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    controversial post maybe but i think if you don't need a psychiatric evaluation to get breast implants then you shouldn't need one to get top surgery


    this is kind of an unrelated rant but i do also think western society has a weird fixation on Breasts™️ like ive heard countless stories of people trying to get breast reductions and the drs refusing to do it or purposefully doing it wrong (ie taking them down to a c-cup when they wanted to be an a-cup) people were legit angry/upset when angelina jolie got her mastectomy as if she'd personally wronged them there is literally a breast cancer foundation called "save the tatas" as though a woman losing her tits is more important than a woman losing her life. making your breasts bigger is fine but making them smaller or (shock horror!) getting rid of them is considered deeply strange. and i think that's why top surgery is viewed as some kind of hideous irrevocable mutilation by so many people, because they have this bizarre need to treat an ordinary body part that approx. 50% of the population has as either public property or a symbol of Divine Womanhood or whatever the fuck. it's so stupid i hate it


    I’ve just become aware of fish stocking… and that it’s done by airplane ! ?!

    How do the fish survive the fall?

    How do they count 57,000 Muskellunge that are only 0.5 inches long?

    I can’t tell what’s more amazing than me : air dropping 963 rainbow trout (10” each) or delivering 2,284,000 walleye to one location.

    Just imagines government worker… 2,283,992…2,283,993… 2,283,994…*phone rings* …. Ummm… hmm. 1…2… 3…

    it's called Airdrop Fish Stocking and while it's not the most common method of stocking fish, it's often used for areas where the target bodies of water are remote or lack infrastructure for large trucks!

    and it's exactly what it sounds like, yeah.

    no worries though, the stocked fish are small enough to survive the drop! just like how a mouse can survive a fall off a skyscraper, a small fish can survive a MUCH longer drop than you'd expect :)

    they are absolutely having a very bad day about it, though.

    just the worst.


    Also, this has been surprisingly absent from the policy discourse, and I wouldn't have known about it had someone not linked to it from somewhere else

    (basically they're being forced to revise their algorithms and processes, which TBF they didn't seem unwilling to do)


    "Potential bias in its moderation algorithms"

    As if this is an issue with some algorithm accidentally flagging two men hugging as hardcore pornography, and not that they specifically and intentionally banned and hid every tag that was even so much as LGBT-adjacent.


    Ladies!!! What’s our thoughts on the “pain killers cause autism”?


    Medical consensus: Acetaminophen is the safest and most recommended pain killer to take during pregnancy and is one of the only pain killers that is safe to take in all three trimesters.

    Pregnant women: *take acetaminophen most commonly during pregnancy* 

    Companies: Oh ho ho!!!! Despite the medical opinion that both ADHD and Autism are genetic and likely passed from the mom………..it’s because it’s passed when she..uh…does pregnant stuff! Yoga during pregnancy causes ADHD!!!!! Going to birth classes causes AUTISM. SLEEPING ON YOUR SIDE IN THE THIRD TRIMESTER CAUSES SUPER MEGA ULTIMATE AUTISMS!!!!!!!!


    Shocking to me that there's such a fandom for Breaking Bad here on this website, full of people who found the moral nuance of Steven Universe to be unmanageable.


    not to take this post too seriously but if i had to hazard a guess, its because, at least according to my understanding, breaking bad is full of characters who suck as people, and the show wants its audience to think they suck, and when they go through a lot of bad shit you're generally supposed to think they deserve it because they caused it to themselves, making bad decisions chasing patriarchal ideals and fantasies. When you don't think a character deserves their fate, its usually because those characters are presented as victims to the decisions of the ones that suck.

    while SU presents you with characters who suck, and who want you to look at that and examine "okay, but why do they suck. what happened in their lives that made them that way. can we help them not be that way and heal from that damage, while not simply excusing their behavior." It also takes characters that you love and peels them apart and shows you their most damaged and fucked up parts, and asks you to still love them even through their flaws, because everyone in the world has nastiness inside them that they are trying to get past or hide, and still deserve love and a chance to improve themselves anyways.

    both these shows are great and i think they do what they set out to do well. And you would think that the more adult out of these shows would be the more challenging of the two. But nobody goes into breaking bad expecting there to be only love and light, because its an adults show with adult themes

    Basically nobody went into SU expecting challenging topics. "Everyone should be given compassion" is a common lesson given to children through cartoons, but its rarely given in conjunction with characters that are as realistically fucked up, traumatized, bigoted, and neglectful as some characters in SU are. And at the end of the day, the very unfortunate reality is that people in this world are much quicker to accept the idea of "there are some people who have been inherently broken by our society, who become assholes and ruin everything around them" than they are willing to accept the idea that those people could be healed and stop being an asshole under the right circumstances, with the right help, and that it might (god forbid) be our responsibility sometimes to be that help.

    Suffice to say, this was simply not what people realized they were signing up for when they started watching a show about a little boy and his magical gay family. People just assumed that the show asking you to empathize with some very fucked up characters, was asking you to forgive them and let them continue hurting people scotch free, because they weren't killed off or punished for eternity or made to suffer in some way before they got their healing. Ignoring that this was the very idea the show was challenging. And instead of adjusting their expectations by realizing what the show was aiming for, or just not watching if the show was not what they wanted it to be, they just decided to argue that the show was so problematic that it couldn't possibly be ethically enjoyed.

    No one ever talks about how hard it is to trust yourself if you’ve been through trauma or are mentally ill. Not trusting others is a common assumption but what about not trusting your own mind. Not knowing which thoughts to believe. Not trusting that you will be able to go somewhere and not have a panic attack or ptsd episode or be triggered in general. Not trusting your actions because they’ve always been critiqued etc. Not trusting yourself is a new kind of hell that no one should have to experience.