like idgaf about how you feel about dream but the fact that this 23 year old guy has become so desensitised to the obscene levels of hate that’s been directed his way for the vast majority of his online career is just objectively absurd. yeah every content creator is subjected to some amount of negativity but i have never in my LIFE seen someone treated the way dream is just because the internet decided to make him out to be this irredeemable evil human being. it is so, so disturbing watching people throw away any last shred of empathy they may have in order to behave like literal high school bullies except on a way larger scale – and then justifying it by saying it’s just “jokes” when they’re the same damn people preaching about men’s mental health or saying that all 15 year olds are chronically online and parasocial. frankly, i think obsessing over the way a fucking stranger looks and engaging with post after post mocking him is far more parasocial than anything ANY dream stan has done in their lives because seriously what the hell do you gain from being an awful person barring some twitter clout 😭 for dream to be so used to the negativity that he’s taken precautions like making a twitter priv where he can reply to fans without worrying about them being dogpiled by haters or the fact that he can laugh off a death threat so serious it warranted literal FBI attention is absolutely insane. there are grown men in the gaming sphere who are actively promoting actual damaging ideals; spewing the typical misogynist/racist bullshit that nobody even bothers to call them out for because it’s seen as an inherent part of the community, but because dream is the most “famous” he’s the one who takes on the brunt of criticism from people who honestly don’t even have a reason to hate him – he’s just an easy target. dream’s appearance should mean nothing to people who don’t care about him because the way he looks should hold no inherent value!!!! the fact that he’s in a public spotlight by no means justifies the extent to which he is consistently and hatefully attacked by hundreds of thousands of people who could not possibly imagine what it’s like to be in his shoes. you are not a good person if you make fun of dream’s appearance, period.


    I don’t like dream and I couldn’t care less about him but everytime I see someone make fun of his appearance I think of this picture :

    I’ll never understand how people can be so obsessed about hating someone

    [ID : a drawing of three stickmen figures, the first one labelled “you” is in the top left corner and holding a gun shooting a red ray that says “bodyshaming”, it goes toward the second stickman in the middle right labelled “guy u don’t like but will never care” holding a shield on which the ray is reflected and goes to the third stickman labelled “person you care about with the same trait who now knows you think they’re ugly”. END ID]


    okay I have a lot to say here but i’ll say only this

    I’ve experienced 0.01% of online hatred and harassment that even a mid tier youtube celebrity experiences, and i feel completely comfortable saying that most youtube celebrities definitely have clinical PTSD.

    Being harassed dogpiled and threatened online will never never never never never make anyone a better person and it will never minimize the harm even a bad person does. What it does is shut down all but the most defensive and aggressive parts of your brain, it makes you angry, it makes you question your sanity, it makes you strobe rapidly between “I’m evil and irredeemable” and “nothing I do or say is wrong” in a destructive death spiral.

    Having any level of internet fame at all means some people will viciously, violently hate you for existing, and trying to cope with this warps your personality. You either pour yourself into becoming this limp, all-accommodating doormat, or you become a ball of resentment and hate and lash out at everyone and everything, or you just shut down and go numb.

    A while back on here people were just like. posting Dream’s address all over the place. I don’t even know what for. Why? Do you want this person to fear for his life? To be conscious every day that there are people in the world that want him to be unsafe and scared? Why? Why? Why? Why? Do you think that this makes someone into a better person? Do you think that this creates personal growth and helps someone cultivate compassion? Do you think a good person will be unaffected by abuse? Do you think a bad person becomes better through abuse?


    okay headspace this is literally the best I’ve seen anyone put it thank you so so so so so much

    anyways everyone saying he’s a “racist little shit” who “sends his fans after people” I recommend reading this doc before saying anything else. it contains every accusation, true, false, and exaggerated, and it also includes the way he addressed each thing. you may not forgive him for all of it. or agree entirely. but there is a massive difference between “replying to someone disagreeing and they get overwhelmed with replies and go private” and “he sent a hate mob after people”

    ultimately if you want to change the minds of anyone who does support him, nobody’s gonna listen to misrepresentations or a refusal to acknowledge when one has already apologized. it sucks that these things happen, but if your go to is to pretend that person has never even tried to make up for it when they have… you are doing a lie and that means nobody’s gonna listen.


    c!Dream lore from his priv twitter


    [Tweet from @dreamsecretclub 

    “Just messing around in CHARACTER c!Dream lore?!? I’m bored” 


    It's hard to tell the difference between good and evil. I mean, there's a fine line. Is the snake that bites you out of the blue evil? who evil shoots deadly venom into your veins just for walking down a path? 

    Well, no, because we just don't understand the snake. It must have had a reason. Snakes don't just bite.What'd you do? Come on. Did you kick it? Were it's babies around? No one asks that about people. 

    Oh Dream exiled you. Dream blew up your country. Dream built a prison and we were just walking down a path. He's evil. But no one stops to ask… what’d you do. People don't just blow up things. We must just not understand Dream. Did you kick him? 

    They asked that for the snake, but not for people. Why is that? Imagine the snake. My babies were in that bush and hawks were swooping in every day trying to take the eggs. I lunge once and now you hunt me down. You try and farm my own venom and use it against me. You run me away from my nest.

    So there are some snakes that just bite. Pure evil. But they weren't always that way. You made them that way by treating them like that's what they always were. And sometimes you do have to ask the question, how did you get there? 

    Because imagine the snake finally decides, fuck you, I am just going to bite. I'm going to lay and wait in this bush. Gonna watch your ankles go by. The clock ticking off venom slowly fills my fangs. And I'm not going to stop until you put me down. Because I'm no longer protecting my eggs. They're already gone. They were stolen by the hawks when you chased me away from my nest. 

    So some snakes do just bite. Do I? Do you? Not even once? It's hard to separate good and evil. It's a fine line. ]

    it's the personality that gets me. he's a dork and always been kinda shy and nervous and you know that the hate has gotten to him but it was still so important for him to say that it could've been anyone, that he's just a person, and that he loves us and he wants to give back and he wants to be better and grow and that's why everyone is gonna say he's pretty 'cause you can see how much he cares, you could always hear it when he spoke before but you can see it and i'm so so proud of him.


    Me right now at 1AM, emotionally devastated, explaining to my sister how emotionally constipated Cale was before his talk with Lee Soo Hyuk that when he woke up after dreaming about the past, when he was alone during their death anniversary, he was clearly experiencing symptoms of shock (sweating, coldness (even when the room was heated with magic), paleness, etc) yet he didn’t even notice anything was wrong and simply laughed at the children trying not to show that he was in pain and not even being able to acknowledge the pain himself, and how he clearly blocks some of the memories related to himself like when he said that as he grew more he took more holidays but as shown in the second side story, when Cale!KRS took a few days off after he transmigrated everyone got super worried about their team leader because he rarely takes breaks or holidays and their only conclusion is that something happened to him or he finally worked himself to death because he looked like he had lost all his will to live all the time, so it shows how Cale decides to depict some memories the way it suits his mental state best, convincing himself that he was fine, nothing was wrong with him, when he clearly was suffering from depression, ptsd, emotional constipation which resulted from not allowing himself to grief properly, memory gaps, anxiety disorder considering his fear of loosing an ally again and never letting anyone being killed in front of him or because of him ever again, and how complex Cale’s emotional state is even after all this time, even after his talk with Lee Soo Hyuk, he still can’t express and recognize his emotions well, still not allowing himself to grieve properly considering the only time he expressed his emotions over the lost of his best friends and family out in the open was when he cried after meeting Lee Soo Hyuk, and even than he didn’t know why he was crying and forced himself to smile convincing himself that he’s supposed to be happy at that moment, not allowing himself to be sad, even tho his crying was a big improvement from the time he was Kim Rok Soo and didn’t even allow himself to cry about his hyungs, but still he’s not fully capable of expressing his pain and other emotions that have been piling up inside of him, which at this point make him so emotional vulnerable that even the slightest loss could make him loose himself to grief, so the confirmed deaths in part 2 will most likely cause Cale’s emotions to either revert like when he was Kim Rok Soo or completely break him, letting out all the piled up emotions inside of him combust showing us a completely different side of Cale, and yet with his complex emotional state we can never be sure what would happen to him, but he’s very close to healing now and him reverting back to that severely depressed state could be very dangerous not only for him but everyone around him, yet there’s hope for Cale’s mental and emotional health because those deaths would probably help him grow considering he still has allies on his side, not like before when he was the only surviver, and we could get a Cale that will understand his grief and depression and work on it, so this side story was to show us how far Cale’s mental health has come how he’s improving daily, yet is still extremely fragile and could break at any moment, but the emphasized significance of Choi Han in this side story shows us how he’s going to be one of the people who will help Cale the most with his mental and emotional problems, and how Cale still has a long way to go before being fully healed such as, even by the end of the novel he most likely won’t be fully healed because mental health is not something that can be cured over the course of a few months, especially for someone as complex as Cale so his mental and emotional journey during this part will be of great significance—


    I just saw this post and... It made me think of the latest update. Like I feel likes it a comical scene but after reading this and thinking back at the chapter, I got emotional. Choi Han is already starting to openly show signs of being very concerned about Cale's wellbeing. The fact that he keeps hovering over him. And also that thing, where Eruhaben commented that it's easier to use mana in the area that Cale purified and it would be better if they had more places like that, but before he could finish talking he felt chills and saw CH glaring at him. Subconsciously glaring at him. Like omg, his first response to someone making Cale work more is glaring at them and he was surpsed that he did that. Eru also realised that if there were more places like that Cale would totally faint.

    Get how we're so Sui and CJS deprived in the start of part 2? I'm hoping that we'll have a chapter the two of them just comforting and reassuring Cale.

    Talking about Sui and CJS reminds me of that time where Cale went to a parallel world. The mirror masks thingy, that LSH regretted, Cale made a a way for him not to suffer in that incident again. The travel companions that CJS had that he didn't mention because they prbly died? Cale also fixed that by saving them. Like ugh. Cale is solving and fixing problems whether it is physical or emotional, he might be healing but it's slow progress because no one is pointing it out out loud. Damn someone help this person like how he helps others.


    Stop. Im not okay.

    Cale please go to therapy my fucking god


    yall really woke up and decided to drop a heart wrenching, incredible analysis on cale’s grief huh.

    im in tears now