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Forever paying off Law School student loans

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    This is a really shitty thing for someone to do. It’s insane to believe that this woman who has literally built and supported business across multiple industry is somehow less capable of becoming a lawyer than literally anyone else who ISN’T a lawyer… not to say that anyone who is a practicing attorney is has the ability to gauge the capability of someone they don’t know, personally. Anyone who isn’t supporting this, is a piece of shit.


    You misunderstood the point of this post, let me explain:

    As someone who spent money and grueling time to go through law school, take the bar, and become a lawyer, I have a knee-jerk, eye-roll reaction to any statement that anyone *will* be a lawyer when they haven’t yet done any of what it takes. Kim has to first pass California’s “baby bar” on first year courses before she is even eligible to take the actual bar, which basically no one who does the apprenticeship route ever passes.

    Her dad was a famous lawyer and she has all the resources she wants at her fingertips, and good for her that she wants to take on this challenge. But telling the world that a college drop-out doing an apprenticeship is to definitely be a lawyer three years from now is misleading, and annoying for me to see, that’s all. This profession is not a right, nor a shiny thing you can just buy. It’s a privilege that you have to earn with time, money, and a lot of hard work, and even then requires luck to get.


    This has aged well

    As a law blog I feel necessary to take to this platform with this PSA!

    It’s in your right to not get vaccinated if you don’t want to.

    However, if you choose this, remember it’s also in other people’s right to:

    1. Not let you near them

    2. Not let you use their services or property

    3. Judge you hard

    4. Actively wish you ill

    5. Perform dark magic and kill you instantly


    Sorry not sorry I actually think it’s fucking psychopathic that you find out whether you passed the bar from a publicly published list online. Not only is law school, studying for it, and taking the exam itself a grueling, miserable, belittling experience but now whether you pass or not is available for anyone to find out at the same time you do? It’s like an extra kick in the teeth.

    Yeaaaaaa. It depends on the state though.

    I think it might have started to prevent people from lying about having passed, but yeah, it’s shit


    Yeah I agree it’s a lot of shit. Idk why Maine did like a quick lil gaslight by posting exam IDs then a week later they posted full names.


    Michelle Pfeiffer whipped the heads off those four mannequins in one take and received applause from the Batman Returns crew.




    This is some of the biggest dick energy I’ve ever seen.


    Her whip instructor also taught Harrison Ford for Indiana Jones, and has gone on record saying Michelle is a SIGNIFICANTLY more skilled whip markswoman than Harrison. And as a friend pointed out she was more skilled in a FAR LESS COMFORTABLE AND IMPRACTICAL costume than our good friend Indie. It’s essentially the backwards and in heels phenomenon.


    She still has the whip and still knows how to use it.