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    Look at her. Stare at her seemingly endless curves, at how overwhelmingly maternal she has become.  Now look down at your only body, so flat and empty and unfulfilled in comparison. Legally you may be considered an adult, but next to her you’re nothing but a little girl.

    Do you see the look on her face, that perfect combination of smugness, contentment, and arousal?  Can you honestly say you’ve ever felt that way before in your own life? Of course not, you realize after looking at her. Because something is missing.

    You could so easily look just like her, if you really wanted to. And it wouldn’t even really require much work; in actuality you’d just have to stop doing a lot of things. You’d have to stop taking birth control, stop slaving away at some unfulfilling job, stop dragging yourself to another boring spinning class surrounded by dozens of other women just as skinny and not living up to their potential as you are.

    All you’d have to do is breed and grow, each successive baby filling you making you that much bigger than the last. Soon it will be your breasts that are massive, engorged, and heavy with milk. Soon it will be your belly that dominates your body, and your wide, soft hips that men clamber over themselves to grab. And you’ll be the one who at last gets to wear that wonderful expression.

    What are you waiting for again, exactly?

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    Jenna hadn’t been exactly thrilled when her wife decided to serve as a surrogate for another member of her family. She and Katie had always joked that one of the best parts of their relationship was that there was no need for birth control or any chance of an accidental baby, and yet here Katie was, voluntarily giving up that slender, perky little body of hers that Jenna loved so much. But intellectually Jenna knew it was for a good cause, and she was proud of the sacrifice that her spouse was making.

    After the hassle of implanting the embryos and those first couple weeks of queasiness, it seemed like Katie got right into the groove of being pregnant. Her skin started to have that glow that Jenna always thought was a rumor, her hair got thicker and shinier, and Jenna had to admit that that the extra spike in her wife’s libido was certainly fun.

    As the months wore on and Katie’s body softened and swelled, Jenna got a constant earful of what it was like to feel one changing so radically. With an oddly reverent tone Katie talked about it was like to feel the new heft of her breasts as their grew and filled with milk, or the sensation of her belly stretching and those first, tiny flutters of kicking inside. Jenna thought she’d miss the old Katie’s body, but she had to admit that she was starting to like the feel of her wife’s new, extra curves in her hands.

    One night Katie was feeling particularly horny, and Jenna was doing her best to keep her satisfied. In between moans and her eyes closed, Katie blurted out that she was fantasizing about Jenna. A huge, knocked up Jenna, one that was growing to be just as big and round as Katie herself was. Of how badly she wanted to see Jenna with a baby in her own belly. A lighting bolt went off in Jenna’s mind at the thought of not just watching these changes up close, but of actually living them. Jenna let out an involuntarily moan of her own, and a moment later she felt two warm hands close over her own, smaller breasts.

    The next morning Katie was on the phone with her cousin, asking if she was interested in reusing some of the leftover embryos.

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