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2019-01-07 00:09:09

    The literal, actual tagline on this article: “Get stuffed”

    I was flipping through an old magazine and came across this article. It was so stuffing-kink-specific I was sure I was hallucinating it, but nope, it also exists online. It may be specifically intended for Thanksgiving, but it applies to any meal. So for anyone who is into stuffing, here is a science-based step-by-step guide to stuffing yourself absolutely silly.


    My my, look how tight your shirts have become. Your oversized gut has ballooned into a large lardy ball of fat. Your tits help push the fabric to its limits too. Two bulbous round breasts barely contained by straining buttons. Your eating habits have taken a toll on your wardrobe lately. With each snack and carb loaded meal you press passed your lips your body grows bigger and your clothes shrink tighter. If you even dare try to sit down your shirt may bust right open! You also need to up your bra size since they are starting to spill over the cups. You’ve been fattening yourself up and don’t want to admit that nothing fits right anymore. Thats what happens when you binge eat, stress eat, and treat yourself too often. It adds up. Just like the flab being added to your belly, thighs, and ass. But keep going. Soon enough your bloating body will no longer fit in your old clothes. Just keep upping sizes until you’re far too fat for clothes at all. Keep eating for me, bigger and bigger. Its easy to let yourself go. Make those buttons pop for me ❤