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    [Image description: First image is a screenshot of tumblr comments by user heehomeboy. first one reads “AKECHI” next one reads “pleasant boy***”.

    Second image is a digital illustration of Goro Akechi from Persona 5 as a cat. He is a tan and brown bicolor cat, with dark brown paws and long fur. He is wearing a striped black and tan collar. He is on his back with his front paws together on top of his tummy, and he looks at the viewer with a smile. The background is light yellow and has doodles in lighter yellow. Also written is his name, with the last O in Goro replaced with a pawpad. End image description.]

    oh my god guys can you believe that . pleasant boy turned into pleasant cat. what a pleasant feline guys. the most pleasant kitty ive ever seen in my life. get flipped pancake cat.


    idea: scene with two characters eagerly stripping each other clearly about to bone, but they keep getting interrupted by finding carefully concealed weapons in each other’s clothing, so they keep just unholstering, revealing and unstrapping increasingly ludicrous amounts of hidden guns and knives as the clothes come off, and it’s lowkey killing the mood a little


    Alternative idea: it’s not killing the mood at all


    You’re right and I’m a fool


    “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” 

    “Can’t it be both?”