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2016-04-27 12:55:20

    My preference has always been to be the last guy to fuck my husband, to have his hole after it was used, loosened up and cum soaked by some stud. Sometimes that order gets mixed up, like when this hung stud asked me to loosen him up and lube him up for his much bigger cock. Well I couldn’t help but oblige since he put it that way. But I still got what I wanted in the end, the taste of my husbands ass and that studs cum, I was even lucky enough to get it from both his cock and my baby’s used hole. 


    True Story: This has always been one of my favorite scenes from a porn. I’ve told my boyfriend a thousand times I’ve always wanted to come home from work and walk in on him getting fucked by another dude. There’s something about the not knowing, and then walking in on it happening. Well, it FINALLY happened about a month ago. Not exactly coming home from work like I had hoped, but we were out at a club and started making out with this gorgeous stud, probably 6’3, about 30 years old, and built like a quarterback, muscular but still pretty lean. They were really getting into it, and my boyfriend came over to me and said he was going to leave and go home with this guy. I was all for it, I couldn’t wait until the next morning, when he would crawl into bed with me and tell me all about it. About 45 minutes after they left, I didn’t see anything in the club I wanted so I finished my drink and headed home. 

    I walked into my house expecting to be alone, but when I unlocked the door, I could hear noises coming from my bedroom down the hallway. As I walked down the hall, I could hear my baby moaning so loudly and passionately. I slowly walked down the hall until I could see our bed through our open bedroom door. There was my boy with his legs wrapped about the stud, supporting his body with his hands on the bed behind his back while the top held his hips and plowed him deeply. They had heard me come in, my boy’s eyes were locked on the other guy’s as he fucked him hard, until the guy looked over at me, then my boy did too. But they didn’t stop for even a second. 

    From watching the clip above, i had played this scene out in my head a  thousand times and it was even hotter in real life. So like the top in this scene, I didn’t even react. I went to the kitchen and got some water then went to the guest bedroom and took a shower in there. After my shower, I came back into the room where they were still going at it. I stood at the door in my towel for a minute. I almost hated to interrupt them, it was such a beautiful sight seeing my boyfriend loving being fucked by this gorgeous stud and the guy being so into my beautiful boy. But they had been going for a while and I could tell the top could use a break. I dropped my towel and walked over to the bed where my boy started sucking my cock. 

    The guy pulled his cock out and I could finally see his huge 8 inch uncut cock. He pulled the condom off and started stroking his cock watching my boy service me. Once he laid back and started stroking his cock, I mounted my baby and it didn’t take long at all before I busted my load in his wet gaping ass. He was so turned on watching me fuck my load into my boyfriend, his cock was rock hard. He grabbed my boy’s face, kissed him and said, “My turn.” I went to take a shower and let them finish. I took my time in the shower as not to interrupt them. When I finally came out, the guy was putting on his shoes and leaving. He said it was nice meeting us and hoped we could do it again. We both of course agreed.

    After I let him out, I crawled into bed with my baby. I wanted the details, so I asked him where the guy shot. My boy smiled his evil little smile, grabbed my hand, and put it on his hole. My eyes got wide, “He didn’t” I said. He shook his head, “I begged him too…i know I’m not supposed to, but i wanted it so badly.” Thinking of that stud pumping his load into my baby, my dick was rock hard again. I fucked him one more time then we both passed out. 

    It was everything I hoped it would be when this clip finally happened in real life.