Hospitals are struggling for nurses right now because people are leaving the profession entirely or leaving for temporary travel contract positions that pay well. They have been treated poorly, underpaid for the work they do, and inadequately protected this year, and they’re done.

    My brother in law said they’re advertising for a position in his normal unit, offering twice his salary. But they won’t offer him extra to stay after risking his life working in the COVID unit for months, so he’s out. It’s absolutely insulting, and so many industries are going to have a major reckoning coming up.


    Did you know that leeches were once used to predict storms? Well, a tornado warning just dropped and my squad is climbing



    My dad is a meteorologist and he has never once warned me about an incoming storm. My leeches, however......



    *urgently* Lads, the leechometre is at 12 bong, I repeat, 12 bong!


    So you don’t have to watch the video every time you need one of these hacks immediately:

    1. If you feel nauseated, smell rubbing alcohol.

    2. If you feel like throwing up, start humming.

    3. If you have a runny nose, put your tongue to the roof of your mouth and press your thumb to your forehead for about 20 seconds.

    4. If you have a headache, pinch the webbing between your fingers and rub it back and forth for about 1 minute.

    5. If you’re lightheaded from standing up too quickly, clench your butt cheeks.

    6. If your arm’s dead/has the pins and needles feeling, rock your head back and forth.

    7. If you need to pee badly, think of sex to trick your brain and relieve the pressure.

    8. If you have a migraine, stick your hands in ice water.

    9. If you wanna calm your racing heart, blow on your thumb.


    If you're lightheaded while standing up, opening and closing your fists is also something to do. Also try stretching before getting up!

    (These are vasovagal syncope tricks, to get the blood pumping where it should be)


    Thanks for adding another hack!

    I used the humming one when I randomly started dry heaving today, and that shit worked so fast!👌🏼