fingers slipped along her parted lower lips, circling her clit before dipping lower to slip one then a second finger inside her.

    He watched her pump her fingers in and out, hearing the wetness of her movements. She let out a soft moan before pulling her fingers out and holding them up for him.

    “See what you did to me?” She asked him, showing him her slick, sticky fingers that matched her wet pussy still on display.

    He remained silent as she raised her hand and sucked her own wetness off her fingers. The gesture left him gasping for air as she responded with a sly grin before lowering her hand to finger herself once more.

    “See how wet you make me?” She asked as his eyes focused on her pleasuring herself before him.

    She pulled her sticky fingers out and offered them to him again.

    “Wanna taste?” She teased, her hand extended, inviting him to take one step further down the road of no return with her.


    When you ask your wife who she’s texting, and she says “no-one”

    Yea, hi, that’s me - but she refers to me a lot of different ways. Babe. Sir. Daddy. Master.

    I call her a bunch of names too… but you don’t want to hear those. I just wanted you know that when you’re watching tv and she’s texting away, smiling and biting her lip it’s because of this.

    She knows you’re going away soon and I’ll have free reign to wreck her married cunt right there on that couch you’re sharing.

    Anyway, enjoy your tv show and have a great business trip. I’ll makes sure your wife gets what she needs.


    And I’m just hoping he leaves sooner 😍


    Your girl went to the movies with her friends.

    Things quickly escalated.

    She noticed Ron’s huge bulge in his pants and had the see it for herself. They’ve flirted for so long and already have so much tension between them.

    Her friend gave her a look because she shouldn’t be doing this when she has a boyfriend, but your girl didn’t care at this point.