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    Olivia was being rough with her sister like 2 weeks ago and i explained to her that you need to be gentle with babies because they are hurt very easily and this morning maya was crying while olivia was sleeping and olivia sat straight up and yelled “i’m going to GIVE you shaking baby syndrome be QUIET” 

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    if you are a Black trans woman seeking HRT or other treatment in the US and your doctor isn't listening to you, i will help write letters to your providers for you at no cost. this offer does not expire. @erykahonmain on twitter / eryloveserybody on IG ❣ please RT for visibility

    (not pictured) i do offer services to all trans / lgbt people at large. i always work with people's budgets and give free labor when i can afford to, so please don't let cost be a factor in reaching out to me if you need help!

    you can also msg me here on tumblr @hundondestiny 💕

    i’m not quite sure that everyone understands the severity of antifa being designated as a terrorist organization. 

    antifa is not an organization. it does not have structure, members, leaders, meetups, rules, etc. it is literally just shorthand for antifascist. that’s all it fucking is.  the only designation for “being antifa” is considering yourself antifascist. 

    if antifa is labeled as a terrorist organization, calling yourself antifascist gives the government legal grounds to arrest you for terrorism. 

    if donald trump isn’t bluffing about this, it will give the government the legal right to arrest people who are vocally antifascist for suspected domestic terrorism. antifascist peaceful protests will no longer have the legal right to exist.

    antifa is a ideology, not a group. if it gets legally classified as a terrorist organization, the government has the jurisdiction to arrest anyone they deem to be a part of it. 

    this isn’t fearmongering. this is what being classified as a terrorist means. and it is beyond dangerous.