A really jock-sportsy straight college guy is behaving badly around campus, so he gets sent to a country club Where he gets transformed by the fellow preppy suited students into one more of the perfect, bottom, suit and smiling slaves. Welcome back and hope u like the idea! ;D

    I warn you I do not know how to write straight people.

    Thank you to whomever gave this request, it may have inspired a series of stories surrounding the preppy fraternity that frequents the country club featured in this story, the Country Club itself or the Dean of this fictional college. I won't begin writing it until all my other requests are done.

    Rho Gamma Epsilon Rho - The Country Club.

    (I checked, there is no real fraternity that has this name)

    This is Adam Perr, college football team captain, alpha-bro, pussy hound and party animal. Every guy on campus wanted to be him and every straight girl and gay guy wanted him to fuck them. He wasn't no homo though; unlike the stuffy, preppies from the Rho Gamma Epsilon Rho Fraternity that hung around at the country club near campus. Adam loved sports, but he doesn't consider golf a sport - The whole point is to not score points so it ends quicker - he wouldn't be got dead in anything remotely preppy, he didn't even know how to tie a tie, but he gets along fine with tank tops and shorts and the chicks don't seem to mind either.

    For Adam, college life is about football, drinking, tits and partying. It is the combination of the drinking and partying however that have led to Adam to be in some trouble with the faculty of his college. His last drunken escapade led to nearly $1000 worth of damages. Adam found himself getting chewed out by his football coach in his office.

    "Perr, you are on thin fucking ice with the Dean! He's threatening to take away your scholarship!" Adam was actually worried now, football was the reason he was here, his grades were crap.

    "Threatening? That means there's hope I can stay?" Adam asked Coach.

    "The Dean and I had a talk, he's willing to forget the damages if you agree to a... Proposition he made"


    "He wants you to join Rho Gamma Epsilon Rho, he hopes they'll have a positive influence on you"

    "Really? The preppies?"

    "You'd rather be expelled? That's your only other option"

    "No. I'll join the frat"

    "Good, I'll let the Dean know, he told me to send you to the frat house if you said yes, so get on your way, stay out of trouble" The coach said and sent Adam on his way. Adam knew his way to the Rho Gamma Epsilon Rho house and spent most of the walk there thinking about how much he didn't want to do this, but how bad could it be? It's not like he'd become like one of them, if anything, he planned to rub off on them (no homo).

    When he got to the Rho Gamma Epsilon Rho fraternity, there was someone waiting on the steps of the house. He was definitely a member of Rho Gamma Epsilon Rho, he was wearing cuffed trousers, a shirt and tie and sweater.

    As Adam approached the preppy, the preppy smiled and extended his hand, which Adam shook out of politeness. He also noticed the guy reeked of cologne, like reeked of it, but he'd hold his tounge about it.

    "Hello, I'm Michael - please don't call me Mikey - and I'll be your sort of... Big brother as you get used to being here"

    "Thanks. You've been expecting me?"

    "The Dean said you might be joining us. I was starting to think you weren't going to show up"

    "It's join or get kicked out. Easy decision"

    "I bet. I'm actually the only brother here, the rest are at the country club. You should get ready before we head over"

    "We're off to the country club?"

    "Yeah. It'll be the perfect place for you to meet the brothers. Peter won't mind you borrowing his clothes, you're about the same size". Michael led Adam through the fraternity house, which was immaculately clean and kept organised, Adam saw a trophy case full with first place medals, plagues and trophies but they were all in golf, badminton, tennis and polo. Adam didn't even know what polo was, was it the one where you play on horseback? Michael led Adam into a room with two single beds, large wardrobes and oak desks with everything laid out perfectly organised, the room was pretty much identical except for the different class books and family photos.

    "This is where Peter and I live, you're going to be at the end of the hall with Timothy"

    "What's Timmy like?"

    "He prefers Timothy, and he will correct you on it, but he's a nice guy. Let me get a photo of him up on my phone" Michael showed Adam a photo of his new roommate. It was off his Facebook page, he was wearing a bowtie and sweater vest, Adam didn't think he looked bad but it wasn't the type of thing he'd wear.

    "I think you'll get along quite well. He's more of a golfer than a football guy when it comes to playing, but he goes to all your games" Michael said as he grabbed a light blue shirt, some white trousers, a belt, a navy blue blazer and a blue and yellow tie out of his roommates wardrobe.

    "I think I've see him at a few of our games, a few of you guys always come"

    "Yep. Football isn't my thing but my boyfriend - Micah - loves it, never misses a game when they're on. And we've heard every joke and comment about our names" He passed Adam the shirt, trousers and belt. They all smelt like the cologne Michael was wearing, what was the smell called? It was flowery and pungent.

    "Is Micah at the country club too?" Adam asked as he took off his clothes and began dressing, these guys weren't as stuffy as he thought they were, at least Michael wasn't.

    "I'd say so, his dad owns the place, Micah helps out there a lot"

    "Taking over the family business?" Adam asked as he buttoned up the last button on the shirt and fastened the belt.

    "Sort of, he's got to graduate first" Michael handed Adam the tie.

    "Umm. I actually don't know how to tie a tie" Adam admitted.

    "No problem" Michael popped Adam's collar up and proceeded to tie the tie for him. The cologne hit him like a truck with Michael this close to him, he still couldn't name the scent, but he did not mind it any more, in fact he was warming up to it, he kept thinking about how nice it was, he became lost in these thoughts momentarily, only being broke out of them as Michael tightened the tie around Adams neck and helped him put the blazer on. Adam caught a glimpse of himself in the reflection of the window and he looked like a properly preppy guy. He pulled out his phone to use the camera and when he turned it to himself he saw his hair had been styled, and it had grown back at the sides, it had been combed to the side. But wait, isn't this always how he'd done his hair? Of course it was, he just got confused for a moment.

    "Thanks Bro" Adam said, he figured if he was really joining the frat, he might as well talk like a frat bro.

    "No problem. Want some cologne? Everyone here wears it" Michael held up a bottle, it was a simple glass cylinder tinted gold, it had letters on it, 'ΡΓEP'.

    "You wear a cologne called Prep?"

    "No. It's just a simple Sandlewood cologne, the man who owns the brand was in a Rho Gamma Epsilon Rho fraternity, so we get these special bottles with our Greek letters on them".

    "Sure, give me a spritz" Michael approached Adam and gave him a little spray with the ΡΓEP. In the space of 30 minutes, Adam had gone from looking like your stereotypical jock to a conformist looking preppy, he even smelled like one, and now he was going to a country club.

    Half an hour later, Michael led Adam into the country club to introduce him to his new friends and housemates. There was this music playing softly over the speakers of the club, no lyrics but Adam could swear he could hear faint whispering in the music, the music that was penetranting his mind, he was feeling nice and relaxed as Michael led him to a table with a bunch of guys who were all dressed like he was, with hair styled like his, they smelled like him and one came up to him and planted a kiss on his lips - that's when everything clicked in his mind.

    He was Adam Perring, he was the first person to get into the college on both an Academic scholarship and an Athletic scholarship. He accepted the Athletic scholarship and almost immediately joined the fraternity Rho Gamma Epsilon Rho after running into a number of its members at the country club, while football is his true passion, he does love the occasional round of golf with his frat brothers. He also met Timothy, his boyfriend and roommate while at the country club and ever since, he's been to everyone of Adams games and Adam is always happy to watch or play golf with Timothy. New memories flooded into his mind as his old life faded from it. No more nights out getting as drunk as possible, fucking random girls and not focusing on his studies. He now only drank socially, was in a monogamous relationship with his boyfriend and while football meant a great deal to him, he never let it interfere with his education.

    "Hello handsome" Timothy said.

    "Hello, sorry I'm late, I've been feeling a bit weird today, almost like I'm hungover" Adam remarked.

    "I've yet to see you drunk, so how could you feel hungover?" Timothy laughed.

    "Timothy, I HAVE seen you drunk. It isn't pretty"

    "Touché dear, touché". Adam and Timothy continued to make small talk with the other members.

    This is Adam now, watching his handsome boyfriend play a round of golf. He adapted to his new lifestyle very quickly, like most of his other Rho Gamma Epsilon Rho brothers, he was always meant to be a good, preppy person who always dressed in his finest clothes and always smelled like the fraternities signature scent 'ΡΓEP' and was always on his best behaviour. The dean's plan had worked perfectly, and no one even knew that Adam had changed, except him of course.

    ---The End---

    Author's Note: I do have ideas for more parts of this, they will relate to either Rho Gamma Epsilon Rho, the Country Club or the Dean. Stories that relate to them will all be tagged 'RGER'.

    I have other requests to get through before I even start the next part of this series, so requests will stay closed for the foreseeable future. I'd like to thank those who've sent requests for being patient with me.

    A special thanks to whomever sent this request, you helped me get over a period of writers block.



    Just figured I'd give forewarning that because of several recent run ins with people, or I cases lack there of. In accompany to the writers block and just the lack of content from the few I followed that are still around I've decided I will no long be contributing to my channel but I'll be deleting it as soon as I copy over my stories.

    I'm just tired and done!

    I might post them someday but right now it's a situation where you'll just have to find them because I've fucking had it with fake people leading me on or getting shitty because I get tired of their shit!

    To those of you that haven't done much I sorry but the few tend to ruin it for the many.

    So goodbye!


    And I would be quick because I am currently off work four several days and barely getting hits so I'll have enough time to copy my shit over.


    Just figured I'd give forewarning that because of several recent run ins with people, or I cases lack there of. In accompany to the writers block and just the lack of content from the few I followed that are still around I've decided I will no long be contributing to my channel but I'll be deleting it as soon as I copy over my stories.

    I'm just tired and done!

    I might post them someday but right now it's a situation where you'll just have to find them because I've fucking had it with fake people leading me on or getting shitty because I get tired of their shit!

    To those of you that haven't done much I sorry but the few tend to ruin it for the many.

    So goodbye!

    Fostering a Better Generation

    I’m a foster parent. I believe it’s important to take in wayward youths and help set them on the right path so they don’t ruin their lives or others’ later. People are always astonished about how well behaved and studious my kids are, especially when I get some of the most ill-behaved children. And I do mean that some of these kids went to juvenile hall more than once before showing up at my doorstep. So many had given up on them.

    But not me. I believe in a firm but loving hand turns these kids around. That, and well-done hypnosis sessions. I tend to avoid speaking of that to the other foster parents as they’ve given me some weird judgmental looks.

    It’s not my fault that the smart and nice kids are complete nerds! And I don’t care if they’re not popular in school, either! They’re going to be someone now!


    The headmaster’s son Part 2

    Aiden could relax a little while unpacking his belongings. He was still processing everything James, his new dad, had told him. He knew that his life would change in the upcoming weeks. Little did he know that more was going to change than he realized. Aiden opened his two boxes of clothing and started to put them in the dresser. He dedicated one drawer to his boxers and ankle socks. Another to his t-shirts and tanktops. The few pairs of jeans he had got a drawer too. He hung his only button up shirt on a hanger from the door. He put his three pairs of sneakers under the dresser. Back at in his old home, Aiden loved to walk around in just his boxers or a casual outfit like a tank top. He was definitely not going to do that here, with james walking around all suited up. Recalling what James had told him he kept the box of personal belongings closed. It was sad that he couldn’t hang his favourite movie posters from the wall, or display the prizes he had won. At his former school, Aiden was the best of the swimming team. He had many trophies and other prizes. Aiden decided to take off his shoes and then head downstairs. He found his mother in the kitchen unpacking boxes and James in the livingroom reading a book. The living room was furnished in the same style as the entrance. Entering the room Aiden felt small and vulnerable. James looked up from his book. ‘Ah son, finished unpacking I suppose? We’ll have a quick snack and then I’ll take you to the mall for clothing.’ He said. ‘Okay that’s fine.’ Aiden responded. James frowned. ‘Remember what I told you a few minutes ago, boy… Oh my goodness why have you taken your shoes off? Inside the house I want you to be properly dressed! No taking off your shoes until I say so. Do you understand that?’ James exclaimed. ‘Yes, sorry father. I will get them right now.’ Aiden replied scared. He hurried back upstairs. He wondered how James could be so intimidating. It was as if he could do no more than listen and follow James’ commands.

    After getting his shoes Aiden and James went out together. His mother decided to stay. Using James’ oldtimer car they went to the mall. During the drive Aiden was already thinking about what shops he wanted to visit. There were a few with nice modern clothing which he liked. And he could use a new pair of sneakers. After quickly parking the car they entered the big mall. Instinctively Aiden walked up to a store and wanted to enter it. ‘None of that, son. We’re going to another shop.’ James said. He grabbed Aiden’s shoulder and dragged him to the shop next door. It was called ‘Gentle men’s’ and in the window Aiden could only see dolls wearing old fashioned suits and dress shoes. He suddenly realized what James had meant with wrong clothing and tried to imagine himself in a suit. Even the thought of wearing a blazer horrified Aiden. ‘But why can’t we go to another store? This is not really my style.’ Aiden pleaded. ‘Because I say so, Aiden. You’re going to listen to me and I don’t want to hear any more buts from you.’ James responded. His voice was so strong that Aiden shut his mouth and didn’t dare to open it again until later in the store.

    Upon entering the two were greeted by an assistant. He properly introduced himself to Aiden as Bob and James and he clearly had met before. ‘So are you here for a new suit, master James?’ Bob asked. ‘No I’m here for my son. As you can see he needs a big make over.’ ‘Ah yes I can see. Full wardrobe?’ ‘Yes everything. And we’ll discuss school uniform too, he’s going to attend my school. ‘Excellent, right this way.’ Bob grabbed Aiden’s shoulder and guided him to a platform in front of a mirror. There Aiden was told to undress to his underwear. A little blushing Aiden undressed, fearing James’ reaction if he wouldn’t listen. Bob quickly took away all of Aiden’s clothes and grabbed a measuring tape. ‘I see why you’re here, James.’ Bob said while he measured every inch of his body. From the length of his arms and legs to the width of his neck and waist. ‘Yes bob, I can’t stand those dreadful boxers. Children these days.’ Aiden blushed as he looked down at his plaid boxers covering his manhood. ‘I will get a pack of underwear for you to wear when you’re trying on your suit.’ Bob measured some more things and then walked away. After a minute he came back with a hanger with a black suit on it. He handed the suit to aiden and guided him to a changing room. Before closing the door he handed Aiden another box and told him it contained his underwear.

    At last Aiden had a minute alone to process all the things happening. But before he could process anyhting he opened the box and was horrified. Inside the box he found a pair of plain white briefs. He had not worn briefs in 8 years! Wearing a suit was bad but going back to tighty whities was worse! ‘Hurry up son. We have other places to be’ He heard James shout from outside the room. Figuring he had little choice Aiden took off his boxers and slid into the briefs. They felt extremely tight around his package. Watching himself in the mirror he looked 15 instead of 18. The bright white seemed to radiate from him. Aiden then turned his attention to the clothes hanger. He first put on the shirt which was white too. Putting it on he noticed it had short sleeves too. This only added to the boyish look. Aiden hated button ups but short sleeved ones were even worse. He then proceeded to grab the pair of pants but was surprised by the lack of it. Hidden behind the blazer was a pair of shorts. What! Shorts!? Aiden had never worn formal shorts and was horrified by the idea of it. No self respecting boy would put those on. ‘Hurry!’ He heared once again and had to sadly admit he was forced to put them on. Aiden put on the shorts and noticed there were no belt loops and pockets. This made things even worse! The shorts were quite tight around his waist and stopped about an inch above his knees. If he was going to wear them, they were at least an okay length. ‘Put on the socks too, you can wear your old shoes for now’ James shouted.  Aiden looked into the box once again and was greeted by a pair of long black socks. He put them on and decided to keep them casually low. After putting on his shoes and the blazer he exited the room.

    Bob immediately started measuring again and James looked somewhat pleased for the first time. ‘Good but Bob, can you dress him properly?’ ‘Of course sir.’ Bob put away the measuring tape and started to work on Aiden’s clothes. To his regret Bob tucked the shirt into his pants and pulled the black woolen socks up to over his knees only to fold them once. They now reached to about half and inch under his knees. With the shorts, only his knees were visible now. Bob then buttoned his shirt all the way up and proceeded to put a black tie around his neck. Never in his life had Aiden worn a necktie and he felt very restricted in it. Bob straightened his collar and looked pleased.  James nodded in approval. ‘Come Bob let’s discuss the full list of clothing.’ ‘Yes sir come with me. And don’t change back Aiden, you can keep wearing this for today to get used to the feeling.’ When he heard that a cool breeze passed through the store and past his bare legs. Aiden shivered a little and couldn’t stand the thought of having to walk around like this all day. He looked at himself in the mirror and apart from his sneakers and messy hair, couldn’t recognize himself anymore. He looked very proper and formal, like some rich British kid he had seen in a commercial. He could hear only a few words from the conversation between James and bob. ‘Only…. Briefs and kneehigh…….. needs shorter…. braces…. leisure…. full wardrobe….’ Aiden couldn’t make anything from it but knew it was bad for him.

    After paying for the clothing Aiden was told by James that he could wear this suit today and his old clothing for the next 2 weeks since the ordered clothing had to be adjusted in size. They exited the store, Aiden’s head red of shame while he tried to stick close to James to hide himself. Only to look more boyish. ‘Where are we headed next?’ ‘FATHER. Please Aiden show some manners. We’re headed to the shoestore next. We need to do something about those dreadful sneakers. And after we’ll pay a quick visit to the baber. We need you presentable for the upcoming school year, son.’


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    Alternatives to Tumblr if Yahoo goes any further

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    • Jux - Artful posts, beautiful blogging experience

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    It became necessary

    Pictured above is spree killer Mark Bartons final crime scene, after murdering nine people at the day trading firm where he worked, along with his wife and two children, he came to a stop at a gas station. Police spotted Barton and ordered him to stop, however he had managed to put his gun to his head and shot himself before the police could reach him.

    The following is the suicide note that Barton left at the crime scene in his home, where he murdered his family:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Leigh Ann is in the master bedroom closet under a blanket. I killed her on Tuesday night. I killed Matthew and Mychelle Wednesday night.

    There may be similarities between these deaths and the death of my first wife, Debra Spivey. However, I deny killing her and her mother. There’s no reason for me to lie now. It just seemed like a quiet way to kill and a relatively painless way to die.

    There was little pain. All of them were dead in less than five minutes.

    I hit them with a hammer in their sleep and then put them face down in a bathtub to make sure they did not wake up in pain. To make sure they were dead. I am so sorry. I wish I didn’t. Words cannot tell the agony.

    Why did I?

    I have been dying since October. I wake up at night so afraid, so terrified that I couldn’t be that afraid while awake. It has taken its toll. I have come to hate this life and this system of things. I have come to have no hope.

    I killed the children to exchange them for five minutes of pain for a lifetime of pain. I forced myself to do it to keep them from suffering so much later. No mother, no father, no relatives. The fears of the father are transferred to the son. It was from my father to me and from me to my son. He already had it and now to be left alone. I had to take him with me.

    I killed Leigh Ann because she was one of the main reasons for my demise as I planned to kill the others. I really wish I hadn’t killed her now.

    She really couldn’t help it and I love her so much anyway.

    I know that Jehovah will take care of all of them in the next life. I’m sure the details don’t matter. There is no excuse, no good reason. I am sure no one would understand. If they could, I wouldn’t want them to. I just write these things to say why.

    Please know that I love Leigh Ann, Matthew and Mychelle with all of my heart. If Jehovah is willing, I would like to see all of them again in the resurrection, to have a second chance. I don’t plan to live very much longer, just long enough to kill as many of the people that greedily sought my destruction.

    You should kill me if you can.

    Mark O. Barton

    I'm Sorry To Everyone

    Due to some recent events involving various people on here and other places I will not be finishing my series of stories and writing. I had so much planned with my stories and with a cross over story. With empty promise, heartache, and lots of stress going on its to much and I find myself breaking down more and more each day. If I could end it all I would but unfortunately with 6 people living here and the constant friends they bring around don't get a minute actually follow through. I was getting my juices flowing again to with this guy but turned out it was not for me. It saddens me to say goodbye but seems most people don't care as they've just used me for what they needed but to the people that do and was anticipating continuations of my stories and others I'm sorry but being so close to the straw that broke the camel's back with close friends how have actually helped said person but doesn't want to work with me when I thought they was my bro just hurts. And with everything going on I can't deal with more heartache. If you would like to get in touch with me you can do it in my KIK my username is venombomb. So again I'm sorry and this has been fun!




    “Sit down” they said.

    You thought these trust fund douchebags were stupid sitting on the porch gawking at boys and girls alike.

    But then you looked into their tightly knotted bow ties and all resistance melted away. Their words began to soak into your brain. Thoughts of Ralph Lauren polos, crisp bow ties and boat shoes eradicated the person you were before.

    “Why don’t you go change, we have a game of croquet we’d Iike you to join.”

    Your mouth wide open with drool you simply nodded and walked inside to get out of your frumpy outfit into something more refined.

    Here you sit. With your new best buds Blake and Ashton. Wearing a blue oxford shirt and brown patterned bow tie. What you were doing or where you were going has no significance now. Life didn’t exist before you were preppy.


    From bum to obedient trophy husband.


    Just look at the results that can come from a simple brainwashing. Even with the resistance he put up, he couldn’t resist but to conform to our strict expectations to match those of the fine society he will now be re-entering. Washed, groomed, and slicked up into a fine suit, he is ready to put on a smile and eagerly serve any man who takes control of his drained mind. Do what’s best for you - join us.


    On the eve of my 18th birthday, my father came into my room and said “You’re an adult now, you’ve got no need for those children’s clothes anymore”. He approached my wardrobe, in his hand a large trash bag. He threw everything I had away, except for the two dress shirts I had and the suit I wore for my aunt’s wedding last year.

    “But what am I going to wear now, Sir?” I had to call my dad “Sir” since I was six. He said it adds to his authority and helps me to understand to respect elders.

    “Don’t worry, son. I’ve got a whole new wardrobe for you.” he said and left my room. He returned with a bunch of dress shirts in his hands in all types of color, but most of them were light blue or white. “This is your wardrobe now”, he said, “A real man dresses like a gentleman and I expect you to do the same. Put on your suit, a dress shirt and a tie of your choice tomorrow. As for your birthday present, we will have a nice trip to the department store tomorrow to get you a few suits and ties. Welcome to the world of gentlemen!”

    Well, that was my story. In the picture, you can see me on the morning of my 18th birthday, getting ready to buy some new clothes with my father. I have no choice but to obey him. I wonder what my friends will say when they see me in a suit in school tomorrow.