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    white people ruined the non sexual intimacy of nakedness methinks


    i think that for a species that come into the world naked and have such an easy time understanding sex, its ironic that the world at large cant accept that intimacy cant occur outside of sexual desire. there is intimacy in a shared bath between a mother and her child. between brothers sharing a bed. between friends changing in the same room.

    and i said white people bc i feel like literally everyone else figured that shit out already? like in public bath houses and women walking around with their breasts exposed. europe got a hold of chriatianity and decided to put a worldwide ban nakedness and put these restrictions on the human body, bastardizing the nature with which we come into the world. its dirty, its deviant, its dangerous to be exposed in the appropriate spaces or ones own home.

    the way young people have to cover up in their homes before guests come, the way shorts and other summer clothes are only perceived as sexual in nature and not the most effective way of combating a million degree heat, the way people freak out when they see a bra strap like it wasnt them who made bitches wear bras in the first place

    i think we should let bodies be bodies be bodies


    [text ID: a tweet by Aqqalu @uyarakq that reads, “nudity shouldn’t be sexual. my ancestors walked the tundra with their tits out and nobody cared until those with a bible came.” / end ID]


    Native women near me used to just wear basket hats and skirts and maybe necklaces for special occasions. It was common for ppl of both sexes and all ages to bath and sweat in sweat houses together, naked of course, bc nudity wasn’t that sexualized until the colonizers came.


    hello, i loved your gerudo design! i'd like to know what cultures inspired you for the clothes and, just a art tip in general, how to merge cultures and make something new without it being harmful. i'm trying to create a species and the only reference we artists have to cultures is, well, real life human culture! but i understand a fine line between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation. sorry if i wrote something wrong, i'm still learning english lol!

    I'm glad you enjoy my Gerudos, thank you!! owo ALSO no need for apologies, you're completely fine! :)

    To answer your question though, the most simplistic way I can think of is to do research. Much easier said than done though! Researching a culture can only do so much, it won't nearly be as informing as immersing yourself in that culture would be, but that's difficult for many obvious reasons, one of which is physically traveling, and living, in said cultures. It's always a safe bet to write what ya know and what you've experienced so, that's what I typically do when I write; I write what I've personally experienced and a lot of the time that helps with fantasy cultures, specifically because I generally just kinda make 'em up on the fly. That works depending on how you go about it though, of which I could try talking about my process there if you're interested. owo

    As far as using real world cultures as a basis though: research is important. And if you're able, getting input from people of that culture is important too. Asking yourself why that culture specifically will definitely help too. I don't think you need a super profound reason but knowing why could prob save you a lot of heartache and headache.

    Be okay with making a mistake. Like I said, no matter how much ya research there's only so much you'll know without outright putting yourself in the culture and even then, you'll prob only get so much from it versus someone who's lived with and in it for most of their lives. You're more than likely gonna make a mistake, but an important factor in that is listening to constructive critique when given. I wanna emphasize the constructive part though; there's a huge difference between someone trying to educate you on something you genuinely didn't know, and someone trying to tear you apart.

    Aaand finally, treat and see the people who originate from a culture you're researching as that: People. Probably doesn't need to be said, but it'll do wonders to have an open mind for anything different than what you might be used to, and to be willing to learn it to the best ya can before using it as inspiration. I'm no expert on culture by any means, but it's always a lot of fun to learn something new about the people we share space with, whether it be their foods, music, beliefs, whatever it may be. It's a large part of why I adore worldbuilding; the best part about it, and our world in general, is the people. :)

    TL;DR: A) Research! B) Don't be afraid to make a mistake; ya gotta learn somehow. C) Don't be afraid to simply ask people for input or advice! D) Don't be an ass and be willing to listen!

    I hope that helps to at least some fashion! owo

    2020 has done it again 

    @jorvik-gazette-news​​ discovered this morning that the Bella Sara site has been updated after 10 years and tragically the original content of the site has been removed. This has been done most likely due to the upcoming changes to adobe flash that will happen by the end of this year. 

    It doesn’t exactly heal the pain of its loss of hours spent collecting horses, playing games, decorating cottages, and exploring. It truly hurts to see that all go.

    However, Bella Sara did produce a new app and release free content digitally that hadn’t been before out of this. So, as Will said, perhaps we’re entering a new age of Bella Sara and we’ll have to see what comes in the future. 

    And remember to always honor the best boy Peter who never did get his own card


    “Believe in happy thoughts. Then you can do anything.”