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Hi I'm Aidan and I am interested in photography, music, Parkour, skating, martial arts(Bruce lee is amazing), swimming, lying in bed, Bob Marley and Dr pepper mixed with cherry!! I'm 13, I'm straight and I think I'm unique and I don't care what people say about me unless it's constructive criticism. But often it isn't. People often take one look at me and then I get judged. I'm a nice guy, not popular and I'm definately not stuck up and I tend to get looked down upon because I'm quite shy towards new people but once I get to know you I talk all the time and some people don't like that but that's their problem. I have a good life with ups and downs with very bad downs but extremely good ups and I like to look on the bright side but a lot of the time it screws me over. I'm single but I have my eye on a girl who I think is the greatest but overall I'm really friendly so hopefully we'll get along! please follow! :)

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    I'm back people!!

    hey my name is Aidan Gunn and I used to go on tumblr all the time but recently I've been side tracked by certain things such as skateboarding and photography and unfortunately I've lost about 20 followers because I haven't been going on as much so if you could find it in your heart to promote me then I will definately promote back so please help me and I won't disapoint prommmmiiiiisssseeee!!!! 

    <3 XD :D 


    Just passing by to wish you a lovely time during the holidays, hope everything goes your way in 2011 love. Chin up, head high, be happy and proud of who you are and let no fucker tell you you're not worthy of something.

    thanks, ill be sure to take ur advice and i hope the new yr is good for u :)