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    “Mind Fucked”

    **special shoutout to @nothinglikethis99 for helping me come up with the concept for this story**

               Although it wasn’t as confusing as it was when I was a little kid, my ability to read and sometimes control minds was something I was used to by the time I was eighteen. I’d stopped getting my enemies in trouble and embarrassing my bullies and decided to only interfere with someone’s thinking if I needed to. I once stopped a girl from committing suicide by telling her that her life mattered when I overheard her thinking about running into traffic one day after school. She thought my voice in her head was the voice of God. That was the day I decided to only use my gift for good. However, there were times where I found myself in wild situations and had to practice self-restraint. One day in gym class, I found myself in one of those situations.

               I’d figured out that I could control my secret ability by reciting the alphabet or counting loudly in my head constantly while staring at the floor. Whenever I wasn’t doing that, I heard each and every thought by anyone in close proximity to me. At the end of gym class, my last class for the day, I headed into the locker room and stared at the floor while reciting the alphabet loudly in my head. Since I was staring at the floor, I bumped into LaDarrius Richardson, one of the boys on the football team. That broke my chain of thought and that small second window caused me to hear something major.

               “Damn, Percy got some sexy lips,” LaDarrius thought in his head. “I bet he can suck dick better than half the lame bitches at this fuckin’ school.”

               “My bad,” I said to him as I moved out of his way.

               “Don’t speak to me, faggot,” he snapped at me angrily.

               I immediately began counting to one hundred while staring at the floor again as I made my way to my locker. While I was taking my clean clothes out of my locker, the sound of the final bell rang out and for some reason, it fucked with my counting. I looked up and immediately heard Tyrone Evans, another boy on the football team, thinking, “I wish these niggas would leave early so I can get Percy’s faggot ass to suck my dick.”

               I had no idea what was going on that day because usually I never listened to their thoughts since I knew they all didn’t like me. They said homophobic stuff all the time out loud so I didn’t want to hear it in their thoughts whenever I was around them. Now, I was hearing conflicting things from what they were saying out loud and what they were thinking. I resumed counting to drown their thoughts out but then four more of their teammates entered the locker room.

               “That nigga got on tights today,” I overheard their teammate Ricky Lewis say in his head about me. “He so fuckin’ cute.”

               “Them lips always get my dick hard,” their teammate Isaiah Haughton thought before grabbing his crotch. “I’d fuck the shit outta his lil’ ass, too.”

               “I wanna nut all on them lips,” added their teammate Khalil West.

               “I know he ain’t no virgin,” their teammate Dwayne Moore thought with a laugh.


                                                 the football players

               Soon, I was hearing all six of their thoughts at once and they got louder after it was just me and them in the locker room. As much as I wanted to control their minds and get them to reveal to each other that they were all thinking about me sexually, I decided to grab my stuff and leave the locker room without changing into my clean clothes. I walked home, which was a few blocks away from school, and went up to my room. The thought of sucking all six of my ‘secret’ admirers was enough to get my dick hard. After locking my door and pulling out my phone, I recorded myself with my tights pulled down. I was a little musty from gym class and that turned me on even more.


                                                         Me (Percy)

               But just as I was about to jackoff, something strange happened. I began hearing both LaDarrius and Isaiah saying to me, “Football practice is canceled. Come back to the gym.”

               They kept saying that over and over again. This was the first time that I could hear thoughts without being anywhere near the people making the thoughts. Taking a chance, I asked with my mind, “Can you hear me?”

               “We all can,” all six of them thought at the same time.

               Not believing what was happening, I climbed off my bed and put my shoes back on. I put on my shirt and snuck back out of my house while my mama was vacuuming in her bedroom. I ran back to school and entered the gym through the back doors. When I made my way back into the locker room, the six football players were talking to one another but stopped when they noticed me standing there. I was shocked when they all began grabbing their dicks through their shorts and moving towards me.


               “This isn’t a joke, is it?” I asked them.

               Ricky put his finger up to my lips and told me with his mind, “We can hear your thoughts, baby.”

               “Baby?” I asked in my head.

               “He really likes this nigga, y’all,” LaDarrius said out loud in his head, causing the others to laugh.

               I still wasn’t convinced any of this was really happening until they began pulling their dicks out of their shorts. Ricky told me to sit down in front of his locker and when I did, he put his long dick in my face. I looked up into his eyes as I opened my mouth and began sucking him. The other five gathered around and jacked off as they watched me suck Ricky’s dick. Seeing their different dicks, smelling their individual scents combined with the scent of the locker room, and hearing their thoughts turned me on like nothing else.

               “Yeah, suck his dick,” Isaiah said to me with his mind.

               “Suck mine next,” Khalil demanded with his mind as he put his thick uncircumcised dick on my forehead.

               I stopped sucking Ricky so that I could suck Khalil. His dick had an added flavor since he was uncircumcised but it wasn’t nasty or anything like that. He was keeping his moans inside just like the others were so it was quiet throughout the locker room with the exception of my mouth’s sucking noises. After tasting Khalil’s dick, I moved on to LaDarrius’s dick light-skinned pink-headed dick. He smacked my face a few times before shoving his big dick into my throat, making me choke and cough up saliva all over his dick.

               “Yeah, I love that shit,” he told me with his mind. “Grab my nuts.”

               I gently grabbed his balls and he tilted his head back and exhaled loudly while I continued to suck his dick and get it wet. After a little while, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and smacked my face again before pushing my head towards Dwayne’s long but skinny chocolate dick. He told me with his mind that he loved having the head sucked on first, so I sucked on the head for a while before sucking more of it. He lifted his hoodie and shirt before grabbing the back of my head and choking me with his long dick. He wouldn’t let me come up for air for a good while so when he finally let go, I was gasping for air.

               “Suck me next,” Tyrone communicated to me mentally as he put his shorter but thick dick in my face.

               While I sucked his dick, Ricky made me get down on my knees so that he could pull my tights down. He smacked my ass a few times before spreading my butt cheeks and sniffing and licking on my asshole. That’s when I had to break the no noise rule and let out a moan. LaDarrius took off one of his socks and used it to tie around the knobs of the double doors that led into the locker room. He then made his way back over to the group and told me to stay quiet with his mind.

               After sucking Tyrone, I finally got around to sucking Isaiah, who I sensed was feeling left out. I apologized to him before kissing and sucking on his dick; which was the longest and thickest out of all of them. Ricky was still licking on my asshole and calling me his baby, and now Isaiah was also calling me baby and boo. He and Ricky then switched places and soon, the others were getting jealous.

               “Suck me,” they were all saying to me at different times.

               Needing to establish some order, I made Isaiah get down lower so that I could squat over his face while I took turns sucking the other five; rotating every fifteen seconds. The counting sometimes interfered with my ability to hear their thoughts but I somehow managed to give them equal time. It wasn’t long before I was getting some of them to bust their nuts.

               “Oh, fuck, nigga,” Khalil moaned in his head as his uncircumcised dick shot cum all over my forehead and in my hair. He kept jacking off over me until his dick stopped releasing cum. He smiled at me as he rubbed his dick on my lips and under my nose. He then backed away and got naked before heading to the showers.

               “Catch this nut,” LaDarrius told me with his mind as he shot seven quick shots of cum on my lips and in my nose. He laughed a little when I coughed and snorted to get his cum out of my nose. “Sorry, bruh.” He bent down and kissed the side of my head before leaving to join Khalil in the showers.

               I could tell both Tyrone and Dwayne were trying to hold off from busting their nuts but I was determined to get them both. I moved back and forth between them, deep throating both their dicks and jacking them off. Every now and then, I’d put my tongue and lips on their balls and then go back to sucking them. When both of them told me they were about to cum, I jacked them both off at the same time as they showered my chin and neck with their gooey loads.

               “Thank you,” they both told me mentally at the same time. They shook their dicks to get all of the cum out and on me before getting naked and going to the showers.

               Now it was just me, Isaiah, and Ricky left. They made me stand up and bend over while they took turns licking my ass while I jacked off. They even took turns kissing me and both tried to get me to let them fuck but I wouldn’t. Eventually, I let Ricky slide his dick up and down in between my butt cheeks while Isaiah jacked his dick off with mine in his hands. The three of us came at the same time and it felt so good that my knees almost gave in. Ricky got really freaky and licked his own cum up from in between my ass cheeks. The three of us kissed and then took a shower together after the others stepped out of the shower.

               Isaiah and Ricky were the only two who stayed behind and waited for me to get ready to leave. They even walked me home and asked when I could hook up again. I told them I’d think about it and then went back into my house. I was exhausted after all of that. The next day, the six of them could no longer start a conversation with me using their minds but I could still read their minds. They all wanted me to suck them but I only wanted Ricky and Isaiah, leading the others to call me a faggot and other silly names. I didn’t care though. If I wanted to, I could’ve made them do anything and I let them all know that. So, without even having to force them, Isaiah and Ricky became my two secret boyfriends. As for the others, I decided to mind fuck them anytime they got out of line.


    [Disclaimer]: Pictures used do not reflect the sexuality or personality of people in the pictures. They only serve as visual examples of the characters.

    © D.A. Morrison 2018


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