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    The Ten Commandments Of Sucking Cock

    There are a variety of opinions on this subject, but I wanted a definitive list of must-haves after years of personal experience and discussions with Men about what they like and want.

    1. Lose your ego. In this moment, you are a cocksucker; embrace it. You will choke, spit up, and be covered in throat slime. The Man you’re servicing may treat you roughly, even rudely. Accept it. You’re a cocksucker with only one function: pleasing him. Do it without pride.

    2. Tease him. Men love teasing and edging at the start of a blowjob. Their balls tighten and the juice within begins to churn in the anticipation of what is to come. Lick the head, especially the underside. Flick it with your tongue. Gently stroke the shaft with your hand every so often. Smile.

    3. Eye contact. As you take his cock into your mouth, look up at him. A guy loves fucking holes, but eye contact makes you more submissive TO HIM and tells him that he is your Master.

    4. No teeth. Obviously there will be some Men who like teeth running along the shaft of the cock, but that’s rare. Avoid it as much as possible. One trick is to extend your tongue out of your mouth slightly, providing protection from the lower teeth (and also opening the throat) as the cock slides in and out of your mouth.

    5. Deepthroat. Not everyone manages to master deepthroating, but this is a skill that can be learned through training. Get a dildo and train your gag reflex. Push yourself. You can improve. Men want deepthroat, and you’re their cocksucker of the moment. Learn it.

    6. Don’t forget the balls. A Man’s balls are the most sensitive part of his body. Why would a cocksucker neglect such an opportunity to please a Man or heighten his pleasure? Cradle them in your hand while sucking. Roll them around gently. Occasionally take your mouth off his cock and swirl your tongue over them. One added advantage of this is the more direct exposure to his testosterone-laced musk that concentrates around his balls, which will send you deeper into subspace.

    7. No blueballing. Once you start to suck his cock, you’re in it until he squirts his last drop of cum. No complaining about aching jaws or a lack of interest. You’re a cocksucker (remember the first commandment) and you’re expected to do your job TO COMPLETION.

    8. Moan and dirty talk. Moaning while sucking cock serves two functions: (a) it tells the Man how much you love the size and taste of it, and (b) the vibrations of your moans rising up from your throat stimulate his cock. You can occasionally tell him how much you love sucking his cock, but don’t overdo it! SHOW HIM you love it with your smiles and enthusiasm!

    9. The Man does what he wants. It doesn’t matter what he wants to do, roll with it. He’s the Man and you’re his cocksucker. If he wants to throat-fuck you, fine. If he wants to slap his cock on your face or tongue, don’t object. This especially goes for his cumshot. If he wants to cum on your face, let him. If he wants to cum in your mouth ...

    10. You must swallow. Nothing upsets a Man more than seeing a cocksucker spit out his cum. It is an ugly and disrespectful rejection of his virility and Manhood. If you don’t like the taste, swallow it anyway. You will survive. Remember, you’re sucking this Man’s cock in order to please him, and his cumshot is your reward for a job well done. Swallow it with pride!


    Words to live by!♠️






    I agree 💯% it's what will make them come back again!!!