ENF Captions 2.0
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    pekenan asked :Are you truly gone now? Or Did you manage to find another platform because ican't view your page anymore. asked :

    Tumblr is still here but unfortunately we can’t post anything that won’t get flagged. We decided to just stay and hope maybe tumblr will go back (doubt it). But as of right now we haven’t found another platform

    klikkat asked :Will there be any other place to find an archive of your works, or where you plan to continue making more of these? I've enjoyed your work for a while now, it's a shame to see it go. Also, I was unaware you were a couple, that's adorable! asked :

    Unfortunately no :/ we never really thought this would happen. We are crossing our fingers the unlikely happens and tumblr changes their mind. But it seems as though our page will die with the rest of us. I’m so glad you stuck with us! One thing I’ll definitely miss is sending pics to my husband with a text caption asking him what he thinks. Hopefully we all can find another platform and share again.

    Tumblr Ban

    Since around late 2016 I believe my wife and I have been bringing ENF captions to all of you with this current blog and our previous blog (of the same name) and now it looks as though we will he removed from tumblr forever. It has been a fun ride with all of you sharing our interests in this genre and the fun we had interacting with those of you who reached out to us. In case this is the end of our tumblr we both wish all of you the best.

    And hopefully an embarrassed naked female will bring you a bag full of money