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2020-07-15 07:34:57

    Credit: @pet_foolery

    I think I already reblogged this but im gonna do it again because this is a good reminder on how toxic gatekeeping it.

    I’m reblogging this for the amount of thought that was put into figuring out the necessary configuration for a mertaur wheelchair.

    MMMMM, the LAYERS to this. 

    She’s technically a monster too. She might not look it at first glance and seems mostly human, but it isn’t deniable even despite her looks compared to the other monsters. 

    But she realizes that she is still not like the rest of the monsters either and may not have entirely the same experiences as them, which is why she feels that she might not belong to or deserve to go to the support group. By sometimes passing as human, she feels she isn’t worthy of the space. 

    The sad reality though is even though she’s mostly human in appearance, that tail she has undeniably would still cause her some struggle. Humans are still gonna look at that tail and think she’s a freak. There are probably still accommodations she needs because of the tail that she may still struggle to have access to. Even if it is just the tail, that tail is still enough to other her from humans and cause her problems and discrimination. 

    She should get to belong in that support group even if she gets told she’s not monster “enough”. She still shares some of the same struggles as them that are caused by being a monster, and needs support. 

    This is an excellent demonstration of the flaws in the concept of passing privilege. Bravo to the artist. 

    Imma reblog this again for the comments.

    I honestly didn’t even notice the tail at first