Soulful Serenity
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2023-12-01 03:34:10

    right now i’m so in love with the person i’m becoming and i’m feeling so elated because it took so much mentally and physically to get here, i wouldn’t have been able to do it without God. i’m still trusting the process and we aren’t fully there yet but the progress speaks for itself. just been taking it day by day

    when a highly evolved soul volunteers itself to serve as a messenger to inspire and help other souls in their ascension process, it splits itself in to two perfect energetic souls to make the challenging journey little easier.

    the two souls start their individual journeis and create an agreement to learn certain lessons in each life. at a time only one soul incarnates, learn the lessons and then they share it with each other.

    the two souls then gather their individual knowledge and experiences that they learn in each life and then they share it with each other which help both of them ascending higher.

    near the end of their journey, when they have mastered all the lessons that they have agreed, they subconsciously remember their divine origin and energetically seeks each other on the higher plane.

    they incarnate within the same time with the intention of learning their final lessons and reuniting with each other in the physical form.

    during this time, one soul carries 60% of masculine energy and 40% of feminine energy and the other soul carries 60% of feminine energy and 40% of masculine energy.

    they incarnate within/close to the same time to help each other in balancing these two energies.

    when the two souls reunite with each other in the physical form, they become one heart (flame).

    they are chosen by the divine to increase love vibration of Mother Earth and the lessons that they learn during their journey becomes part of the Universal intelligence which other souls can follow in their ascension process.

    they help to bring "Universal intelligence" to the earthly plane which already exists in the cosmic energetic planes.