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    Marvin and his best friend Theodore were two nerds in Fortin Secondary school for boys. They were smart but unattractive. They wanted to be popular, muscular and attractive. They wanted all of the girls in the school. They had also heard what I could do. They slipped me £50 each to transform them to their standards. I waited for them to enter there favourite class, maths, to begin it.

    Marvin and his best friend Theodore were two nerds in Fortin Secondary school for boys. They were smart but unattractive. They wanted to be popular, muscular and attractive. They wanted all of the girls in the school. They had also heard what I could do. They slipped me £50 each to transform them to their standards. I waited for them to enter there favourite class, maths, to begin it.

    The Teacher tapped at the board and asked Marvin a question. 'Marvin,' he said to his star pupil,' what is 17 X 15?'.

    'I don't kno' do I? I don't give a fuc!' he yelled, his posh boy accent fading into a Deep, dumb one from East London. The Teacher yelled at Marvin and Theodore and sent them both out. I followed behind them and made sure the transformation worked as intended.

    Their School blazers twisted and darkened, to form two black puffer coats. They charged, there language, accent and vocabulary turned foul. Dark school trousers became skinny tracksuit bottoms, where two 10 inch dicks grew. They pulled black sunglasses and black caps out of nowhere, and put them on. Gone were the two nerds of the school. Now two bullying roadmen stood there. As one last gift, I gave them a touch of love. The two Bros became horny. They stared at each other and in a moment of lust, rushed to the bathroom to jack each other off.

    They do this on a regular basis, and sometimes let me join in. But they could always use a third roadman. A new fuck buddy. Are you interested?

    James stood on the rugby pitch, freezing in the wind. He was small, weak and skinny so he was terrible at Rugby. He was playing against Zac, his bully, in a sports class.

    'James!' the coach spat.' Move!'

    James looked up, just in time for Zac to bash into him. James fell to the floor. A cheer rose from the other team. Zac had scored.

    'Nice moves pipsqueak!' He shouted at James as he jogged to his Friends. He and his muscular Bros laughed stupidly and bumped chest, flexing there muscle and shouting 'Yeah!'

    The coach handed James the ball. 'Do something this time.' he said, quite angry but with a little wink at the end, as if they shared an inside joke.

    He looked at the ball, then at Zac and his buddies, who were still laughing at pointing at James. A knot of anger grew inside of him, clouding his nerdy brain. His face grew into a snarl.

    James ran towards the other side of the pitch. His weak arms and legs grew and buldged under his sports wear. His singlet grew tighter and then ripped under his new weight of muscle and fat. He became taller. His head became smaller, and his brain shrunk too, but his anger grew. He charged into Zac, knocking him aside and he scored. The coach blew for the end of a match. James threw away the ball. He wanted to play more rugby. He spat on the pitch and walked out to the locker.

    (Sorry if this is offensive to anyone, this isn't how you play rugby.)

    The Necklace

    Jayden was walking back from his friend's house. He was nearly home when he realised he forgot his favourite jacket back there. He groaned and turned back. He trudged along the grey pavement, each step reminding him of the time he could be spending jacking off. He turned the corner and saw something shiny nestled in the brown autumn leaves next to the pavement. He bent down and picked it up.

    It was a silver cross necklace. Gleaming in the fading sun, it looked beautiful, enticing, longing to be worn. Jayden dusted of the mud and leaves and put it on. He continued back to his friends house.

    As he walked, he felt better. More upbeat, happier. A smile grew on his face. A warm spread throughout his body, as if his soul was content. He walked further, and the warmth grew hotter, soon he took of his shirt, and he wore nothing but jeans, nothing underneath. He turned a corner, and felt a sudden chill. He went to put his shirt back on, but was surprised when it had turned into a leather harness, and a leather cap. He pulled over the harness and pulled on the cap, which were big at first, but his body grew and moulded it's self to fit the clothes. his small chest grew, his belly became abs. His mind, whilst quite full to begin with, emptied as he moved, the leather hat filling his brain with new memories and a want- no need to dominate twinks. Just at the thought of sex his cock grew and buldged.

    He arrived at his friends house. His mate Paul opened the door. Paul looked at the new man, different in everyway from the teen who left a few minutes ago. He looked pleased.

    'See you got my little gift daddy.' Paul smiled. 'Come on in, I'm really.'

    ' Jayden followed after him. ' Get ready for the ride of your life princess.' he growled. He slammed the door shut and locked it tight.

    Derek stared out to sea. He shivered in his wool coat as the wind sweep past him, laughing mockingly. He couldn't believe that his girlfriend had left him before their one year anniversary. He could still see her face, laughing at him as she drove off with his new boyfriend. She said he wasn't manly enough. Wasn't hot enough. He was too thin. Her voice swirled round his head, shouting insults at him. He wanted to hide, but he couldn't escape what had happened today. Derek felt a tear trickle down his face. He cried into the ocean, the waves lapping away his tears, but more kept coming.

    Eventually, the tears slowed then stopped. Derek stared out to sea.

    'Mind if I join you?' said a voice behind Derek. Without waiting for an answer, a man sat down next to Derek. 'You look quite sad mate, girlfriend troubles?'

    Derek sighed.'yep. I feel so bad.' Derek looked at the man. He was a hairy chested giant, cheery, chubby and very manly. Derek's girlfriend would have loved him.

    'Hey, if it will cheer you up, me and the lads are about to swim in the sea here. Interested?'

    'there?' Derek asked. 'it looks so cold! Besides, I forgot my swimming trunks.'

    ' Don't worry, I got some here.' the man pulled out some navy blue trunks. ' we'll meet in half an hour so be ready by then. You can use that blue beach hut over there, it's mine.' he pointed to a modern blue house up on the hill.

    'Ok, I will. Thanks.' Derek said. He scooped up the trunks and walked to the beach hut, a spring in his step.

    He arrived at the beach hut. The door was unlocked, so Derek stepped inside. He didn't look around much as he didn't want to be late, but this was a two story house, not a hut. Light gleemed through the windows and the view of the beach was amazing. He found the bathroom and undressed.

    He put on the trunks. He immediately felt bad. His stomach rocked and rolled like he was going to puke. He put both hands on the bathroom sink and looked into the mirror. His clean, skinny figure was changing. His stomach swelled and swelled until it was the perfect mix of muscle and fat. Hair sprung up on his body like weeds. Thick, brown hair grew on his head, face, chest and right down to his legs, and everywhere in between. His stomach stopped aching. He stood up. His confidence grew, as did his cock and his odeur of man, a pure sweaty smell he only got on the warmest of days.

    What did he mean by that? This was his trademark scent. He loved it, as did the men who wanted to ride his thick cock. He loved men. He pulled up his phone and snapped a quick selfie for Grindr.


    'Hey bro!' the man from before shouted. 'you coming?'

    'Of course bro!' Derek shouted in a deeper voice. He unlocked the door. The man stood there, fully clothed. 'shouldn't you change?' Derek asked.

    'I thought you could help me.' he replied. 'But you first. ' he run his fingers round the rim of Derek's trunks.

    'Of course bro. come on in.' Derek closed the bathroom door.



    'Look into the camera Andy.'

    Andy turned.


    'hey!' Andy said. 'What was that for?'

    'nothing.' the man said. ' come on, let's take another. Pose this time.'

    'Wait..' Andy said, but his body obeyed the man without question, ignoring Andy's mind entirely.

    'There we go.' the man bend down, and took a picture of Andy.


    Andy recoiled. The flash was so bright. He took a few moments to blink the spots out of his eyes. He felt his memories stagger. He forgot what he was doing. He blinked a few more times till it came back.

    'Let's take a few more pics.' the man said, his gleaming smile enticing Andy to agree.

    'Sure. Why not.' Andy replied. He stuck a pose.


    'Gah!' Andy yelled. His memories shook again.

    'Just a few more.'


    Andy fell to the floor



    'Here, take one your self.' the man said. Andy took the camera and took a selfie.

    Andy had changed. He was a dumb man, sitting in his flat on his jack-off chair. He was very hairy. He stunk of sweat. He wore no trousers, only pants, but that suited him. He loved rubbing his cock. He tried to remember life before, but he couldn't. He pulled out his cock.

    'Huhm.' the man interrupt. Andy stared at him, his cock out, his mouth open. 'If you start to feel smart, take a photo. Oh, and I'll pop over sometimes to check on you, and big Johnson down there.' he smiled at his cock then at Andy. 'Bye.'

    The man left as Andy rubbed his cock, moaning in delight.

    Indian and in Love

    [An update of a story originally posted on CYOC, in the Transform or Dare thread. 18-year-old high school senior Kyle has been cursed to transform into the perfect lover for the next person to say his full name.]

    Shaken, Kyle sat down at his desk in first period. When he took his revenge on Jen, he didn’t think the Transform or Dare legend would actually be true! He just wanted to freak her out or something! And now that he knew it was very very real, he was very very caught up in it. But how hard could it be to avoid people saying his full name? When did that ever happen these days? People just called him “Kyle.” And some of his mail said “Mr. Perkins.” But when was the last time somebody up and called him “Kyle Perkins?” He was lost in thought when his musings were interrupted by an unfamiliar female voice from the front of the room. “Hello class! My name is Ms. Dawson. Mr. Anthony is out sick today so I’ll be filling in! Let’s start off with attendance, shall we? Anita Asram?” “Here!” “Miles Builder?”

“Here!” Kyle started to sweat. Ms. Dawson was rocketing so fast through attendance that she was already at the D’s. He was NOT about to go to bed with his substitute teacher. He had to think of something, and fast! He raised his hand.

    Keep reading

    Scally Life

    I was running later than usual and he caught my eye immediately as he sat there smoking a fag and tapping at his mobile. He was a good looking guy in his late teens or early twenties, lean and smooth and of course, dressed in the usual chav uniform of tracksuit and trainers that dropout kids like him all wear these days. He looked up from his phone, the fag still dangling from his lips and noticed me staring at him. I guess he must have realised I was checking him out because he gave me a nasty scowl before turning his attention back to his phone.

    I blushed a bit of course but I couldn’t deny that I’d been checking him out. He was so different from me and it gave me kind of a thrill to wonder what his life was like and what he looked like under the cheap, nylon clothes. I imagined a smooth, hairless body with nice, defined abs, maybe a couple of cheap, vulgar tattoos and a firm cock and I felt myself begin to chub up. I adjusted my briefcase to hide the bulge in my suit and checked again carefully to see if he was still looking at me.

    I needn’t have worried. He was back at his phone so I took the opportunity for another glance and that was when it happened. You know when you’re daydreaming about stuff without really thinking? Well I was doing that, imagining the things I’d do in his body if I was a sexy scally like him when I was suddenly knocked of my feet by what felt like hurricane.

    For a few moments, it felt like I was drowning and flying all at the same time before suddenly, everything stopped and in the stillness, I found myself seated back at the bus stop staring a phone in my hands.

    I looked around a bit disoriented and confused before joining the dots and realising that somehow I’d ended up inside the body of the kid I’d just been admiring. The feeling of being in his body was weird, different but kind of familiar at the same time and I had to take a deep breath to try and stay calm. Running my tongue over unfamiliar teeth, I tasted the strong aroma of cigarettes in my mouth and I recognised the intense craving for nicotine that I’d managed to kick years before when I’d given up the habit. It was a hell of a craving and I don’t think I could remember ever wanting a ciggie so badly.

    There was something about the sensations of this new body that clicked in my mind in a way that made it feel surprisingly normal. I knew I should be freaking out but instead I felt a bit spaced, with a warm fuzzy feeling like the time I’d tried a joint when I was at uni. I could feel the silky fabric of his tracksuit bottoms on my legs and the soft tightness of his trainers around my feet. I pinched myself to check if I was dreaming but sure enough it was real. I’d really become him and thinking back to my fantasy, it kind of turned me on.

    I looked over cautiously to where I’d been standing, expecting to see my old body but to my surprise, there was no one there. Turning to my left, I asked the woman sitting next to me if she’d seen a man in a suit where I’d been stood a moment ago. My voice sounded different, rougher and it came out with a strong London accent that I’d never had before and couldn’t seem to control or change. She looked at me disdainfully, like I was something nasty she’d stepped in and said she hadn’t seen anyone. I looked back at the spot where I’d been a moment ago and realised that I was finding it hard to concentrate on the moment before the change. It felt a bit like a dream where things quickly get harder to remember after you wake up.

    By this point, I was starting to feel a bit panicky. I was stuck in the body of some kid I didn’t know anything about and my old body seemed to have vanished into thin air.

    With trembling fingers, I pulled out a fag and fired it up which always helped calmed me down a bit. I decided to see if there were any clues to my new identity on my phone so I unlocked it and flicked through the contacts, stopping as a name stood out, ‘Jase’. Maybe I could go to his place while I worked out what to do next. Getting up from the seat I started to walk in the direction of his house and that was when it hit me — I’d accessed my phone and recognised a contact without even thinking about it. Shit! I didn’t just look like the him, I was starting to think like him.

    In a kind of panic, I tried to remember my old name but it was like some kind of fuzzy mental block had gone up. Was it Rylan? I thought it might be but I wasn’t sure. As I walked, I noticed that people seemed to avoid me. I pulled up the hood on my top defiantly and found myself slipping into character as I adopted a cocky swagger. “Fuck ‘em”, I thought if they’ve got a problem, that’s their issue.

    In a few minutes, I reached Jase’s house and not sure what else to do, I rang the bell. When Jase answered, I had strange, conflicting sensations of both recognition and unfamiliarity. He was a fit lad, probably about nineteen and he looked well horny in his grey Puma tracksuit and Airmax trainers. Under his top, I could tell he had a good upper body and I felt myself starting to get a lob on in my boxers as my eyes stayed for just a bit too long looking the outline of his cock which I could see through his trackies.

    He welcomed me like we were old mates which I suppose we were now but I could tell he’d noticed me checking out his package ‘cos he raised an eyebrow and gave me a funny look. I mumbled an excuse about not feeling a bit rough and ran to the bathroom, not really caring how or why I knew the way.

    Slamming the door behind me, I took in my reflection in the bathroom mirror for the first time. My new body was fit as fuck and I couldn’t help grinning at my reflection in the mirror as I unzipped my tracksuit top to reveal firm, tight abs that were even hotter than I’d fantasised.

    By this point I’d popped a proper hard on in my trackies and I began to rub my cock thinking of Jase downstairs. I remembered, somehow, that his mum worked at Iceland on Tuesdays so I decided to take a chance. Peeling off my top completely, I marvelled at the full sleeve of tattoos on my right arm as I headed for Jase’s room. It was a mess as usual but I saw what I wanted straight away, a discarded Rangers footie top lying on the floor. I picked it up and pressed it to my nose, drawing in his smell as I carried on rubbing my cock. I was hard as a rock by now and horny as fuck so, I pulled the top on, enjoying the silky feeling of the nylon fabric as I slid it down onto my smooth, new bod.

    I checked my reflection in the mirror, hardly able to believe what I saw. A hard looking, tattooed scally in a football shirt and trackies, clothes the old me would never have dared to wear and so different looking from the suited and booted loser I’d started the day as a few hours ago. I grinned cockily and adjusted a couple of strand of hair to get my look just right before heading back down, my cock still tenting the front of my trackies.

    ‘Didn’t ‘ave you down as a poof Ry!’ Jase said sarcastically as I strutted into the living room where Jase was playing Modern Warfare.

    He looked up from the game and stuck his tongue in his cheek like he was sucking a cock. 'Is that my top you’re wearin’ ya perv?’ he said, clearly recognising the shirt.

    'Yeah, looks alright though innit!’ I said as I rubbed my cock suggestively again.

    Jase leant back on the sofa, and without even looking at me, pulled his tackle out from his trackies and began to stoke his meat.

    'Come on then big stuff’ he said finally. 'You want it? Come and get it!’ He looked up at me and nodded in the direction of his crotch.

    I was kind of on autopilot as I walked over to him, licking my lips before dropping to my knees and resting my hands on his thighs. I could smell his cheap deodorant and see the rise and fall of his chest under as I lowered my head and took his thick cock in my mouth.

    He moaned loudly when I took the whole length of his pole in one go and he quickly put his hands on my head, guiding me as I bobbed up and down, swirling my tongue around the tip and, one at a time, taking his furry nuts in my mouth.

    'Oh, fuck!’ he groaned as I flicked my tongue up and down his shaft with increasing speed. 'Where’d you learn to blow like that?’

    I looked up at him with a grin, a thread of pre cum falling onto my chin as I pulled away from his cock. I thought for a moment, trying to remember where I’d learned to suck cock and couldn’t really come up with anything.

    'I dunno mate’ I said. 'Guess I’m a natural!’

    'Too fucking right you are!’ he said, putting his hands on my head and guiding my lips back onto his tool.

    I got properly stuck in this time and had a raging lob on oozing precum into my trackies too. Fuck, I was so hard for Jase, I didn’t know why we hadn’t done this ages ago.

    I looked up again and realised that he was filming me on his phone now while I blew him. Fuck, that turned me on even more and in no time I’d worked him up enough to milk a creamy load of scally cum out of him. I licked him clean and pulled myself up on the sofa next to him. He lit up a joint and passed over his phone where the video of me sucking him off was playing with the sound turned up full.

    As I watched the video of myself blowing my best mate like a proper slut, I couldn’t help tugging one out. When I eventually blew my load, it went everywhere as usual but Jase just laughed and offered me a toke on the spliff. We passed it back a forth until it burnt out. In the buzz from the gear, I realised that this was what life was all about — two horny mates chillin’ with a joint and enjoying a bit of a fuck about.

    As the buzz eased off and we played a bit of Halo, it wasn’t long before the sight of Jase got me popping a boner again. He must have been up for it too 'cos this time he took the lead and in a few minutes we were up in his room kneeling shirtless in just our trackies on his bed enjoying a rough snog.

    As I wrapped my arms around his waist, I wondered what my first fuck with a bloke would be like. For a second, I had this weird feeling like a flashback or something where I was older and I’d fucked tons of guys but I suppose that just the weed screwing with me again. I soon forgot about it anyway when he pulled my cock out of my trackies and began to work on me with his hot, wet mouth. Seems like he’s a natural too!

    The Breeder Curse: Zac Attack (Pt.1)

    [The beginning of a radical reworking of a story, the initial chapters of which were originally posted on CYOC, the latter of which were never published.

    This story takes place in the world of the Breeder Curse, where gay men are cursed to become straight stereotypes whenever they are aroused. They also instinctively spread this curse to any other gay men they come across.

    A Reminder: While it’s fun to play with straight and masc stereotypes in the context of a TF story, obviously gay conversion is immoral, impossible, and not something any story in this thread is advocating for in any way.]

    Tyler saw the door to Zac Efron’s apartment open and ducked down beneath his door’s peephole. His rapid motion almost knocked the potted plant off a nearby stand and he righted the wobbling display, cursing himself for forgetting that Zac couldn’t actually see him. Idiot.

    Tyler had been living across the hall from Zac for a year, but this was the first time he’d ever attempted to meet him in real life and he was nervous. He hoped he could play it cool, but his palms were practically dripping sweat. As he adjusted his light brown hair in the mirror (the sides were close, but the slightly longer top had a habit of becoming unruly when he wasn’t looking - which was all the time), he went through his carefully memorized fact checklist in his head.

    “He loves dogs, he’s 33 years old, his favorite color is green, his favorite movie is… Caddyshack? No, The Hangover.” He felt like a cyber stalker for having read all those magazine profiles before actually talking to Zac, but he would be too busy distracting his tongue from hanging out of his mouth or drooling to actually come up with smart things for it to say. Best to be prepared!

    He wished he had the innate ability to look cool like Zac always did. He peeped into the hallway again and saw the actor running a hand through his bleached blonde hair, exuding carefree charisma. Tyler just didn’t have that. His hairless, rail-thin body was too wonky and angular to be graceful and confident. But that’s why he had to make up for it in personality.

    Zac sighed and ducked through the doorway to the emergency stairs. The second the door shut, the elevator dinged. Tyler swung open his door and rushed in, jabbing the lobby button. Hopefully he could “run into” Zac if the elevator didn’t stop too many times on the way down.

    “It’s now or never, Ty. Favorite band? Queen. Favorite TV show? Friends. Hobbies? Collecting vinyl, working out, graffiti art… Shit.” The elevator stopped just one floor below his own, revealing a bro in gym shorts with his arm wrapped around a giggling girl. He tried very hard not to look at the extremely obvious bulge the mesh shorts were doing nothing to hide.

    A look in the bro’s eye made his heart jackhammer. Shit. He saw. He knew. Tyler tried to shrink into the mirrored back wall of the elevator, pretending he was engrossed in texting on his phone. He was worried the dude was gonna rush him or something, but he merely gave Tyler a smirk and grunted, “We’ll take the next one. We’re not in a rush to get anywhere straight away.”

    As the words left his lips, the back of Tyler’s neck felt cold, like someone smashed a water balloon on his head and it was dripping down his spine. He ran his fingers through his hair, getting caught on a tangle halfway through. He tried to breathe and quell his adrenaline-soaked nerves. “Focus, Ty. Nothing happened.”

    He turned his mind back to Zac, reciting his list of fun facts over and over again, wondering where exactly Zac was going. Maybe to the gym in the basement level of the apartment complex. He imagined Zac doing deadlifts, a bead of sweat trickling past his mountainous hairy pecs, down each hardened cobble of his abs, and into the waistband of his…

    Something tickled the back of Tyler’s neck and he almost jumped three feet into the air. He swatted at the back of his head, hitting a spongy mass. He tugged at it, sending a searing pain through his scalp. Ouch! He turned around to look at himself in the mirrored elevator wall and nearly dropped his phone in shock.

    His face was… changing. As he watched, auburn stubble began to poke out from his chin and cheeks, scattering across his pale skin like pine needles on a forest floor. He’d never had to shave in his life, and now all of a sudden, he looked like he had at least three days of growth in three seconds! He did drop his phone when he looked up and noticed that his hair was growing out too, becoming even thicker and curling into a gravity defying mass.

    What he was seeing at the front still didn’t explain the tugging heaviness at the back, though.

    He reached up, tilted his head, and felt a round growth of coarse, dark brown hair was budding from the top of his head like some evil alien pod. He retched, and his heart started hammering his ribcage yet again. The pod of bristling hair pulsed and grew as he watched, pulling against his scalp as it grew heavier. Sweat beaded on his brow. His heart pounded fast. Faster. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thudthudthudthud! He felt like he was going to scream or vomit as the pressure on his head and inside his chest built and built and builtbuiltbuilt until…Pop!

    The knot of hair unraveled into a set of unkempt, oily dreadlocks, which now dangled down to just above his shoulders like hairy worms. As the hair released, so did all the pressure built up inside of him. Tyler felt his frayed nerves dissipate as his muscles relaxed. He leaned back as his eyes dilated and a pleasant fog descended over his panicked mind. All his worries and thoughts of Zac were obliterated in a cloud of contentment. Confidence welled up within him. He could do anything he wanted. He had no worries, no troubles. Nobody could touch him. He smiled and put his arms behind his head, scraggly hairs bursting from his pits as he did so.

    He grinned dopily and ran a finger down his new dreads, not even registering the pinpricks of pain as gauge earrings bloomed into existence in his earlobes, spreading the skin like stretched taffy. Like a can of paint being spilled, his brown eyebrows darkened to the same color as his newfound stubble. Beneath his dreadlocks, wispy sideburns emerged, unraveling down past his ears like a carpet unrolling.

    His shirt ripped right down the middle, becoming a battered tunic vest, the red darkening and rippling as a paisley-esque pattern spread down the sides, sliding past his smooth alabaster skin, which bulked up with small but sinewy muscle. He was already so skinny you could clearly see his disused abdominal muscles, but his arms plumped slightly, veins crisscrossing lean muscle as a golden brown tan spread from the center of his hairline and down his face and neck, dipping into his open collar before spreading out across his body, giving him a pleasing bronzed glow.

    He bent to pick up his backpack from the floor where he had dropped it. The image of a smartphone hung hazily around the back of his brain, but he shook it away. He didn’t have a phone. He was off the grid, dude. He slid the pack onto his shoulders, and the strap caught against the bracelets that now dangled from his wrist. But wasn’t he missing something? He pulled his favorite necklace from the selection that hung from his zippers and slung it around his neck, idly scratching his shoulder as an abstract nature design inked itself onto his skin.

    His shoes eroded into a ratty pair of Rainbows sandals. His freed feet expanded in size as his toenails grew long and scraggly, shadowed with brown as dirt appeared beneath them. He wiggled his toes, snickered, and closed his eyes, blissed out.


    The elevator doors opened, revealing the lobby. Fuck… what had he come down here for again? Oh yeah, that chick Ashley told him to meet her at the park. There was some sort of kickback going on, and she had more or less been undressing him with her eyes last time he delivered for her, so he knew he had a shot.

    As soon as he stepped outside, Tyl- no, Ty- no, Tyberius snagged a joint from his pocket, lit it up, took a drag, and sighed contentedly, smoke erupting from his mouth and nose, wandering off in the direction of the park.


    Zac Efron jogged past the park and sighed. A group of stoners had set up a bonfire - in the middle of the day, no less - and were blasting some shitty folk music that grated his ears. Two girls with beanies failing to hide their long tangles of unwashed hair had giggled and waved at him, but he ignored them.

    Being gay in Hollywood wasn’t an easy task. With everybody so involved in your personal business, it wasn’t easy to sneak out to the clubs like he secretly wished he could. He knew that with his chiseled body he could get any guy he wanted, but the risk of being recognized was too high. He envied those carefree stoners who clearly didn’t give a single solitary shit what anybody else thought about them. He was pretty sure they were all straight, but if they weren’t, they probably wouldn’t even think twice about making out with another guy in the middle of the park. Maybe it was something in the weed that made them feel like that…

    “But no, no drugs for me. My body is a temple. A perfect, lonely temple.”

    “Temples burn incense all the time, dude.” A scratchy voice broke through Zac’s reverie. He turned around and saw that one of the stoner dudes had broken away from the group and walked toward where he was jogging. His tangled dreads were tucked behind one ear, and Zac might have even thought he was cute if he wasn’t choking on the cloud of pot smoke that surrounded him like a reeking force field.

    “The name’s Tyberius,” the stoner said, speaking with unnatural calm. “You look worried. I have something that can help you with that. When you’re done jogging, bleeding for capitalism, whatever it is you’re doing, open this up and itll straighten you out.” He reached for Zac’s hand and deposited a small red pouch in his palm, curling his fingers around it. As they touched, Zac felt an electric shock pulse through him. He gave a slight gasp, then coughed on the weed stench that suddenly filled his lungs. Tyberius grinned and winked. “Come find me if you want more.”

    Zac couldn’t focus on the rest of his jog, sweat beading around the velvet pouch still clutched in his fist. He decided to turn around and walk home when he almost ran over a poor old woman walking her dogs. When he got inside, he tossed the pouch onto a pile of fan mail on the coffee table. After a quick shower, he ended up sprawling on his couch and opening up his laptop, turning on his tabletop humidifier with a practiced flick.

    He clicked over to his bookmarked Men’s Health page, and began his regular post-workout moisturizing routine. It’s not like he needed the article to remind him of what to do, but the sidebar ad of two men arm wrestling, their bulging biceps glistening, needed to be properly experienced. He rubbed lotion up and down his taut arms, his firm, hairy chest and abs, and his slender, smooth legs. Wait, what? He sat bolt upright.

    Where his bulging quads and calves had once been, there were now skinny noodles with no muscle tone at all. He grimaced, circling his skeletal ankle with a finger and thumb. He felt a sudden wave of hunger and looked down to see his abs deflating into his torso, sucking in one by one to form a flat, emaciated stomach. His chest followed suit, shrinking into a bony heap. He could count his ribs! The lush hair on his chest receded, leaving only a couple scraggly strays around his nipples, which dulled from bronzed protrusions to flat, tan discs. Only his arms retained their former muscle, making him look like a ridiculous, top-heavy ape.

    He couldn’t help but laugh just a little. This situation was just too crazy! He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. As he laughed he felt lightheaded, and just a little bit… itchy? When he opened his eyes, he saw his bleached blonde locks slithering past his peripheral vision, forming a mane of wavy tresses. As they passed his cheeks, he could feel the manicured stubble there shrink back into his follicles.

    The double sensation of his facial hair retracting as his head hair tickled his skin made him giggle even harder, but his mirth was sharply interrupted when the hungry tingling sensation began to overtake his arms. No, not his arms! He couldn’t stand the thought of every last vestige of his hard work shrinking into nothing. He rolled into a ball and began to rock back and forth, hyperventilating. Wait, what was it that guy Tyberius had said? The pouch would straighten him out? Maybe now was the moment. He made a blind desperate grab for the pouch, accidentally disgorging its contents all over his humidifier. He stopped suddenly, and sniffed. What was that weird smell?

    Zac opened his eyes and noticed that the mist from his humidifier had gotten thicker. Confused, he picked it up, leaned in, and took a deep whiff. Instantly, a wave of relaxation surged through his body, calming his tension and putting him at ease. He took another deep breath as the humidifier began to blur and shift into a well-used bong.

    He blew smoke expertly into the air, not noticing as his apartment’s ceiling dropped lower and lower, fading from pristine white to a mottled yellow. The walls also closed in, the modern paintings becoming battered Bob Marley posters. As he smoked, his couch shrank beneath him, becoming a grungy mattress leaking foam from a hole in the side, the single sheet tangled at the foot. He smiled blissfully and settled back onto his threadbare pillow. He picked up the closed laptop, which fluttered and faded into a dog-eared issue of Penthouse, and squeezed more lotion into his hands.

    He began to rub his crotch as he opened the centerfold, not noticing as his penis expanded an inch.

    “Oh, Samantha. I love jerking off when I’m stoned,” he said. “I’m so hard! Can you feel me? Say my name! Zac- Za- Zeke!” He pounded away as the last of the changes took place. The stubble that remained on his face blossomed into a thick, unkempt goatee that clung to the bottom of his chin like stubborn moss on a stone.

    “Oh! Oh!”

    His eyes bugged out in ecstasy, the pupils dilating as they dulled and became unfocused.

    He came onto his own shirt in a gushing torrent, but instead of staining, his shirt paled into a battered white tee. As the post-orgasm rush faded and his mind slowly started to return, he began to wish it wouldn’t. He dumped out the remainder of the pouch and found a small plastic bag with more bud inside it. Thank God Tyberius wasn’t stingy with his employees!


    Tyberius was drifting along the sidewalk in a happy haze, enjoying the way the setting sun was extending his shadow into a lanky, funhouse mirror version of himself. He was flopping his dreads back and forth pretending his shadowy locks were Medusa’s snakes when a rusted VW bus pulled up next to him.

    “There you are, Tyberius!” The passenger door slid open and Zeke waved him in. “I’ve been looking all over for you!”

    “We’re all where we need to be, dude,” said Tyberius, sagely, as he took another drag.

    “Right, brah, but I think where we need to be right now is downtown. Some chicks want to score some reefer in exchange for fucking our brains out.”

    “Righteous,” said Tyberius, fist-bumping Zeke as he put the Bus in drive and peeled away from the curb.

    Don’t Disturb The Witch!

    This story is a request from my friend@swapsrus.

    It was a Friday night, so despite the late hours, Ethan and his roommate Seb were having a fun time. Despite not seeming like the typical party-goers, they both enjoyed having fun at night and getting a little rowdy. Even during a pandemic and not having others to help peer pressure them into letting loose, the roommates both kept the same intensity with their private parties.

    Despite multiple complaints from neighbors, the landlord refused to scold their favorite tenants and the boys had a slight cockiness because of that. At a certain point, a certain neighbor had finally had enough with her inability to sleep due to the ruckus a floor beneath her. If no one was going to teach them a lesson about being courteous neighbors, she was determined to do it herself.

    Because of this, the older woman hobbled down a flight of stairs and furiously knocked on the door. As the boys opened the door, the lady began to immediately hurl obscenities their way. “Do you know what hour it is? Some people here want to sleep!” her shrill voice shouted at the boys. However, despite their normally shy and reserved personality, the boys were in a different state of mind. The concept of liquid courage applied to the boys as they firmly stood their ground and yelled right back at the woman. “Lady, we’re just trying to make the best out of a shit situation. It’s a pandemic and we’re all lonely. Let us have our fun and mind your own business” the ginger-haired Ethan firmly stated as the brown-haired Seb made the message by slamming the door in the woman’s face.

    At this point, it was no surprise that the woman soon began to grow furious and her plans of a simple case of revenge were thrown out of the window. She gestured her hand towards the door as it blew back open in an act of obedience. “Well boys, if you’re not going to do things the easy way and comply, I’ll make life quite harder for the both of you. Tomorrow, your eternal punishment will begin for real. No matter how hard you beg for forgiveness, just know that you will never be able to change my mind. Enjoy tonight, because tomorrow will be the start of something brand new for the both of you!” She screamed in rage as she paced up the stairs. Before the boys could look out further at the seemingly crazy woman, the door then slammed shut in a strange gust of wind.

    “Dude, what’s her problem?” Ethan said, his facial expressions displaying a mix of confusion and humor at the situation. “I don’t know man, who cares really?” Seb responded, walking over to the stereo system and turning up the blaring music and beginning to immediately dance. Despite a wandering glance back at the front door, Ethan eventually grew susceptible to his friend’s rambunctious behavior and soon joined him as their two-person party resumed.

    The next morning, the boys were happy to find that somehow some curse had not befallen them overnight. As a result, they soon went on their ways to go enjoy their days. As Ethan headed out to enjoy the day and go skateboarding, Seb remained home as he prepared for a job interview. After being laid off from his job due to the severity of the pandemic, Seb had grown to enjoy the time off to focus on enjoying life. However, as the bills began to pile up, he knew that he had to get back out there to provide for rent and food. As a result, Seb spent extra time grooming himself to make sure he was perfectly presented before he headed out. 

    While Seb was doing this, Ethan was enjoying a day off to just relax and destress. As Ethan skateboarded down the avenues, a smile spread across his face as he felt so truly calmed and relaxed with the wind blowing against his face. However, his feelings of relaxation soon hit a brick wall as a sense of panic spread throughout the man’s body. Stopping and leaning against the side of a building, Ethan gripped his chest and attempted to catch his breath. Despite his attempts, he could feel himself growing weaker and weaker. It was as if his chest was being pounded endlessly with a plastic bag wrapped around his head. Due to this, it didn’t take long before the man fell completely unconscious and crashed onto the busy sidewalk.

    In the bathroom, the same sensation was spreading through Seb’s body. Luckily for himself, he was able to steady himself against the shower and toilet as he slowly fell down to the ground in a lifeless heap. As they both entered a state of unconsciousness, the men’s last thoughts were praying that the woman had not somehow fatally poisoned them.

    As Ethan woke up, he groaned in discomfort as he found himself wedged between a toilet and a shower. “Wha… what the fuck?” the man groggily declared as he sat up. Upon getting upright, his head tilts in confusion as he hears a voice that doesn’t belong to him come out of his mouth. While leaning on the toilet lid, Ethan slowly stands up despite his wobbly legs and comes face to face to his bathroom mirror. However, instead of seeing his ginger-haired face reflected back at him, he sees the face of his roommate Seb. “Jesus Christ, what the hell!” Ethan cried out, his eyes wide and mouth agape at the sight of what’s going on. 

    While looking in the mirror, he slowly began to realize that this must have been the result of the woman’s promise of revenge. However, as he stared in the reflection of his roommate, he felt himself slowly growing turned on by his new reality. Despite the woman’s idea of revenge, Ethan wasn’t necessarily upset by what was going on. As a man who had a long-time fascination with body swap media, he was quite allured by the fact that it had actually happened to him. This was the stuff of fantastical stories, not real life! 

    Feeling like he needed to memorize this moment, Ethan quickly pulled out the phone from Seb’s pants and quickly snapped some photos to celebrate.


    When Seb returned to a state of consciousness, he groaned in pain as a series of gasping and cries rang out around him. Despite the obvious confusion of the loud noises, the immediate feeling of a burning sensation against his face left Seb searching to save himself from further pain. Sitting up, he looked down and found himself lying against a hot sidewalk. “Wha… what’s going on here?” Seb said, groaned as his hands ran across his sore chin and cheeks. As he looked up from the sidewalk, he jumped in shock as he found himself surrounded by a sea of people. “What happened? Where am I?” he said, growing more and more confused by what was going on. 

    Seeing the look of pure panic and confusion on his face, a middle-aged woman came up and started speaking to him. “I don’t know what happened dear, but you collapsed suddenly when you were leaning against this building. I saw it happen from across the street, so I rushed over here to try and help.” Upon finishing her statement, the smiling woman offered her hand to Seb, which he graciously took. “What accident though? I was just in my bathroom…” he responded as he was pulled up to a standing position. However, as he was pulled up, his eyes encountered a mirrored surface that left him even more confused. 

    Upon standing, Seb hunched over and looked back down to catch the vision that was shown to him on the surface of the mirror. As he leaned down, he gasped in shock and cried out in shock as he came face to face with the body of his roommate Ethan. “What the FUCK!” Seb cried out in shock. “Why am I in Ethan’s body?” he continued as he rambled out loud. The lady attempted to calm him down, but he continued to scream out in shock. “My name is Seb, this isn’t right! What’s going on!” He said as he grew more and more overwhelmed by what was going on. Despite having to deal with the pain coursing through his body from some sort of fall, Seb also had to cope with the fact that he was no longer in the comfort of his own body anymore. 


    Now completely overwhelmed and unable to have any assistance from the seemingly helpful bystanders, Seb sprinted off back to his apartment. As he ran, he could only hope that his real body was still in the apartment. With his pace quickening still, his mind ran rampant about how this happened to him. It only took a few moments before the man remembered the woman’s promise of revenge. Luckily for him, both of his concerns were at the same location, so he hoped that he could get a clearer idea about what’s going on to him and his roommate…

    With the combination of the blistering heat and his anxiety, Seb arrived back to the apartment completely drenched in sweat. He so desperately wished that he could wake up from this nightmare, but it was clear that this was his new reality. Bounding up the stairs and rushing towards the apartment, Seb burst through the door and frantically called out for Ethan. However, to his surprise, the apartment was completely empty. Looking around in both fear and shock, Seb was able to eventually stumble upon a note sitting on the kitchen counter.

    “Hey Seb,

    I don’t know what happened, but we’ve somehow swapped bodies. Despite this life-changing shock, I remembered that you had your interview today. I’ve headed out to do this interview for you, but I’ll be back ASAP afterwards. 

    Talk to you soon,


    After reading the note, Seb grew anxious about the fact that his best friend was pretending to be him and doing his job interview for him. Despite this anxiety, he did have to appreciate the fact that his friend remembered that since he completely forgot after the shock of the swap. At least Ethan was trying to act like business as usual, that was a sort of relief for the still-anxious Seb. 

    With no one here to talk to, Seb grew determined to go get some answers from the lady upstairs. As he stood on the doorstep of the woman’s apartment, he angrily knocked on the door. Determined to get answers, the knocking persisted until he found the door slightly crack open. Annoyed by the woman’s inability to answer the door, Seb took the cracked door as an opportunity to get answers and pushed into the apartment. Walking around, the sight before him screamed old cat lady. With a bunch of felines walking around the cluttered apartment, Seb’s face contorted into an uneasy expression as he pushed further into the apartment. “Hey lady, are you in here?” Seb stated, groaning as he took a misstep and his foot dropped into an open litter box. 

    After searching through every single room, he eventually stumbled upon the master bedroom, which he cautiously opened. Looking into the room, he saw the woman turned away from him and laying in bed. Despite knowing that the lady was sleeping, Seb noisily continued to try and get the woman’s attention. “Hey! Wake up lady! What the hell did you do to us?” he said, step-by-step getting closer to the unconscious woman. As he walked around to her side of the bed, Seb’s face of anger soon turned into a look of shock. The woman was laying completely motionless with her mouth agape, indicating to Seb that she had long passed away. “Holy shit!” Seb gasped running over to the lady and grabbing her wrist to search for a pulse. Upon grabbing the lady’s wrist, a loud thud echoed across the room. Looking down, Seb caught sight of a large leather-bound book that had crashed onto the ground. It appeared to Seb that the woman had died while holding this book, which was still laying open and facedown on the ground.

    Verifying that the woman had no pulse and was indeed dead, Seb rushed out of the apartment and called an ambulance. But, on his way back, he quickly grabbed onto the book and placed it into his bedroom. Knowing that the woman died seemingly after cursing them, he had hoped that this book could provide some sort of answer as to how to get their bodies back.

    By the time that Ethan returned home from the home interview, he passed the body bag being brought down the stairs. Upon entering his apartment, Ethan caught sight of Seb, eyes wide in shock and unsure of what to do. “Dude, what happened here? Who died?” Ethan said, breaking Seb out of his wide-eyed state of shock. “The lady upstairs… the one that did this to us…” Seb stated, his voice low and emotionless as the words hit the realization on his head once more. “No shit? How the hell are we going to swap back then?” Ethan said, himself growing alarmed at the implications of this revelation. “I don’t know.. But I’m going to find a way to swap us back.” Seb calmly responded, which ended with him looking up to his friend and watching his old body looking down to him. “How did the interview go then?” Seb continued, trying to fuel the conversation elsewhere. “Oh, it went good. I think they’re gonna offer the job to me… well you.” Ethan said, smiling to try and cheer up his friend. 

    “Well, what do we do now then?” Seb said in curiosity. “Are we just supposed to act like nothing has happened? No offense, but I don’t want to be you…” he continued, looking to his friend for any sort of guidance. Ethan was usually quite calm during stressful situations, so Seb was eager for him to help calm him down. After taking a breath, Ethan began to speak. “Well, we’re going to be each other for the foreseeable future, so I suppose we’re just supposed to try and live life as best we can as each other. You’ll do my job, hang out with my friends, and I’ll do the same for you. That’s really the best we can do for the time being…”

    “Yeah, I guess you’re right… I just… I need to be alone right now.” Seb stated as he got up from his chair and began to move towards his bedroom. As he closed the door behind him, Ethan was left in the apartment alone and unsure of what to do. The job interview was a success, so he figured he might as well celebrate. After grabbing a snack, he headed into his bedroom and locked the door behind him. Curious about exploring his new body in depth, Ethan began to undress and watched as Seb’s body was revealed in complete nudity. Falling back into his bed, it didn’t take long before Ethan was jerking off and getting turned on by the fact that he’s now his best friend.

    While Ethan was enjoying the added benefit of being in his best friend’s body, Seb’s mind didn’t go immediately to the sexual implications. After falling into the bed, Seb reached under the bed and pulled out the leather-bound book from the lady’s apartment. Opening up the book, he was greeted to the sight of some strange language that he couldn’t recognize. Immediately, Seb sat up and brought his laptop over to the bed. Opening up various translation websites, he meticulously typed out the lettering that he saw to the best of his ability to try and figure out what this book was. Hopefully, after finding out what this book was and what language it was in, Seb could understand the various pages and find a way to reverse the curse…


    A month later, both men have undergone different reactions to being in their new bodies. To Seb’s annoyance, Ethan has been able to excel as his best friend. A week after the swap, he soon received a phone call from the place he interviewed for, informing him that he got the job. Upon starting the new job, Seb had been seeing less and less of his best friend due to the fact that Ethan had grown quite popular. Almost every night, he would go out with his new work colleagues and live life to the fullest. As he jerked off every night, Ethan had begun to grow quite comfortable in his new body. In fact, with a life this good, Ethan wasn’t so sure that he’d want to swap back if the opportunity ever presented itself.

    Of course, Seb was happy that his friend was happy, but he was upset that it was at the expense of his old life. Due to his uncomfortableness with being in Ethan’s body, Seb preferred to stay at home and just spend every day researching the book. Despite all of Ethan’s friends texting him and wanting to hang out, Seb just ignored them and focused on the mission at hand. He didn’t want to waste a moment or grow too comfortable in this body where he could forget about getting his old life back. 

    Speaking of the book, Seb’s journey to discover the roots of the book had led him to discover a language that was long thought to have been a dead language. However, based on the book, it was clear that someone was still speaking it. Despite his best efforts, he was only able to translate a few words of the book due to the rarity of the language. Although he personally didn’t think his best friend was unattractive, Seb was still eager to get his body back and defeat this curse. 

    Heading out to go get some food, Seb walked into the kitchen, where he was greeted to the sight of his best friend walking around shirtless in Seb’s real body. “Oh, hey man. How are you doing?” Ethan said, casually walking around with a newfound confidence in his new body. “Hey man, what did we talk about with you going around shirtless? It’s super uncomfortable watching you just parade around in my body…” Seb said with annoyance. “Sorry dude, but I’m about to go out for a run away. I just was going to get a snack. What do you have planned for today?” Ethan responded as he bit into an apple sitting on the counter.

    “Oh, I found someone who is apparently an expert in that language used in that book I told you about. I’m hoping that it can help swap us back actually, but we’ll see how it goes…” Seb coldly responded. He was obviously hyped, but he was cautiously optimistic due to the fact that he didn’t want to encounter another roadblock. The man he was talking to said that he knew all about the language and was wanting to help fix his issue, which was a relief to the anxious body-swappee.

    Heading back into the room, Seb began to get ready for the meeting. After awkwardly showering while trying to avoid looking down at his body, Seb quickly dried off and got dressed into a pair of jeans and a button-up shirt. Grabbing a bag, he delicately placed the ancient book into it and zipped the bag shut. Despite his cautious optimism, Seb began to grow quite excited to get this situation fixed once and for all. Heading out of the room, Seb found that Ethan was nowhere to be found and quickly put his shoes on and headed towards the bus stop.

    After Seb left to get ready, Ethan headed out the door to begin his run. Despite his intentions of going for a run, Ethan soon found himself delayed as he came across several residents in the apartment complex. After the swap, Ethan had found himself growing quite flirtatious with the other residents that he had previously crushed on. With a body he was now confident in, Ethan was able to successfully woo several potential suitors. Of course, once Seb found out about this, he scolded his friend for using his body to hookup with people. But, Ethan paid no mind to his friend as he began to view his new body more and more as his rightful body. 


    Due to this, Ethan began to grow quite worried about the concept of the book being able to swap them back. As he began to head for his run, Ethan turned back and looked back as his former body began to pace towards the bus stop. Despite his best intentions of going for that run, Ethan decided to skip the run and track his friend. If this meeting ends up happening, Ethan wanted to be there to try and stop the swap before he was sent back into his original body. So, as the bus sped off, Ethan opened up his phone and the Find My Friends app and watched to see where his friend went. If he’s not back within 30 minutes, Ethan made up his mind to go investigate and stop the potential swap from occurring again.

    As the anxious man desperately held onto the book, he was completely unaware of the bad intentions that were swirling around him. Unknown to him, his best friend was completely dead set on keeping Seb’s real body for himself. While Seb was uncomfortable with his new body, Ethan was able to flourish with his new one. It was understandable why he would want to keep his body, but it was still a scary thought that Seb had once dreamt about one too many times. However, Seb had blind faith in his friend and assumed that he wouldn’t do anything to harm him or their friendship.


    But unfortunately for Seb, Ethan wasn’t the only character around with bad intentions. In fact, the man that Seb was currently travelling to see had some devilish intentions with the book as well. The man had spent his entire life mastering ancient languages that were long thought to be dead. As a man in his late 60s, he had a great career as a professor that allowed him to travel across the world and get firsthand learning about these languages and searching for books of magic. So, when the man discovered Seb’s post about transcribing a book in an unknown language, he was eager to see if it was the book he had been so desperately looking for. Upon realizing the language that the book was written in, he was happy to see that he could perfectly comprehend the pages that Seb sent him. To his glee, the man was able to understand that the book was an ancient book of spells that all involved body modification of different kinds.

    With his plan of gaining magical abilities now within arms’ reach, the man grew increasingly excited about his meeting with the young man. Due to his older age, the man theorized about using some of these spells once he got his hands on the book. Swapping into the young man who gave him the book seemed like a great start. With this book though, he’d be able to be immortal and master all of the magic contained within these pages. All of that was great for the man, but the concept of getting another chance at adulthood was truly sweetening the deal for the wicked old man…