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2023-05-29 15:01:14

    🪟 30

    وناذةتقلا إلى لقاء الأشباح

    فكلت مناانجام منذ الصباح

    ولحات تلئة وشيئا من الانشراح 

    فريل اخء ودروب من الجراح

    And a window that takes us to meet ghosts.

    Words of harmony since the morning.

    Sparkling moments and a bit of joy.

    Leaving , hiding and paths of wounds.

    تمع بقاك لا تنظر للندم

    فلسمْبنى كمن هدم

    وش باتاؤ ون لطيفا وابتسم

    وارك شعر يخبر عنها القلم

    Enjoy your time, do not look for regret.

    He who builds is not like he who demolishes.

    Live with optimism, be kind and smile.

    And let your feelings be told by the pen.

    ه حفما هو الدليل

    تحر العونالأشواق ويشفى العليل

    ه بلب غاب وابتعاد الخليل

    إما لحةعطاء لا تعرف البخيل

    ل لب يام وشيئا قليل

    إنااح عر ا ننتظر البديل 


    Do you love so what is the evidence.

      The eyes sail longings and heal the ailing.

    Do you love the absence and distancing of Hebron.

      But love is a gift that does not know the stingy.

      Do love days and a little bit.

    But love is a lifetime, we do not wait for the alternative.

    🪟 29

    وناذةتقلا إى موقع الاختبار

    فهوء تريزوتفير لحسن الاختيار 

    ومرق يلأ لوقت بالأمان والاستقرار 

    وجودتلات بلمبة لاتخاذ القرار 

    and a window that takes us to the test site.

    Calmness, focus and thinking for a good choice.

    And an observer who fills time with security and stability.

    Efforts converged with love to make the decision.