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    Why Don’t Asians Wear Vintage?

    Over the weekend, the lovely Emileigh at Flashback Summer recently held a discussion over on her blog about why the vintage community still doesn’t attract a lot of minority races. This question has been on my mind since the first day I started wearing vintage, so I think it is time for me to address this for both Asians and non-Asians.

    Most of the Asians I talk to have expressed their admiration for vintage clothing, but a lot of them are reluctant to actually wear vintage. Of course it could simply be the fact that vintage shopping can be difficult, they have simply no interest or time to hunt for vintage and then alter/clean them, and so forth. But I want to go through a few specific points, more race-specific points on why I think we Asians are yet to embrace vintage clothing and culture. Two of the images here belong to my family so please do not reuse without permission.

    NoraFinds | Vintage Blog Vintage Blogger

    Anna May Wong - one of the first Chinese actress to have leading roles in Hollywood in the 1920s/1930s.

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    Some old mixed media favourites. 🦄

    Some of you might be aware of the fact that I’m working on my next artbook – I hope to complete it later this year, although I’m currently finding it difficult to focus on this book because of numerous other work projects and duties that are keeping me busy on a daily basis. But I hope I’ll get back on track at some point during the following months. 🤞

    The book will include a thematic collection of my mixed media (digitally coloured) drawings from the past five years, such as the ones in this post, and also some never before seen work I’m creating exclusively for the book.

    You may have to wait for the book, but meanwhile these seven illustrations are also available as <>postcards<> (both individually and as a set of 7 cards), and as <>art prints on Society6<>.

    There are a lot of really dog shit things in the world of tech that can be solved with a bit of time, some stubborn googling and maybe some special hardware and piracy is only the tip of the iceberg. 

    Printers are notorious for claiming they’re out of ink when they haven’t come close to the suggested number of prints, and their cartridges literally still have ink in them. So after a bit of googling I found out how to ‘reset’ a cartridges automatic stopping system (its literally 1 physical wheel on the cartridge that you gotta turn back). The only downside is that I don’t get a digital ink monitor, but since it told me it was empty when still half full, I don’t mind. 

    Like, you can just jiggle with some shit and solve one of the biggest money making scams in the post-industrial world and I don’t think people realise its that easy. 

    Or, like, repairing your own technology. A few months ago, I swapped out my sister’s laptop screen. Did it myself, I removed maybe 4 screws, no vital parts were exposed and it cost me $40. I even got a choice of matte or glossy. 

    My point is, any walls that capitalist technology presents you with will be a false one. And one already broken by a dedicated community of interesting people working hard for free to break down that wall.

    baffling how much of this site is just conservative protestantism with a gay hat

    you know what i’m in just enough of a bad mood that i’m ready to nail my grievances to the church door so let’s fucking go

  • black and white morality wherein anyone who doesn’t believe/think/live exactly as I do is a dirty sinner Problematic and probably a predatory monster
  • everyone is a sinner Problematic but true believers people who activist the right way according to my worldview are still better than everyone else, and I will act in accordance to this belief in my own superiority to let everyone else know I’m better than them because I found Jesus am the most woke
  • casual and fucking omnipresent equations of womanhood with softness/goodness/purity/nurturing to remind every woman who isn’t/doesn’t want to be any of those things that they’re doing it wrong
  • aggressive desexualization (particularly of women’s sexuality, to the point where it may as well not exist at all) accompanied by pastel<>s [not a criticism directed ace ppl having a right to sex-free content and spaces but specifically targeted at a wider problem resulting from the previous point]
  • YOU’RE VALID AND JESUS LOVES YOU and neither of these platitudes achieves a goddamn thing
  • historical context is for people who care about nuance and we don’t have time for either (see: black and white morality)
  • lots of slogans and quotes and nice little soundbites to memorize but does anybody actually study the source material with a critical eye to make their own informed analysis
  • the answer is no
  • I’ve been to bible study groups don’t @ me I know what the fuck I’m talking about
  • Good Christians Nice Gays™ don’t fraternize with/let themselves be influenced by non-Christians those terrible queers
  • all the media one consumes must be ideologically pure or it will surely harm the children
  • it is Our Sacred Duty to protect the children from Everything, thus ensuring their innocence/purity/etc until such time as they are idk probably 25 years old
  • literally just “think of the children” moral panic y’all can fuckin miss me with that
  • people who don’t conform to the dominant thinking WILL be excommunicated/driven from the social group, and any wrong treatment they suffer will be seen as a justified consequence of their wrong thinking
  • I Saw Goody Proctor With The Devil And She Had A Bad Steven Universe Headcanon