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    Racist girl gone black, a true story

    Racist girl gone black, a true story

    You might recognise this blogpost from an older blog I had here on tumblr, but its a pretty interesting story and experience so I post it again.

    some time ago i mentioned how I made a swedish racist girl go black, so here it is. also since this is a pretty sensitive experience so I have omitted some things, also all names are changed but otherwise things are described more or less as they hapend.

    Some years ago I did some work at a Folkhögskola, a term i know needs some explanation. In short a folkhögskola is independent adult education college. Every “folk high school” (litteral translation) has a general course that gives its graduates basic eligibility to higher education. People with little previous education have priority of application but people with higher education can aply to its courses too. So you get at times some very mixed groups staying there.

    In one of these classes, the one that I had contact with, was such a mixed group. In the group we had both immigrants as well as white Swedes. One of the white swedes was this typicall Nordic girl,in her early 20s, tall, blonde blue eyed and slim. Very attractive and it din’t take much time to notice she din’t like the immigrants in her class or at the school. When going out to pubs and after she had gotten some drinks in her she could become pretty outspoken of her dislike about Arabs and blacks, whom she regarded as “foreigners” and that they never could become true Swedes (whatever that is). Since I’m pretty good with people and sociable I soon learned that her views was much more racist than those she expressed. To me she told me that she din’t like black people and thought they should go back to Africa, the same aplied fot Arabs and Muslims too, they had no place in Sweden. I also noticed that her views where those very close to that expressed by not only right wing racists like those in Sverige Demokraterna (the no 1 racist party here in Sweden), but much worse than that. It was more like neo-nazi or extrem right wing views. I also found out that she had a boyfriend  who was active in an ulra right wing organization.

    In the class I saw to it that she was placed in a group that had some non-European students, both male and female I migh add. She wasnt to happy about that but she dint say anything about it, not that I heard of anyway.In the group was this guy from Gambia, Africa. His name was Musa and he and I had become pretty good friends. He had the right views when it came to girls and I had the pleasure of watching him pick up a drunk Swedish girl at a pub in the nearby town. It was pretty amazing how skillful he was and also had very little quams about the fact that the girl he picked up was pretty drunk. But that din’t seem to bother him the least. I hinted to him about my plans and he caught on very fast and showed enthusiams about it. We talked very straight about it and Musa really got hooked on the idea of seducing and fucking a blonde blue eyed neo-nazi girl with a boyfriend in the right wing movement. It was pretty thrilling to plan how a black African would spread the legs of a racist girl and conquer her with his black cock, defiling her pure aryan body and heritage that she held sacred. The fact that she had a boyfriend made me wonder how genuine her beliefs really was. Also I noted that things wherent really good between them, I think (but not sure) that it was the fact that she was studying and staying at the Folkhögskola that was one part of the problem. Perhaps he was the jelous and possesive type, I don’t know, but as things played out he had all reasons to be.

    I saw to it that she had to interact as much as possible with Musa,who was extremly charming to her despite she being a cold to him at first, clearly showing that she wanted nothing to do with him. Not that she dared to make any racist slurs or such, but I knew what she thought about black people. Musa wasnt detered but kept on being his charming self and me in the background giving him support and making sure they where in the same group and so on. Things din’t move along as fast as I would have liked and things seemed not to be going the way i wanted and it looked like nothing was going to hapen , but then luck came into it. The racist girl and her boyfriend had a quarrel over to phone and things got pretty heated with her in tears at the end.Luckily I was there and offered some comfort, advise and some wine (well, quite a lot acctually). Acctually I was steering in another direction, some would call it manipulating but when working towards a goal one cant be too choosy by what means one achieves it. I know, perhaps wrong of me you might say, but I din’t care then and dont care now. The main goal was to get her in bed with Musa and if she felt bad afterwards, so be it.As things hapen there was a group of students going out that evening and I talked the girl into joining us. She was still a bit upset but on the other hand my words and the wine had worked out fine. Musa knew that he had his chance, she still being angry and upset on her neo-nazi boyfriend. During the night out I saw to it that they both had time alone and that she was plied with more drinks during the evening.It was very thrilling to watch Musa assult that blonde Nordic fortress that acctually did put up a fight, not whole heartedly, admitted, but still. But Musa, being experienced with girls, wasnt put off but carried the assult (sorry for the military allusions, but I really cant resist using them). The defenses started to crumble away under the assult, the viking girls has a soft spot (or moist pussy more rather) for aggressive Arabs and Africans. Also there was no one there to come to her rescue. During the evening things took on a momentum of their own and while out getting some fresh air I could spot them a few meters away making out. It was a real kick watching this blonde blue eyed viking princess kissing this tall black African, his hands resting on her hips and stroking her long blonde hair. I returned inside. They did it. Score! Victory! Another white girl gone black. And this time a racist viking Godess that now was submitting to a black African, his black cock streching her thight Aryan pussy where only white cocks had been before.

    I returned to school but din’t go by Musas room or hers, thinking that I would eventualy hear everything directly from Musa.

    Next day the girl kept much to herself, only saw her at lunch. Musa on the other hand aproached me directly and told me everyting that had hapend the previous night. They had made out outside the bar and then walked back to the school. She hadn’t protested when he invited her in for some more wine, she being drunk. Then things had gotten serious, they making out and pretty soon he had his hands on the Nordic girls bare breasts, he told me she said she had a boyfriend and things like that but at the same time Musa had just pressed on. They had both gotten naked and she had been or her knees sucking his black African cock. It must have been a very exciting sight, seeing this blonde Viking princess submissively on her knees with a thick black cock in her mouth. Then they had fucked, she hadn’t asked for condoms and Musa din’t put any on. She had orgasmed and he had unloaded inside her. Then they had slept but had waken up in the early morning and had sex again.

    I could tell after that that the girl had a really bad conscience, but i pretended not to know why but kept on working on her, making sure that her firstfuck with Musa shouldnt stay a one-time thing. Surley enough, some day later she was in Musas bed again and after that they had sex a few more times before the course ended. Musa told me pretty much everything about it, but i wont go into any details but saying this much that he was her first non-white guy (no suprise perhaps). It was a pretty thrilling experience, even more so since it involved in breaking her racist morals and values at such a core level.  I knew at the time that I had destroyed some very basic beliefs of hers, or perhaps it was her boyfriends beliefs she had adopted without giving it much critical thought. Of course i knew that she would have a problem with that later on and that her relationship with her neo-nazi  boyfriend was most likely over but i din’t feel bad over that fact and i still doesent.

    Africa vs racist Sweden 1-0.


    All in the Family: Taken by Jamal’s Dad

    Part 1: Owned, My First Time

    Part 2: Crystal Gets Claimed

    Part Three of the Tawdry Tale of the Summers family’s NBWO subjugation.

    One day while I was at Jamal’s house, up in his room fucking, his dad called him downstairs. When he came back he told me i had to do something for him. His dad told him that he wants to fuck me. Jamal told me to go downstairs with him and meet his dad, which we did. His dad is in his late forties, Jamal introduced me to him and he told me to sit on his lap, as i did i could feel his cock hardening under my bum. His hands slid up my tiny waist and cupped my tits, he mumbled in my ear “You’re a sweet little bitch, are you letting my son fuck you?” he asked. I nodded yes, then he squeezed both my tits.

    “Nice,” he said. “Well, I am Jamal’s dad and if you want to keep having my son fuck you then you need to suck my dick right now.” At that moment, he pulled my top off and tweaked my nipples, then he sucked on each one licking, biting sucking then pushed me off of his lap onto the floor.

    He pulled out his cock, it was quite a bit larger then Jamal’s cock, now come and

    kneel between my legs and show me how you can satisfy Jamal’s dad.I walked over and knelt between his legs, I pulled his cock completely out of his pants, including his balls. I leaned in and licked his balls sucking on them with my little girl mouth. I had just turned 15, so I was still under age. I then covered his cock with my little lips and mouth. I could not take all of him into my mouth, he grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock head into my tight throat causing me to gag and gasp, almost puke. He laughed, then I felt his cock head swell in my mouth as he squirted a huge load of cum into my mouth; so much,that it sprayed out of the sides between his cock and my lips.

    After he slid his dick out of my mouth, he told me to lick it clean. I did, licking all of it up. Then he said open your mouth, I did. He coughed up and spit it into my mouth telling me to close and swallow it. I could feel lumps in it but i was to afraid to not swallow it so I did. He put his cock in his pants then grabbed me and pulled me closer.

    “Show me your little cunthole that Jamal likes so much.” He said matter-of-factly. I grabbed the hem of my skirt and pulled it up. Since I do not wear panties, it was on display right away.

    His dad looked at it, “Mmm so small, so tight, so nice, and smooth!” he growled, staring transfixed. He slid his finger between my cunt lips. It took my breath away. He told Jamal to hold my arms from behind. He told him to put his knee into my ass, to push me forward. My pubic mound pushed at him, my pussy as well.

    He put his legs between mine and forced my legs apart more. I felt his finger enter

    my hole without hesitation. He started to work it in deeper. I felt his knuckle as he went in deeper, his thumb sliding up and down my slit. The thrill of being forcibly turned on went through me like a shock and I shivered whole-bodily. He looked in my eyes, as I did and his other hand played with my nipples as he fingered my pussy. He smiled, saying, “You are a sweet little fucktot, my son chose well. I want you to come back in two days, right after school. My wife will be out and I am going to

    fuck this nice tight little girl pussy hole. with my cock, not my finger.”

    He pulled out his finger, licked it clean.

    “You are so yummy,” he pulled me in closer and forced me to kiss him. He wanted to taste my little girl tongue. As I kissed him, I pushed my tongue in deep. His hands went around my waist, under my skirt and he squeezed my ass. He sucked hard on my tongue, his fingers sliding down my ass

    crack, until he tapped my tight little ass hole with his finger.

    He pushed me back. “Leave, I will see you in two days.”

    Jamal and I left the room, he walked me to the door and kissed me goodbye. I walked home alone.

    cow cunt sarah