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2020-03-12 13:17:09

    What are the easiest ways to regress/get into petspace? I can't fully immense into it 😞

    if I can’t get into pet space, I usually try the pet tapes from nimja!! his puppy space ones r really good and make me feel so happy!! I’ll link those n his kitten ones 4 u!!

  • <>Playful Puppy<>
  • <>Happy Little Puppy<>
  • <>Puppy Bedtime<>
  • <>Cute Kitty<>
  • <>Kitten Playtime
  • <>Kitten Bedtime<>
  • he also has a few gradual animal transformations:

  • <>Dragon<>
  • <>Dog<>
  • <>Cat<>
  • and a few little space ones as well! note: I’ve only listened to the puppy ones, which is why I haven’t linked the little space ones as I haven’t gone through them yet! though all the pet space ones I linked should be good since the puppy ones were safe!

    he’s also really good about doing any requests people leave in the comments! so these r what rly help me when I can’t get into petspace, maybe they’ll help u too anon! 💕