“Mom I don’t think I can fit anymore food in me. My belly is way too-“ Kayla was interrupted by a huge rumbling belch. “Sweetie you just don’t understand. You’re way too small for your age and we need to help you catch up to the other girls.” Kayla’s mother began rubbing her bloated stomach in a slow motion. “With this you’ll be the big girl I know you can be.”

    More food was brought in after the belly rub and with the huge food baby Kayla couldn’t refuse. “Here honey more of Mom’s best cooking for my little girl.” As the stuffing continued the pain of being full as it strangely shifted to being hungry and a loud grumble exploded from her stomach. “See honey your belly knows what’s best.” Her Mom stated with a couple light slaps to Kayla’s belly. With that Kayla belched loudly again and her belly pushed back against her Mom’s hand. “Now don’t be rude dear you just-“ her mom stopped as the massive belly pushed back again and she noticed Kayla’s belly was actually growing.

    “Mom what’s happening to me? I’m super hungry now and my clothes are even tighter than before.” All of Kayla began growing as the massive amount of food in her was turning to fat and something else. “Honey maybe we should take a break. Let me get you up I think you’re finally growing!” As Kayla’s Mom spent several minutes helping her daughter up, no thanks to Kayla who began gobbling up everything within reach of her free hand. When she was finally standing Kayla’s Mom was greeted by some new giant breasts tearing apart Kayla’s shirt. “Oh my word! You’ve gotten taller too! You make me so happy sweety!” Kayla’s Mom embraced her in a hug, having her head engulf by giant boobs and shortly was being lifted off the ground. Kayla’s Mom tried her best to look up at her daughter but was blocked by her expanding breasts. “Honey I think you can stop now mommy is very happy with you.”

    “Sorry Mom.” Kayla belched, vibrating her moms body against her own. “I’ve kinda started liking this whole eat and grow thing.” Kayla had consumed everything in the living room and moved to the kitchen, destroying any puny doors that blocked her path. As Kayla began clearing out the fridge and pantry her mom finally slid down her daughters belly onto the ground. As she backed up to get a clear look at her daughter she was greeted by a giant expanding trio of belly, boobs and butt. Kayla’s pants had been demolished and her shirt and bra had clearly lost, only her very tight panties were still struggling. “Kayla this is far enough I don’t need you to grow anymore. For gosh sakes you have to bend over to fit in here!”

    After a earthquake inducing belch Kayla finished everything in the house, turning on her mom she grinned. “I do hate being cramped in here and we’re all out of food! How about we go out to eat!” Kayla’s Mom started backing up to try to escape but Kayla’s huge mass had trapped her in a corner. Kayla grunted and focused on growing more, she stood with a strained face and burst through the ceiling of the house. “Come on Mom I don’t want you to miss out!” Kayla grabbed her mother, placed her in her cleavage and headed for town.


    I’d been with joe a few weeks, as was normal for me, we hadn’t had sex yet, but it was by chance we did. Having not seen him naked, I was shocked at how big his balls were. “You’ll have to wear a condom” I said, “I’m not on the pill yet”, so he slips it on and away we go. As he builds up to unload, I see him shudder slightly before the condom begins to expand inside me, pushing my belly out from beneath my top. Trying to pull the condom out proves difficult, until we let it gush all over the floor, soaking the floor with what seems like at least a gallon of thick, white liquid. Joe says little except asks about the threesome I was talking about several days earlier, and how he could easily “fill me more” with his friend Craig, reluctantly, I agree, but only after I’ve been on the pill for a week. After a very quick week and a half, Joe comes around again, after a few hours, we begin to play, before he brings up Craig, and calls him, he asks me to wait upstairs when he arrives, so I do. Eavesdropping on the conversation, I hear him talking about how “tier 2 was nothing to her” to which I hear a reply about “a tier 4 and a tier 5″, taking a peek down the stairs, I see them both pop pills into their mouths, before creeping back up the stairs. After several minutes, I hear some heavy thuds as they ascend the stairs, I don’t need to wait long to find out what the sound was. Squeezing through the door are Joe and Craig, with testicles the size of soccer balls and beach balls respectively, a sense of dread fills me. “I hope they’re not full.” I say bashfully, before being given a malicious smile from Craig. He looks at Joe “you’re not wrong, she’s hot, and big. She’s about to get huge” before slowly sliding his huge cock deep inside me, from the opposite side, Joe smiles sympathetically, sliding his slightly smaller length into my mouth. The sensation is new, fulfilling, and I soon feel myself tighten around Craig, before he shoots a load into me, in one short burst, I clench as the skin around my stomach and thighs stretches heavily, I glance down to find myself looking 6 months pregnant! Craig glances down “Hm, that was quite a big one, half the girls I’ve tried have already popped by now, keep going girl! A moan escapes my mouth, it’s enough to send Joe over, who also shoots a filling load into my upper half, plumping out my tits slightly, and then a bit more, and more… “Joe, slow down, you’ll burst her, you’re supposed to do one load at a time…” Craig bemoans. Joe just moans as he unleashes a fourth load, bloating my swelling udders further and further, until each dwarf the beach balls of Craigs nuts. “…Or just keep going, those huge tits can take quite their fill!” Joe’s balls are soon back to normal size, shrivelled nuts, his entire payload transformed into my enormous, engorged breasts, I can’t see, they’re too big. All I can hear is Craig whisper “ohh baby, I want them” and feel him reach over and squeeze them, within a second I hear him grunt heavily. A scream escapes my lips as I grow, bigger and bigger, my ass and belly creak and swell, I can’t see them, only feel myself reach the walls of the room and not stop. I hear yells “I can’t stop! She’s… I’m… She’s so… fucking… hot… So… BIG!” as the walls and floor begin to crack under my size and weight… ———————————————————————— Sorry again for not being active, you know me by now that I never keep to time schedules, hope you enjoy!


    Can’t believe this has over 100 notes, thank you


    “MMMmmm. Fuck.. I’ve never been given so much from one guy before… I told you I could take it all. This was your ‘too much’?~” she looked down at you rubbing her swollen stomach. She stayed on top of you admiring your handiwork as you came down from one of the best orgasms you’ve ever had. You responded breathlessly trying to recover, “That was amazing. Because of my problem I’ve never met anyone that I could fuck.” You had met her while you were out with your friends, but never could have expected that a small woman would have such a big trick up her sleeve. Much less one that was compatible with your 'condition’.

    You could hear the cum inside her sloshing as she squeezed and kneaded herself. She rocked back and forth on your dick with a sly grin, “You know… I’ve never liked this baggy top. Think you can help me fill it out a bit more?” You groaned as she flexed around you causing you to stiffen inside her. She cooed and dug her fingers into her inflated form, “I’ll take that as a yes.~”

    Your balls began to churn as they responded quickly to her request, and you felt them fill between your legs. A steady stream of precum flowing into her as your balls became taught. She leaned over you, her stomach dragging and sloshing against yours. “Don’t you feel full again?~” She teased “You can empty everything into me. In fact I WANT~ you to fill me. So what are you waiting for?” She tightened around you as she reached orgasm, and your balls surged in size from her words. She had you hooked. You couldn’t remember a time a woman made you this full. The pressure between your legs was beginning to become overwhelming as you felt her ass compress you against the bed every time she slid back. “I think you’re getting even bigger than last time! You’re probably as big as oranges already..” A mischievous smile crossed her lips, as she suddenly stopped and sat up. “Why would you stop?” You groaned, her new position causing your engorged balls to leak faster into her swollen form. “I changed my mind..” She leaned back further “I want you to fill me slowly. Just. Like. This” Her weight increased as she slowly inflated. Her stomach dominated your vision with its huge presence, and poured around the poor strained outfit. The bows in front were barely able to hold the lace together, and tears began to form. For what seemed like hours, the room filled with the creaking of the bed, and the gurgles of your seed slowly adding to her mass. You dug Your hands into her as you tried to move your hips. You were desperate. “Ah ah ah~ No cumming. Not until I’m full, baby. Meanwhile.. why don’t I relieve this pressure another way.~” She placed her arms on your thighs and pushed your legs further apart, giggling. Your balls immediately filled the extra space she had given them increasing their production, and again with no room to grow, increased the rate of her expansion. “Oops..” She said seductively as she pushed them apart a little more.

    “Ooooh.. Baby..” She inhaled slowly after a few more minutes, “I don’t think it’s just my belly anymore.” Her hands moved up to her chest and your eyes followed. You noticed her cleavage deepened quickly as the cups became as overwhelmed as the rest of her lingerie. With these new developments she became lost in her growth. Her flesh spilled out everywhere as your overcharged balls continued pumping more into her. You used the opportunity to move your hips as much as you could in your pinned state. You needed release. You HAD to get release. She moaned loudly as your struggled attempts at movement sent ripples through her body. Her thick nipples clearly visible through the fabric of her cups hardened from the stimulation. “Yessss! God! Don’t you fucking stop! This feels amazing!” She clamped around your cock as she bucked in constant climax. You throbbed and swelled inside her as your own built. The last threads of her top snapped just as you thrust deep into her. Her stomach surged forward and fell onto your chest. Her breasts spilled over out of her bra breaking the straps. Her nipples were as large as thimbles and swollen as if they were the only things keeping your cum from leaking out. You dug your hands into her belly as you began to flood her. She grew in spurts as you ejaculated, filling the flesh you held in your hands quickly. “Yes! Keep coming. Fill me!” After a few minutes it was over, and she had managed to milk your balls dry for the second time that evening. She slowly fell off of you to the side, huffing. She landed on the bed causing the legs to break with a loud crack. Her belly stuck out as if she was at term with decuplets, and her breasts were twice the size of her head completely obscuring the top half of her stomach.

    You hear her satisfied groans from the other side of the wall of flesh you had just created.

    She spoke up after a minute, still winded, “That’s the best sex I’ve ever had… but you know.. If someone was inclined to make me even bigger right now there is no way I could stop them.~”


    “I’m just not sure it’ll work…” said Carlee. “I’ve been on a diet forever… if the formula didn’t work… this’ll ruin it!”

    “That’s a chance I’m willing to take,” you said, solemnly. “Now go ahead and eat all of that food.”

    Delicately and cautiously, Carlee picked up a single chip, and bit just the tip of it.

    “I mean, it’s tasty…” she said, licking her lips. “But I should probably-“

    Carlee’s eyes suddenly widened, and her stomach growled viciously. A bit of drool fell from her lips, and you reflexively scooted back when she was suddenly using both hands the scarf down the entire plate in record time.

    “Holy shit,” you said, as people turned to stare at the source of the noise.

    “I told you, I’ve been on a diet forever!” she said, licking the last of the plate. Her shirt, and the top of her breasts, was covered in stains.

    She put a hand on her belly, which was now slightly convex.

    “Oh, no! I shouldn’t have rushed it! Now I’ve got a little… got a little… uh… belly…”

    Even as she was talking, her belly was already flattening. Soon her stomach was just as taut as before.

    “Huh,” she said, rubbing her stomach. “Where did it- whoop!”

    Carlee’s eyes widened in shock as elastic stretching noises started coming from her shirt. Her shirt itself tightened, growing subtly transparent, and you could clearly see the outline her breasts bulging out of an undersized bra.

    Her shirt, which had been tight before, now looked pornographically lewd and tight.

    “My boobs grew!” she said, groping herself to make sure this was real. “All the food I ate… the weight I gained… it all went to my boobs… I grew two cup sizes…”

    She looked at you, like she wasn’t sure how to feel about this.

    “I think I’m bigger than a D-cup!” she said. While she was trying gauge your reaction, her belly growled again. “God… and now I’m even hungrier!”

    “If you keep eating, your boobs will just keep right on growing…” you said.

    Carlee licked her lips and thought about it. She patted her flat belly, and watched her bigness shake as she gave a little shimmy.

    “I can live with that!” she said, shooting her arm in the air. The nearest waiter spun immediately, and forced himself to lift his eyes off her boobs and to her face.

    “I’m gonna more food, please? Like, these appetizers and these entrees!” she said, gesturing madly at the menu.

    “Right away…” he said, clearly embarrassed to have been caught ogling.

    A few minutes later, the first appetizer arrived, which she inhaled. The second one dropped on the table nearly as soon as she’d finished. Then she gobbled down both entrees (and the one you’d ordered for yourself) and chugged the pitcher of beer you’d thoughtfully ordered.

    She was a messy, voracious eater, staining and spilling constantly. When she lowered the empty pitcher to the table, she let out a loud belch, and went right back to sucking down a sampler platter.

    The whole time she gobbled and smacked away, her belly grew bigger and bigger from the food she was packing inside of it. Soon it was stretching her shirt, and her plump breasts were propped under it.

    “Oh, man…” she said, patting her suddenly huge belly as the empty plates were cleared away.

    She slapped her gut, and it made a heavy sloshing noise.

    “I haven’t eaten in that, in, like, ever…” she said, a little proudly. “I look like I’m pregnant!”

    She stopped smiling and looked down at her belly, which was so big she couldn’t see her lap.

    “Maybe I overdid it… I haven’t grown yet… maybe I- oh, wait, here I go. Whew!”

    She sighed in relief as her belly grumbled and shrank, and her already large breasts began to expand.

    “That’s it… get bigger, ladies… grow nice and huge so mama can stay nice and thin!” she said, admiring her breasts as they ballooned under her shirt

    “G cup… H cup… you know what? Fuck this puny little bra!” she said, arching her back, and thrusting. “Mama’s… too… big for it!”

    Her stomach was nearly flat, and through her she shirt her tiny bra looked like a belt wrapped around a pair of volleyballs, trying to compact them. The bra snapped, and Carlee chortled as she finished the ruined the garment out from under her shirt.

    “There we are!” she said, shimmying freely. “Much more comfy!”

    Her shirt had shrunk to half-shirt- her expansive breasts used most of the shirt’s fabric, pulling the bottom all the way up over her belly button.

    Her mounds were huge, clearly L-cups or something ridiculous, but shockingly perky. Bigger than anything you were used to seeing in porn, and her shirt was stretched so tight it was basically see-through.

    “Still nice and thin!” she said, patting her tummy. “But this chair feels tiny now… can you check something for me?”

    She stood up, and pants looked painted on. Her hips had exploded in width, and the fabric of her pants was audibly groaning to contain all her newly enlarged ass.

    “Is my butt bigger?” she asked, earnestly. “It’s just the chair felt smaller all of a sudden, and this pants are so tight now!”

    “Uh… I mean… I guess…” you said, not sure how to react to what she was saying. Her butt was huge now, but how would she take that?

    “Here! Just keep an eye on it, and watch to see if it gets any bigger!” she said. And then she reached over, grabbed someone’s basket of food off of a waiter’s tray, and sucked down two drinks for good measure.

    “Sorry! Hungry!” she said to the stunned waiter and diners, who backed away without saying anything.

    Behind her, her butt bulged visibly, and her hips widened several inches. Her thighs plumped, and then the back of her pants finally ripped from the pressure of her backside expanding.

    “Was that my pants?” she asked, without a trace of concern.

    “Yeah, I think your ass is a bit bigger as well,” you said, hoping you didn’t need to stand up for a couple hours.

    “Oh, that’s fine!” she said. “The important thing is it doesn’t stick to my stomach.”

    As she turned around, your gaze wandered to the floor. In addition to being tight, they reached less than halfway from her knees to her ankles- her pants had shrunk to capris.

    “I think… your legs are longer, too…” you said.

    “Yeah, I thought a lot of dudes were looking shorter. Thank you for the formula, honey, this was a wonderful idea! Waiter, more food!” she said, snapping her fingers at the flabbergasted warning. “Just keep it coming I’m a growing girl!”

    She winked at you, then set herself to inhaling the next round of family platters.

    She was eating loudly, and the waiters seemed a little desperate the satisfy her so she would stop ordering and leave. Her belly grew visibly bigger and bigger, bulging to octomom territory, and soon it was so big it was filling her lap and pushing the table away from her.

    “Are you… satisfied?” asked the restaurant manager, cautiously, like he was afraid of her somehow.

    “Yeah… I think… I’m actually full!” she said, patting her giant belly with unsubtle pride. “But hold on just a second!”

    Her belly growled weirdly, but then began the shrink. Carlee stuck out her chest proudly.

    “Watch this!” she said.

    Her already immense breasts expanded suddenly, growing nearly six inches in diameter.

    “Ooh! That felt good! But I think… they’re getting… bigger!” she grunted, like she was trying to will her body to grow even faster.

    Her breast expanded again, and then again. Her shirt exploded, and impossibly huge beach-ball boobs jiggled free, somehow bouncing in real-life slow motion.

    The manger’s jaw dropped.

    The chair groaned under her increasing weight, and the chorus of tiny tearing noises her pants were making finally gave way to one loud riiiiiip that got the attention of anyone who hadn’t already been paying attention to her accelerated development.

    Her butt was expanding, and wider than the chair, filling out under her like a personal inflatable seat cushion.

    “Oop!” she said, as the chair broke under her and she landed on her butt with surprising heaviness. “Sorry! My bad!”

    She stood up and up, towering over the manager. She was seven feet tall, and even after she stood she grew a couple inches taller.

    “Aaahhh!” she sighed in satisfaction, groping her own giant breast and caressing her huge hips. “It’s hard to see over these monster jugs, but my belly still feels nice and flat!”

    She looked down at the manager, and stepped closer to loom over him. Her breasts were several times the size of his head, and it looked like if she were to swing from side to side suddenly, they were at the perfect level to give him a concussion… or possibly decapitate him.

    “I just had another growth spurt!” she said, a breathy little voice. “And I’m so hungry again… can you bring me something else to eat? Please?”

    She batted her eyes down at him. He was too stunned to move.

    I said” she said, picking him up the collar and lifting his face all the way up to hers. “I’m. Really. Hungry. Can you BRING me. Something. To eat?”

    “Ri-right away, miss! Our treat! Eat as much you want! We’ll turn the whole kitchen over- a growing girl like you needs all she can get! Please, just… put me down!”

    “Aw, you’re so sweet!” she said, kissing him on the forehead and dropping him in a heap.

    The manager ran to kitchen, desperately shouting orders. The rest of the diners began grabbing their things and shuffling away.

    She looked at you over her shoulder.

    “Honey? You really should have an erection by now. Pull out your dick for me, please?”

    “I… okay,” you said, obediently unzipping and standing at full attention through your fly.

    “Good boy!” she said, casually flipping the table out of the way between you. “Stay right there!”

    “What’s happening…” you asked, mortified by what was happening.

    “Did you hear? I just got the manager to comp our meal! That means… I technically just bought you dinner!”

    She straddled you with her huge legs. You couldn’t see her face over her colossal boobs, but she sounded like she was smiling.

    “And since I paid for dinner, that means you owe me!” she said, carefully maneuvering down onto your erection. She was already wet and ready.

    Her giants breasts were enveloping your face and head, but as soon as she put her full weight down on your lap, the chair under you broke.

    “Whoopsie!” she said, following you to the floor, mercifully controlling her descent and not snapping your dick or crushing your pelvis. Too big for this little baby chairs!”

    She was almost as greedy for sex as she was for food, and pounded you mercilessly for almost fifteen minutes while the kitchen rallied her personal buffet.

    You spongy, bruised, sprained, and a couple of things were probably broken when she finally swung off of you to pour the first tray of food into her mouth.

    “Finally!” she said, wiping her face with the back of her hand. “My boyfriend’s cute and all, but I was getting hungry and bored!”

    She swallowed another tray, and grew taller. Then another, and suddenly she was more than eight feet tall.

    Her head grew into a light fixture, which she slapped away in annoyance. The waiters were having trouble passing the food up to her, so she sat down with her back to the wall

    With every gulp and swallow, her body bulged and expanded to fill more space.

    Her breasts ballooned out in front of her, and she had to move her arms around them with growing care as she shoveled down more and more food.

    She grew while sitting, and soon even on her ass she was taller than her assorted servers. Her legs grew longer and longer, stretching across the restaurant and knocking over tables and chairs. Soon the waiters had to awkwardly clamber over and around her huge legs to keep feeding her.

    She burped loudly, sucking in her gut again and growing bigger than ever. Her head pushed against the ceiling, denting it. The roof was high- nearly fifteen feet- meaning she would have to be close the thirty feet tall while standing.

    “God, I had no idea I could eat like this… I’ve been starving my whole life… but I can eat… and grow… and eat… and grow as big as I want!” she said, hugging her enormous boobs as best she could. “Why is the food stopping?”

    The manager was standing in front of her apologetically.

    “You… ate it all, miss. We don’t have any more food for you. Please, please understand. We did everything we could, and we have more coming, if you’ll wait a few hours for-“

    “Hey, it’s all right! Look at how big I am!” she said, sweetly. “I grew a lot… I grew into a giant! Of course you ran out of food! How could one little restaurant possibly hope the keep feeding a giantess? You did your very best!”

    “You mean that?” said the manager, as she scooped him up in one hand and gave him a kiss on the top of the head.

    “I really do!” she said, right before distending her mouth, cramming him down head first, and swallowing him whole.

    Her body immediately began to expand. Her head cracked the ceiling, her legs elongated, her hips widened and her breasts ballooned in diameter.

    “Wow, humans are really in high in calories! I should have started with you guys!” she said, snatching the waiters and cramming them in, and her body grew against the walls of the restaurant. “People taste fantastic! And so filling… honey, look at me grow!”

    She laughed as her legs burst out the far wall, and her head burst through the ceiling. She shimmied her shoulders awkwardly, then ripped the roof of the building the grab the remaining waiters and diners, devouring so many people her giant belly once again blew up in front of her, filling her lap (and most of the restaurant) and she gorged herself.

    When she was done, she once again appeared to be pregnant, although her belly was only slightly bigger and fuller than her boobs.

    “Oh… man!” she said. “Cannibalism is no joke I feel stuffed!”

    She laboriously stood up, scaring people for blocks in every direction. She was more than sixty feet tall, and struggling to heft the weight of her giant, human stuffed belly.

    As people ran and new copters appeared on the horizon, she rubbed her giant gut contemplatively.

    “I think… that was the limit!” she said. “I ate… and I ate… and I’m finally full! I don’t even care my belly got so big! This was worth it!”

    “Glad you appreciated it!” you shouted up at her, limping out of the wrecked building.

    “It’s kind of a shame…” she said. “I stopped growing right after I discovered how tasty people a-“

    She stopped talking, as suddenly her belly began shrinking again.

    “Thank you god, I’m growing again,” she said, already expanding in size and thickness. “I’m not done growing! I’m getting even bigger!”

    She laughed as her hips widened, and her body made a strange, rubbery stretching noise. Her giant breasts bounced slightly as they expanded in front of her, growing bigger over and over again.

    She laughed at people staring out of windows and waved at passing new helicopters as she grew upwards past them, and then they had to flee before her widening body smashed into their air space.

    Soon, Carlee was more than 150 feet tall, gigantic, and with even the slightest movement her boobs made titanic sloshing noises.

    Her belly rumbled, and the whole city heard her.

    “Still hungry!” she cooed, snatching the nearest helicopter, and licking her lips and she ogled the people inside. “You’re all gonna help me get bigger!”

    She threw them in, swallowed, and grew…