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    ok, send me a question and your answer to that question in regards to your crush or significant other then i’ll answer about my crush (bc don’t we all just wanna talk about our people??)

    1: Do they drink coffee?
    2: Are they left or right handed?
    3: How do they do their hair? Facial hair? (If they have it)
    4: What’s their favorite animal?
    5: What is their relationship status?
    6: What is their favorite band/singer?
    7: Are they more a cat or dog person?
    8: What does their laugh sound like?
    9: Do they know multiple languages? Which ones?
    10: How old are they? How old are you?
    11: One word that describes them.
    12: Do they have any pets?
    13: What is their favorite TV show?
    14: What is their favorite movie?
    15: What car do they drive?
    16: What ethnicity and/or nationality are they?
    17: Where did you meet them?
    18: What was your first meeting like?
    19:  What is their zodiac sign? Are your signs compatible?
    20: What month is their birthday?
    21: What is your favorite outfit on them?
    22: Are they good texters?
    23: Your favorite feature about their appearance.
    24: Your favorite thing about their personality.
    25: Do they make you laugh?
    26: Do you make them laugh?
    27: Are they good huggers/ kissers?
    28: What is your favorite “flaw” that they have?
    29: Are they nice to strangers?
    30: What is the funniest thing they have ever said?
    31: Saddest?
    32: Weirdest?
    33: Cutest?
    34: Ever dreamt about them? What happened in the dream?
    35: How tall are they? How tall are you?
    36: Do they have a booty?
    37: What are their hobbies?
    38: What are their talents?
    39: What would your dream date be with them?
    40: Does anyone know about your crush/love?
    41: What do you guys have in common?
    42: Do they go to the gym?
    43: Do they go by their given name?
    44: What is their favorite color?
    45: How far apart do you live from them?
    46: What song reminds you of them?
    47: Do they listen to a lot of music?
    48: What do they smell like?
    49: If they were in a book (protagonist or antagonist or supporting character, up to you) how would the writer describe them?
    50: How often do you see them?
    51: The last text/ message they sent you?
    52: The last thing they said to you in person?
    53: What is the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you in front of them?
    54: Do they have any tattoos or piercings?
    55: What color are their eyes?
    56: What is their clothing style?
    57: What is one thing that makes them really special?
    58: Will you tell your crush your feelings?
    59: How long did you know them before you started falling for them?
    60: Was there a defining moment when you knew you liked them?