Rant time. Remember Bernadetta's B support with Byleth?

    Well the new update changed that line to this.

    Wow Nintendo, way to censor one of the heavier backstories to make it more PG. Like, I get it, what happened to Bernie was super F'ed up, being incredibly abusive and misogynistic... which was the goddamned point! Bernadetta's father is supposed to be a absolute monster, and that like really showed that fact. But now they took the read kick to it that showed just how horrible he was, and just how much his abuse has effected Bernie to the point she probably believes the horrible things he told her.

    Fuck you Nintendo. Seriously. Stop ruining your own damned game.


    Bernie never deserved any of this ;;


    I know a lot of people, including me, felt a bit let down with the reunion between Byleth and Claude.

    But now? Now I realize that this masterpiece of a scene is an incredibly vital piece to Claude’s character development.

    Let me explain to you why.

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    This is an amazing review of Claude’s character of a whole and his persona, in his S support with Byleth, he admitted to using them at first but eventually opening up to them as they grew together.

    He’s an amazing character. <3


    to all the boys i've loved before x fire emblem three houses

    claude x reader

    part three


    The monastery was hued in blues and violets with white stars illuminating the sky. Oddly enough, the moon was covered by a cloud which seemed wrong to you, but you were fretting over other things: your hunger and your love letters being received.

    You peeked your head out of your dorm room and saw the students go head to their dorms. Yes, now is the perfect time to eat at the dining room quickly. Your room isn't far from the dining room since you're a commoner, your room is on the first floor.

    You made your way as quietly as possible, didn't want to get any unwanted attention. Well, more then you've already had.

    You slipped into the dining room with ease and smiled in victory. You made it and no one saw you!

    "Yay!" You belted softly.

    There was one lady standing for any students who needed one last late night craving. This worked wonderfully for you; you can eat alone with no one to bother you. Now, you could finally think about how you were going to handle the situation of your letters.

    You shuddered, you'd rather not deal with it at all but as fate would have it, Claude entered the dining room. You didn't notice, but he noticed you and watched as you ordered dinner.

    You, of course, sat down in quiet bliss until, Claude sat down infront of you with a perfect smile gracing his features.

    Your eyes widen and then shifted your gaze to a random spot of the table.

    You were going to have deal with your problems now.

    "Hello, Y/N."

    You poked at your food, "What are you doing here, so late at night, Claude?"

    He was not supposed to be here.

    "What do you mean? I came to dine, of course." Claude said matter-of factly.

    You nodded awkwardly, "Cool."

    "No," Claude began confessing, "Actually, I asked Hilda and she said that you'd probably be here at night. Look, I just want to clear."


    "I am flattered, I am, but-"

    You interrupted Claude mid-sentence, "Oh no, I'm not trying to date you Claude."

    You were lying, obviously.

    Claude raised an eyebrow, "You see you're saying that now, but earlier today you kissed me, so-"

    "Okay, here's the thing - I don't like you." You lied, "I only had to make it seem like I did, so someone else didn't think that I like them."

    A half-truth.

    Claude narrowed his eyes, "I see, who?"


    Claude shrugged his shoulders, "Who? I have to know who this mysterious handsome guy is, otherwise I'm going to think you're lying."

    You shook your head and to bite of your food, "No."

    "Should I tell the rest of the school you wrote me a lover letter?"

    You looked at him bewildered, "Okay okay," you said quickly, "fine, It's Sylvain Gautier, he also got a letter-"

    It was Claude's turn to interrupt you, "Wait, hold on, I'm not the only one who got a letter?"

    You bit your lip, "No, there's five."

    Claude stared at you in shock, "Huh? You think you're special, but then it turns out she wrote love letters to five other guys."

    You blushed, "Yeah, so, are we good here?"

    You wanted leave, yes, you'd take the food back to your room and eat there; you began to stand up, on second thought, you lost your appetite.

    "Yes, we're good." He said, but then, "Wait, you haven't eaten a thing."

    You pulled your hair back, "I'm not hungry anymore, don't worry about it."

    Claude stood up from his seat, "Let me, at least, walk you back to your room."

    "No, Claude, it's fine, really." You said.

    "I insist."

    You acquiesced.

    He led you out of the dining room and fell into step with you, he looked at the stars while you noticed the moon had come from behind the clouds.

    "So, what are you going to tell Sylvain?" He asked.

    You sighed, "The truth, I guess."

    Claude looked at you, "But what is the truth? Do you like him, do you not like him?"

    You reached the out side of your room, "It's not your problem, Claude. Thanks for walking me back."

    Claude stared at your retreating form when bulb went off in his head, "Y/N?"

    You stopped and turned, "Yes?"

    "What if you don't tell him? What if we actually let people think we're together?" Claude suggested, "And not just Sylvain, but everyone."

    "Why would you want that?" You asked.

    Claude smiled, "You seem like you need the help, Y/N."

    You shot him an uncertain look, "No, really, Claude, what's in it for you?"

    "Well... there's someone that I like and I want to make the jealous."

    Your heart was tearing in two.

    You cocked your head to the side, "Who?"

    "It doesn't matter who." He said.

    "Oh, yes, it does. If you want to use me like a pawn you're going to have to tell me." You sounded confident, odd.

    "You used me as your pawn first, sunshine, when you kissed me."

    "Our lips barely touched, hardly a kiss!" You defended.

    Claude chuckled, "Look, you don't have to answer me today, just think about it."

    You rolled your eyes, "I wouldn't hold my breath."

    Claude walked backwards so he wouldn't miss you entering your room. You've peaked his interest and he was never one to shy away from a mystery.

    A white lie never hurt anybody, right?




    Splatocalypse: Team Order Playlist

    • Metal Gear Rising OST - Collective Consciousness (Maniac Agenda Mix)
    • Muse - Undisclosed Desires
    • Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes
    • Lorde - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
    • Judas Priest - The Hellion/Electric Eye
    • Krewella - We Go Down
    • Daft Punk - The Brainwasher
    • Fall Out Boy - Centuries
    • Muse - Time Is Running Out
    • KoRn - Narcissistic Cannibal (ft. Skrillex & Kill The Noise)
    • Nine Inch Nails - Hurt
    • Delta Heavy - Hold Me
    • Swedish House Mafia - Save The World (Knife Party Remix)
    • Nero - Promises
    • Caravan Palace - Lone Digger
    • Gorillaz - Tranz
    • Michael Jackson - Slave To The Rhythm
    • Muse - Resistance
    • The Living Tombstone - I Can’t Fix You (Groundbreaking Remix)
    • Mike Oldfield - Nuclear

    Not as happy with this playlist as the other one. I feel the song choices are a lot iffier. It was harder to find songs to fit the theme than with the Team Chaos playlist.


    hope team order does their very best as well


    Splatocalypse: Team Chaos Playlist

    • R.E.M. - It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
    • Flux Pavillion - Blow The Roof
    • Flux Pavillion - What You Gonna Do About It?
    • Metal Gear Rising OST - A Stranger I Remain (Maniac Agenda Mix)
    • Cryptrik - Riot Police
    • Rage Against The Machine - Guerrilla Radio
    • Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK
    • Eurobeat Brony - Discord (The Living Tombstone’s Remix)
    • Imagine Dragons - Believer
    • Judas Priest - Breaking the Law (Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Arena)
    • Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot
    • Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name
    • Skylar Grey - Wreak Havoc
    • Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)
    • Black Sabbath - The Mob Rules
    • Bullet For My Valentine - Your Betrayal
    • Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff
    • Skrillex - Bangarang (ft. Sirah)
    • My Chemical Romance - Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
    • Green Day - Know Your Enemy

    Some of the choices are a little iffy, but I think this works. Can’t wait for tumblr to bury it for daring to insert an external link.


    time to listen to some jams


    It’s too late.but Happy Birthday Choi Twice!(੭ु ›ω‹ )੭ु⁾⁾♡I haven’t finished saeran,please wait

    估计也没什么人在意这一段话,我要随便说一说,其实画这个并不是因为God Seven,在我心里,saeyoung是一个受难者的形象,被最信任的人背叛,被最亲爱的人伤害,可是他珍惜身边每一个人,不动声色的去帮助自己的朋友,贡献自己的力量,幸运的是mc遇见了他,以后的日子他会是幸福的小天使,属于我,属于你,属于大家,属于所有的mc!


    cant wait for (b)saeran!!