Naughty William

F/m spanking leaning to the domestic side

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2020-04-30 12:27:36

    This is my favourite spanking implement my fiancé has got me, my ebony hairbrush. The look on his face when I pick it up to discipline him with is priceless. What? Hairbrush? I aim to continue to use it on a regular basis. He listens to me properly when it’s in my hand, I will never tire of it. I like the smacking sound it makes on his naked bottom along with the deepening red colour. I can leave it in plain view anywhere in the house , always within easy reach. “ Pants down, assume position ” any time I like to administer his discipline. He is always very sorry and humble after I use my hairbrush. In fact when I next use it I will post a video and photos so others can see just how good it is, and the reaction he has . I strongly recommend every woman should get an ebony hairbrush, it will get your mans attention. He absolutely hates it , I absolutely love it x x x .