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    Getting Past the Fantasy Part 1

    I have gotten a lot of messages from many of you following my blog about the success you guys have had. Many of you reading this blog have built up the courage to speak to your wives about your fantasies and have put some of the concepts I talk about into practice with great results. Some of your wives are talking about their exes during sex, others have their wives dressing sluttier, some wives are roleplaying that you are another guy, others have their wives going out pretending they are single, and there are a few out there whose wives are already getting fucked by another man. I congratulate and am happy for each one of you for the progress that has been made. I am glad to hear that you are slightly closer to living your dream life or living it already.

    That being said, the majority of you who have talked to your wives are roleplaying and fantasizing, and many of you are asking, what next? How can I get past the fantasy?

    Refer back to some of the previous posts, in particular the post “You Want Her To Dress Like A Slut” because we are going to apply some of that here.

    Assuming your wife knows about your fantasy and is roleplaying and fantasizing with you, (this seems to be the next hurdle after telling her to become your slutwife), we are going to move on into building up upon her fantasy.

    1. Focus Her Fantasies Around Someone She Knows - Fantasizing about celebrities or made up people is great at the beginning of your journey to make her comfortable. Over time, you need to bring your fantasies to a more realistic sense by getting her to talk about people she has had sex with (an ex) or someone she finds attractive (a coworker, neighbor, classmate, etc). Perhaps there is drama with an ex so she won’t go there, or she refuses to admit she finds anyone attractive, which is likely false, but don’t dwell on those things. Reiterate how you want her to consider someone for your fantasy play and if all else fails, talk about someone who has hit on her or checks her out. Could be a friend, coworker, someone online, or whatever, point is that now is the time to bring your fantasy play slightly closer to reality.

    2. Get Her to Think About Him - Now that you have identified one or a few people to fantasize about, get her to think about it. Getting her blindfolded (to focus her mind and senses) works really well here. While blindfolded, eat her out to get her in a slutty mood and ask her about the chosen person. Tell her to go with the flow of the questions and to think about it as if it were about to happen. Why does he want to fuck her? Has she ever caught him checking her out? Ever flirted? What did he say if he did? How big do you think his cock is? If an ex, ever had sex? Talk about the most pleasurable experience you had with him? If you were going to date him, how would you dress for him? Why like that? If you had sex with him right now, how slutty would you be for him? Would you suck his dick? Would he eat you out? Would you cum to his cock? You can keep going with this until she cums. Remember to let her gather her sexual thoughts as you eat her out, give her a few seconds to answer and let her keep talking as much as she wants. Do not cut her off or ask questions too quickly. Let her mind process the pleasure and emotions of this. When she gives a really slutty answer or something that you think is really hot, let her know how hot you think that is and continue eating her out. If she cums from this before you finish your questions, let her know how horny it all makes you and fuck her with good intensity while you tell her you love her and love hearing her talk like that. If you run out of questions, just eat her out and ask her to moan like she would moan from him eating her out.

    3. Get Her To Pretend You Are Him- After doing the step above a couple of times and getting a good feel of how she visualizes things, move on to pretending you are him. Same scenario, she is blindfolded and relaxed while you eat her out, but she must pretend you are him. Now ask her the same questions pretending you are him. Have you ever caught me checking you out? Have you ever flirted with me? How will you dress up for me on a date? How did you know I want to fuck you? Why do you want me to fuck you? Are you going to be a good slut for me? Etc. You get the point. Have her say your (his) name with her answers once she gets into it. Get her to moan for you and to cum for you (him). While still blindfolded, fuck her and explore her body like you are him, tell her why you want to fuck her, have her beg you to fuck her, and tell her she is a much better fuck than he ever expected. You get the idea. You can repeat the above steps with a couple of other guys if she is feeling it, but focus on no more than three at a time for now, three people close to her at most. You may remove the blindfold after she is comfortable after doing it a few times.

    4. Bring It Live - The steps above sound hot but its just more fantasy, you may say. Well you are right. So lets start adding something live to take a step forward. Remember I mentioned the post “You Want Her to Dress Like A Slut”, well this is a good place to begin. Now that she is fantasizing about sex and pretending to fuck with someone close to her, get her to take it up a slight notch. For this, we will use the example of her fantasizing about a coworker. You will ask her to wear some really sexy lingerie to work, under her normal clothes, and to spend slightly more time than usual with her coworker. When she gets home, you will ask her how it went, pleasure her, and talk about how hot it is that she was wearing something sexy around a guy she fantasizes about having sex with. As you pleasure her, tell her how much he would enjoy being able to see her wearing that sexy lingerie. Ask her to imagine his reaction if he saw her just wearing that. Or how hard he would get if he knew she was wearing sexy lingerie for him and fantasizing about sex with him. At a later date, ask her to wear some lingerie but dress slightly sluttier for him. I am not talking about street whore level, I am talking about tighter jeans, leggings, lower cut blouses, push up bras, shorter skirts etc, whatever works in her environment. Something subtle, but tell her you want her to dress for him and to get him to check her out. Of course you will ask her about it when she gets home. Have her tell you what she noticed, did he say anything, did she feel sexy because of it, did she notice him getting hard, etc. you get the point. Tell her to have fun with this, be slightly flirtier, and pleasure her for her efforts when she gets home.

    5. Expand Her Horizons - Assuming she is dressing slightly sluttier and being slightly flirtier, his fantasy boy probably noticed and will be creating a spiral of her dressing sexier and being flirtier with you pleasuring that she will start to enjoy. Do you know who else is noticing, just about every guy around her. Remember, you do not love the guy she fantasizes about, you love her and how slutty she behaves. So you don’t need to focus on that one single guy, ask her who else did she catch checking her out. Who else has hit on her? Who else is being flirty? Was she slightly flirtier back? When she catches someone, does she act innocent and let them stare? Who were these people checking her out? If the boss, how would having sex with him benefit her? Could she get a promotion? Why does he want to fuck her? Etc. You get the idea, build up around her life experiences as they are happening and pleasure her because of how she plays at being sluttier. The more guys she does this with, the more fantasy sex, the more you pleasure her, the more she thinks about sex with different men, the more she opens up to acting sluttier.

    6. Choose Your Champion - Odds are there will be one guy that will drive her more than the rest. Maybe he is the hottest, or richest, or most muscular, or simply knows how to turn her on. You need to pick up on this and choose your champion. Now that you know who this guy is, ask her to build another form of communication with him. Exchanging numbers, snapchat, facebook, IG, etc, have her build a form of communication with him. Now you will get her to chat with him as friends if necessary. Say they had a work relationship, ask her to build a relationship outside of work as friends. It does not have to be sexual, just something where she is comfortable with communicating with him. A social media platform works well so that he can check out her pictures and you can pleasure her telling her how he must check her out every day. Once this line of communication is established, have her talk to him about something friendly (non-sexual) as you pleasure her. If they are flirting already, then it will be perfect. If they are not, then having her in a slutty mood while they chat might help drive this forward. Overall, convince her to not shy away from flirting or being hit on by him. If she is reluctant, tell her to have fun teasing him and drive him wild without actually committing herself to confessing herself. For example, if he starts hitting on her, tell her to ask him why he likes her, why he thinks she is hot, what does he like her wearing, etc. Tell her she can let him talk to her about everything he thinks about her, without having to tell him anything about herself (unless she wants to, let her flow naturally). She can always avoid questions by telling him she may tell him some other time or she will think about the answer. Of course, you will pleasure her for being so slutty and talk to her about why he wants to fuck her so bad. Upon seeing him again, she should be her normal flirty self and pretend nothing happened, and she can be her flirty self online again next time they chat. By not avoiding him, he will get the hint that she enjoys being hit on like that and will give him an opening to propose to do more.

    7. Make Her Sexy For Him - Now that she has fantasized about him and has chatted with him and flirted with him, get her to dress up in some really sexy lingerie and a slutty outfit. Tell her to pretend she is about to go on a fuck date with him and you want her to be a slut for him. While she gets ready, have her chat with him. Tell her to let him be as flirty as he wants and for her to be a good tease for him. Have her send you some really slutty pictures pretending you are him while she texts with you, pretending you are him. She should be really slutty for you, while he chats her up at the same time. (The idea here is to get her to blur the lines between you and him to the point she feels more comfortable being slutty for him too). You will than take her out to a brief date pretending you are him, than take her to a hotel pretending you are him.

    8. Have Her Show Him How Slutty She Looks - Following the lines of the previous point, have her dress sexy for a date with him (you) and chat with him while getting ready. This time, encourage her to be flirtier with him and send him a pic (non-nude) to tease him. She can be fully dressed, but tell her to make the pic sexy so that he wants to fuck her even more. The excuse will be that she is going out with you but she wants to know if she looks good and wants his opinion. Of course he will say she is really hot. She will thank him and tell him she is really looking forward to the sex with you tonight. Once this is done, he will likely ask her to see more. She does not need to comply at this point, but can send pics as she pleases. However, she should also “accidently” send him a slutty pic that was meant for you (no face necessary if it is a friction point). Ask her to drive him wild. Since it was accidental, she will ask him to not share it and apologize. She will also mention how turned on she is for sex tonight that she lost her sense of who she was messaging. If he asks about her sexual experiences, have her describe how much she enjoys being a slut for you.

    9. Have Her Confess to Him - Assuming she is comfortable making it to this level and having fun with it, the final step will be her confessing. She should find a way to confess to him that she has a crush on him and has gone as far as fantasizing about having sex with him. It is important to note that asking her to confess may be a barrier for both of you, and you do not need to push too hard. Ask her to do it naturally, and if she can’t, continue doing what you are doing but add a level of questioning and roleplay where you add, “What if he knew?”, and “How much you would like him to know”. There are a few ways of getting her to approach the confession, depending on her commitment level. The easiest path is usually when he is texting her about what he wants to do to her, while you eat her out or when she is in the mood in general terms. She can begin by offering hints about how she enjoys how he talks to her and asking him to tell her more and becoming more detailed. He will naturally wonder if she ever thinks about him and ask her. She should simply flow with the conversation and let him know. After she confesses how she thinks about him fucking her, he will make his move of wanting to make it happen. By this point, she should be well aware that you want this to happen, and that you enjoy that she wants him to fuck her.

    Moving forward should be natural, but it may not be quick. There is a good chance that she agrees to have sex with him at this point, and you are set to go from there. If she is reluctant, just continue doing what you have been doing and do not worry. He will likely step up his game trying to approach her more and hit on her more, which can push her over the edge. In case things are not quite flowing that way yet, (normally because of a mental barrier), there is a part 2 to this post coming soon.

    I appreciate your likes and reblogs, and as always thank you for reblogging my posts and spreading the word on this lifestyle. Let me know in the comments what you think, what works best for you, and more topics you want to see.

    An open letter to my Wife and all other Ladies

    If your man has had the courage to tell you that he wants you to fuck other men, stop tormenting yourself with the morality of the situation and worrying about whether he loves you, or if this is a ploy for him to have sex with other women. If he is like the other 99% of us who have had the “talk”, then what he wants is for you to experience pleasure and for you to share that pleasure with him in some way.

    Each of us are different, pleasure for me is not humiliation, it’s the raw sexual ecstasy that I want her to feel. The thought of watching her pussy stretch around a very hard, thick cock, and makes my cock throb, my breath short, and my lust intense. I can almost feel the pleasure that she would experience between her legs, almost as if my cock were her pussy. I assure you, wives and girlfriends, that this request by your man is an act of love and admiration and is staunchly centered around his lust for ONLY you. In fact most men who want this, rarely fantasize about anyone else but you. You are the center of their sexual fantasies and desires. You will not be “unfaithful” by carrying out this act of love for your husband/boyfriend. Faithfulness is what is in the heart, not a physical act. The words “slut” and “whore” are often used by him referring to you in a loving way…this is what he wants you to be, at least in our secret sexual world (none of your friends and family need to know). The idea of you being promiscuous serves to heighten his desire for you a great deal.

    So please, whisper in his ear that you are ready to become a slut for him. Tell him that you want your pussy to be fucked and filled with cum while he watches and then you want him to slide his cock into you and deposit his own load into his little slutty whore. Do it for him, do it for you, free yourself and your sexual desires. You’ll never turn back and wonder why you took so long to get there!

    I would love to hear your thoughts ladies and hubbies/boyfriends!


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