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    New Patreon Video, i think my recemt regains show 😅, hope the gains in new heights do aswell :D)). Full Video on

    Jeezy had a blast on a date with you! It was amazing that you weren’t shy to pay for everything and encouraged him to order more than a salad! Even ordering him 2 desserts was cute! However.. he clocked on to you and caught those lip bites as you watched him guzzle down those calories like a greedy child! You’re into Fat Boys aren’t you! 😈

    Jeezy facetimes you afterwards and orders a little extra food stuffing his face with a Burger, cheesey chips, wings, chicken strips AND a Brownie! 🐷🐷

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    Which one of us can pack in a dozen donuts the fastest? 😈🐷

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    Nak partner cam nie🥰